5 aspects, the earlier the parents are involved, the better

5 aspects, the earlier the parents are involved, the better

Now that most families have only one child, why can’t parents be willing to invest in him?

However, willingness to spend money does not mean that it will cost money. Therefore, in order to make the investment in their children more effective, parents should consider the scope of investment: Entertainment investment is the first consideration of parents.

As long as it can make children feel good and have fun, money is worth it, such as taking children to parks, zoos, stadiums, and watching shows and travel.

  · Intellectual investment: Buy some educational toys, literacy pictures for infants and toddlers, and purchase intellectual and intellectual books and books for older children, as well as checkers, chess, maps, globes, etc.

Conditional families can also buy audiovisual products with science and education content.

  · Sports investment In order to make the child healthy and beautiful, you can buy sports equipment suitable for the child’s age, such as ball, skipping rope, badminton, puller, football, basketball, etc.

  · Aesthetic education investment allows children to accept the influence of beauty from an early age, buy prenatal music tapes for fetuses, and buy electronic pianos for young children.

When the family’s economic conditions permit, children can buy their favorite musical instruments according to their interests and talents.

Take children often to exhibitions such as paintings, sculptures, and photography.

  · Investment in cultivating labor skills To cultivate children’s labor-loving habits and labor skills from a young age, you can buy small buckets, shovel, etc. for young children.

  Maybe many parents are still focusing on investment in intelligence, entertainment, etc.

However, experts said that parents cannot always pay attention to intelligence, talents and entertainment. Children need comprehensive development.

Therefore, for the above-mentioned “investment projects”, the earlier the investment, the more profitable.

Compulsory workplace courses: eating with your boss

Compulsory workplace courses: eating with your boss

Do you have the experience of having lunch with the leader?

Is it easy to talk at home or is it always trembling?

The workplace is like a battlefield. Of course, just a few tens of minutes of dining with leaders also includes a great deal of knowledge!

With insightful and unique insights from workplace experts, you can eat full, smart, and beautiful during lunch with your leaders!

  Should leaders agree to invite lunch for lunch?

  Workplace experts said unanimously: “Certainly promise!

“Workplace experts point out that since you have come to work, during work hours, your time and people are even company. If you encounter a leader to take the initiative to ask you to eat, what can you refuse?

Even if you think that the leader who actively seeks you to eat is annoying and annoying, you should still persuade yourself to agree to the leader’s invitation!

Why is this?

Workplace experts say that in fact, having lunch with leaders has the following two benefits: one is that they can re-connect with the leaders and establish an image.

  Second, you can enter the core of the company and learn more about the company’s internal affairs.

  Because everyone is usually busy at work, there is rarely a chance to understand each other and communicate with each other; if you can communicate with each other through the opportunity to eat a meal, let the leader know more about you, even when you encounter friction in the futureIt can reduce outside conflicts; it can further improve your image in the minds of leaders. If you encounter opportunities for promotion in the future, your chances of getting nominations will also be greatly increased.

Moreover, it ‘s inevitable to have a meal to talk about official affairs, and the leader represents the company ‘s senior management, and the company ‘s internal operations and personnel arrangements are significantly different; if you can have lunch with the leader, you can only deal with matters other than your job.Get a clearer understanding and mastery!

  I don’t want to share a meal with the leader, how can I refuse?

  Workplace experts point out that it is better for leaders to take the initiative to invite for dinner.

But if you really feel that the leader who asks you to eat is an appetite, you do n’t want to break your mood for a good lunch because he has broken; or you really have to-do items waiting to be dealt with, or you have already been with othersIf an appointment must be rejected before, then it is another matter.

Workplace experts say that at this time, if you want to reject the invitation of the leader, it is not a simple sentence: “I will not go!”

“You can easily take it, and of course you can’t say” I don’t want to have lunch with you! ”

“Let’s find our own way”.

  Workplace experts say that in order to improve the rejection of leaders’ invitations, it is necessary to use a gentle and humorous attitude to indicate to the leaders that they have important business to do later.

Even if there is no important business, but you really don’t want to eat with this leader, or have already made an appointment with your beloved to share lunch time, at this time, “good faith lies” are necessary.

You can say to the leader with more legitimate reasons: “I’m sorry, I’m not feeling well, I don’t have an appetite, I want to rest more”, or I can say “Sorry!

I have an appointment first “, that is, I cannot rashly refuse the invitation to lead!

Because this will make the leader feel that you are unwilling to eat with him and have too much association.

  What should leaders do when they talk through the lunch opportunity?

  Experts from the workplace give you the eight-character motto: “Always be wary, stay alert”!

