Cambridge Psychological Test

Cambridge Psychological Test

There are four men named P, M, L, F, who love a woman named W at the same time, but W only loves F, and W wants to go to F’s house, but must go through the house of M or P.

W went to M’s house, and M said: I can’t get anything else I can’t get.

Went to P’s house again, P said: You want to experience from my house, but you can stay with me here for one night, otherwise, you will never get through and you will never see F.

No way, W had to agree.

The next morning, W passed P’s house, but after one night, she felt that she was not worthy of F, so she went to L’s house, told L’s affairs last night, and asked if L could accept herself, LSay: Love is pure. Although I love you, but you have done something like that, I cannot accept you.

  No way, W finally came to F’s house, told him what happened, and asked if he could forgive himself.

F said: Although you did such a thing, you had to do it to see me. I forgive you and still love you.

they got married.

  The question is: which of these five people do you like best?

Please arrange them in the order you like.

  The answer is below-work F-family L-love M-money P-sex. Everyone can know what is deep in their hearts and what they value most according to their choice. This is really Cambridge, EnglandCreated, did not lie to everyone, see if it is accurate!