[Can pregnant women have high blood sugar to eat shrimp]_High blood sugar_Can you eat

[Can pregnant women have high blood sugar to eat shrimp]_High blood sugar_Can you eat

Many women have high blood sugar after pregnancy. This has a lot to do with their usual diet. At this time, they should choose low-sugar foods to avoid excess nutrition and control their weight.

So, can pregnant women with high blood sugar eat shrimp?

Shrimp can be eaten, because shrimp is a low-fat, low-sugar food, and is rich in calcium, which is a good nutritional supplement for pregnant women, so you can eat some daily.

Can pregnant women have high blood sugar to eat shrimp? Pregnant women with high blood sugar can eat shrimp. Shrimp is a high-protein, low-fat, low-glycemic food that is not likely to cause blood sugar changes, so pregnant mothers with high blood sugar can eat it with confidence.

There is also plenty of calcium in fresh shrimp. Eating more shrimp during pregnancy can also help promote bone development of vitamins.

In addition, shrimp is rich in magnesium. Magnesium has an important regulating effect on heart activity and can well protect the cardiovascular system. It can reduce the cholesterol content in the blood and prevent arteriosclerosis. At the same time, it can expand coronary arteries, which is helpful for preventing high blood pressure.Blood pressure and myocardial infarction.

Precautions for pregnant women to eat shrimp 1. Pregnant women should not eat with fruits containing amino acids when eating shrimp. Grapes, pomegranate, hawthorn, persimmon and other fruits contain higher acids. If these fruits are eaten with protein and calcium shrimp, Not only will reduce the nutritional value of protein, but the acid intake in the fruit will combine with calcium ions to form an insoluble conjugate, which stimulates the stomach and causes artificial discomfort, vomiting, dizziness, nausea and abdominal pain and diarrhea.

2. Shrimp is a high-protein food. Some expectant mothers with allergies can correct the allergic symptoms of crayfish, such as red spots on their bodies, rashes, etc. It is best not to eat crayfish.

Prawns suitable for pregnant women Steamed prawn preparation materials: 500 grams of prawns, sesame oil, cooking wine, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, vinegar, soup, shallots, ginger, pepper, each amount.

Method: 1. Wash the prawns, chop the prawns off their feet, and remove the sandbag, sand line and shrimp brain, and cut into four sections.

2. Cut the shallot into strips, slice the ginger in half and chop in half.

Place the prawns in the dish, add cooking wine, monosodium glutamate, shallot strips, ginger slices, peppercorns and soup, steam for about 10 minutes in the basket and remove.

3. Pick the shallots, ginger, and peppers and place on a plate. Use vinegar, soy sauce, ginger, and sesame oil to make juice for dipping.

Broccoli fried shrimp preparation materials: 1 broccoli, 100 grams of fresh shrimp, 3 garlic cloves.

Method: 1. After the fresh shrimps are shelled and intestines, cut a little, pour cooking wine, salt, raw flour, green onion and ginger powder, mix and marinate for a while, and cut garlic cloves into minced garlic.

After use, cut the broccoli, soak it in salt water for a while, then put the broccoli in boiling water, add two drops of olive oil when it is burnt, and quickly drain it in cold water after removing it.

3. Wash the marinated shrimps and drain them for later use.

Heat the oil pan and pour a small amount of oil. When the oil is hot, pour in the minced garlic and pour in the shrimps. After the shrimps turn red, pour in broccoli, stir fry, add broth, a little salt, and continue frying.After a few clicks, the pan is ready.