Experts say that because some leaders are usually in a high place, they are less likely to hear the voices of lower-level employees, so they will take advantage of the opportunity to eat with employees, and ask questions when the employees’ minds are slack and take advantage of the opportunity.

Of course, the figure is an employee. Of course, you ca n’t be “stupid to the highest point”
. Of course, the tone and expression of the leader ‘s rhetoric must also be carefully observed and carefully responded;In the future, no one will even dare to be friends with you, and may even exclude you and isolate you!

  Experts point out that when it comes to leaders who like to talk to employees, it is nothing more than to get some news from employees.

As an employee, don’t assume that the leader asks you questions to make a good deal with you, so he will tell you everything.

You know, between the responses, it involves your “workplace moral value judgment”!

A smart employee must know what he should say, and he shouldn’t say what he shouldn’t say. You can excuse “I will clear this!”

“Remember, don’t just talk about the length of people, otherwise some kind of result will happen in the end, but you will be responsible.

  I want to respond to questions. How can I invite leaders to share a meal?

  At this time, you should first observe the mood of the leader, make sure that he is not particularly upset or angry, and then it is better to take the initiative to make an offer to the leader.

To invite leaders to have lunch together, you can use a more relaxed tone: “Leaders are free, have a meal together!

Or “Leader, I know there is a good restaurant. Would you like to try it together?”
“Remember that your attitude must be relaxed. Naturally, don’t let anyone trim your other intentions; anyway, even if there is another purpose, wait for the leader to agree to eat with you and then look for opportunities to react.
  However, workplace experts also said that in the face of some leaders who do not like to turn around, you can also openly say to him: “I have something to discuss with you, I wonder if I can have a meal together?

Or “I encountered some things at work that I might want to ask you about. Why don’t we have a meal and chat?”

“Usually, most intelligent leaders will agree to the invitation, because employees are also company assets. As the superior person in charge of these assets, of course, they will also be willing to spend more time to understand and communicate with employees.

  How do you behave when a group of people eat with the leader?

  Workplace experts mentioned that when a group of employees have lunch with the leader, some people often do not know whether it is better to attract the attention of the leader, or to bow their heads and eat, it is better to say nothing?

In fact, in a race, there will always be several lively, outgoing people who can bring the atmosphere lively, relaxed, and attract the attention of leaders.

If you are not this type of person, it is better not to be aggressive, lest the jokes told are cold and no one laughs, or the opinions provided are not cared by no one to answer, then it is embarrassing!

  However, experts also said, of course, it is not just from beginning to end to bow down and suffocate!

In a large crowd like the company, of course, you must also show a moderate sense of participation, so as not to give people the impression that you are very lonely and indifferent.

You can try to be a good audience, clap your hands in time to show approval in case of interesting scenes, or smile right, don’t need to be arrogant, and you don’t need to grab the show. Proper performance is the best etiquette.

  How do people react to lunch together so that they can listen to Heaven?

  Workplace experts point out that unless you want to respond to issues that are commonly identified by everyone, and everyone will agree with them when you put forward the discussion, the best advice for everyone is “Find another occasion!

“Because the work is usually intense and busy, it is rare that everyone can have a chance to sit down and have a good meal together. In such a relaxed and happy time, no one likes to even strain your nerves to listen to you talking and shortening there.
And even if you are telling the truth, a thoughtful leader cannot believe only by listening to your one-sided words; he will surely evaluate the situation appropriately and do the most appropriate manipulation. It will not be what you sayIt’s up!
  In addition, some leaders are extremely disliked by employees who “smoke small reports,” because such employees will only “create problems” for him, leaving him busy with work and distracted to deal with your reactionsThis matter alone, but caused the leader’s evaluation of you greatly deducted points!

Unless it is the leader who asks himself, it is better not to start on his own, and to speak freely in front of other employees, to criticize it, or you will never know how to die in the circle of employees!

  Matters that must be paid attention to during lunch with the leaders . Experts remind that eating with leaders must also be like when you are at work. The leaders are appropriate to ask questions, and respond carefully, do not talk casually, and do not talk about something that makes people sound uncomfortableComfortable things; don’t interrupt the leader’s words or grab the leader’s head lightly.

  In addition, you should pay attention to maintaining the proper smile and etiquette. Unless you pay the bills separately at the checkout, it is better to have the action of “rushing to pay for the bills”; do not take a picture of yourself buttocksJust prepare to leave and leave the account to the leader to pay for you (unless the big boss says he wants to treat guests).

Experts point out that interpersonal relationships in the workplace are like dancing. Either he moves in and out, or you move in and out.

