Meditation-Self Attempt of Yoga

Meditation: Self-Trying Yoga

When you start meditating, it means that you are ready to experience the silence and deep mysteries that come from your heart.

  Close your eyes to gain insight into the nature of things, just as your eyes have never been closed. This is a whole new world. We have to master the self to explore the world, explore the world of the self, and meditation is the self-wake.

  Close your eyes and feel that far away in the body that transcends thought, materiality, and behavior.

Close your eyes to feel the meditation carefully. This is a journey of life. We sail slowly, we will experience from “relative knowledge of things” to “absolute experience of matter”. We will also find that there is no mood in meditation.Shape and color.

  Closing your eyes, only sound pervades your ears, closes your senses, shrinks your desires, and you slowly move forward to explore the inner world. This is another place that transcends our bodies.

Consciousness flickers, don’t worry, don’t be confused, let it come slowly, follow it slowly, self is the witness of the soul, it is unmoved.

Transcend your body, surpass it, keep keeping your eyes closed, deeper and deeper, discarded names, shapes, and colored thoughts, slowly throw these imaginations away and surpass your body.

  There is no fear in that place, you become higher and higher, higher and higher, beyond the interstellar.

In this distant place, beyond my body, in this sacred universe, guarding myself, leap.

  Continuing on this way, it seems like a cardiovascular car, driving farther and farther, farther and farther, beyond the body, beyond the senses, and beyond the mind.

Lose your fear, except for “the Great Brahma of self”, nothing can reach you, and you will not touch it.

  Closed eyes, as you get deeper and deeper into this place, you will see the mysterious light and mist, blue and blue, lotus color, red, green, yellow, purple.

You can see countless bright silver rays passing through the darkness and following its direction, it helps you move forward, deeper and deeper.

Beyond the body, beyond consciousness, beyond the senses, beyond pain and joy.

Chess rushing car, continue to drive, the farther and farther, the faster and faster.

Colors are coming towards you, they float over your eyes, touch your skin, touch your heart, close your eyes to observe them, you try, you are still moving.

  Relax your cheeks, raise your jaw, take a deep breath, always keep your alert, let yourself experience the activity of meditation, it is like a naughty child.

When you see the color swaying in the dark, you know it is getting closer and closer to you.

You see all the colors turn into colored smoke.

These colored smoke have just begun to rise, begin to swirl, and begin to transform.

At the same time you rise continuously with each breath.

  Breathe evenly and slowly. Don’t let your mind control your breathing.

With the thoughts floating on our bodies, you seem to be going through a journey, a journey of self.

Continue to transcend your body, transcend thought, transcend material .