Four strokes make your home’s air fresh


Four strokes make your home’s air fresh

A perfect home environment can’t be without good air quality, because the fresh, circulating air can not only maintain our health, but also relieve our stress and make our spirits full.

If you feel that your own air quality needs improvement, you may wish to refer to the following “Ventilator”.

銆€銆€Professional helper: Air Purifier Air Purifier can filter allergens and dust in the air. It is a professional helper to improve the quality of home air. However, it should be noted that the filter must be replaced at least once every three months, otherwise it will not be clean.Instead, it has become the largest source of pollution in the home.

銆€銆€Smoldering killer: Ventilation fans sometimes have poor air quality in some rooms in the home, which is caused by poor ventilation in the wrong compartment, or their own functions such as kitchen, bathroom, etc., making the air easy to block and close; just add a ventilation fan at this timeSuch equipment can effectively make the sultry air outflow, accelerate the emission of water vapor, and achieve the effect of ventilation and heat dissipation.

銆€銆€Money-saving master: If you don’t have the budget to buy an air cleaner, you can actually try the basic equipment in your home – air conditioner, which can reduce the temperature and dry air. Especially now, some models have excellent air-conditioning function, which can not only filter.The air is also sterilized.

銆€銆€Beautiful Ambassador: The ceiling fan in the ceiling fan is just beautiful, it is cool to use, it can also achieve the effect of accelerating the air circulation, and it has a certain degree of help for the air quality of the home.