Remind yourself at all times to observe words and words and act with caution, and don’t let yourself become a nasty “workplace nasty ghost”.

  You must prepare more than two scholarly wines for your boss!

Take it out and let the boss choose the same two bottles (both leaders drink and drink are the two), so that the boss doesn’t necessarily choose what they want (a competent boss) to see your strength!

Moutai, Wuliangye, and Safflower Lang are all good!

  Find out the dietary taboos of your boss!

(I do n’t know later) Bring a cigarette!

One + one pack!

The boss’s favorite brand!

Be sure to smoke!


(Boss with level) Let me know first!

Then I will ask if you have any taboos!

At this time, pretend to be an animal that eats everything, even if the food is allergic!

Wait for the leader to take the menu and ask the waiter the most expensive dish!

Then use your fingers to sell luxurious but not expensive dishes!

(Sound hits the west!

Note that it depends on the boss and the size of the event. Do n’t come to this event for the big event.

But don’t be too exaggerated!

The leader now is not a wine pouch!

Eat more delicate!
Coupled with some symptoms so be sure to make the leader happy, the most stupid way is to communicate to the restaurant orderer in advance!
Combining everyone’s taboos and economic strength, the boss’s favorite!

Seemingly casual recommendations are actually the meaning of the boss!

  Find a good table helper!


Cloth dishes!

See leaders like it!

The most reassuring girl who can say it!

Toasting leaders at critical moments is not easy to quit!

(I haven’t met a female leader!

) Don’t talk at the dinner table!

This is the rule!

Just click!

Talk about some leadership skills!





Too much!

But it is better that the elegant leader is not drunk outside, it is all about principles!

  Look at the meaning of leadership after eating!

(Don’t please the leader at the dinner table. This meal can only be a sign up meal.) Playing cards!



But do n’t just arrange a sideshow for your leaders!

  Finally send the drunk leader home!

(If there is a car, bring alcohol and tobacco to the driver!

Say something to the leader, “A little bit of meaning!

Lead your smile “Don’t let the driver check the leak) The next day the leader wakes up and calls!

The leader will understand it!

The latter thing is easy to do!

  Bottom line: Many people do n’t blame the various periods of the dinner-the fact that the seats are total, the seats are “Shang Zuo Zun Dong” and “Facing the gate as respect”.

In the case of a round table, the subject and guest are directly opposite the gate. The position of the guest and guest on the left and right sides is viewed from the distance from the host and guest.

For the Eight Immortals table, if there is a seat facing the gate, the right side facing the right side of the gate is the main guest.

If the door is not right, Niandong’s appointment of the right seat as the chief.

  If it is a feast, the separation of the table and the table should focus on the front and center, with 2, 4, 6 seats on the left and 3, 5, 7 on the right.

  If you are the host, you should arrive early, then wait at the door and seat your guests.

If you are the invitee, then you should obey the host to arrange the seat.

  First of all, if your boss is present, you should lead the boss to the main seat, and ask the client to sit in the main seat at the highest level.
Unless the leadership level of the host is very high.

  -Ordering If time permits, you should wait for the majority of guests to arrive, circulate the menu for guests, and ask them to order.
Of course, as a business dinner, you will worry about the budget. Therefore, to control the budget, the most important thing is to do more homework before meals. It is important to choose the right level of hospitality so that the guests can greatly appreciate yourbudget.

Moreover, in general, if you pay the bill and the guests are not too embarrassed to order, they will let you decide.

If your boss is also at the banquet, do not ask him / her to order because he or she thinks he is experienced in entertainment and is full, unless he / she asks for it.

Otherwise, he will feel decent.

  If you are a feast, you should know that you should not be too proactive when ordering, but ask the host to order.

If the other party kindly asks, you can order a dish that is not too expensive and not everyone’s favorite.

Remember to ask the opinions of people at the table, especially asking “Is there anything you don’t eat?”

Or “What do you prefer to eat?”

“Let everyone feel taken care of.

After ordering, you can ask “I have ordered, I don’t know if it suits the taste”, “Would you like to order something else” and so on.

  When ordering, be sure to know.

When ordering food, you can follow the following three rules: First, look at the composition of the staff. Generally speaking, one dish per person is a more general rule.

If it is a men’s uniform dinner, you can increase the amount appropriately.

Second look at the carbonic acid combination.

First of all, it is best to have a table of dishes that is well-cooked, hot and cold, and try to be comprehensive.

If there are many men at the table, you can order more food, and if there are two women, you can order more light vegetables.

The third is to see how important the banquet is.

  For an ordinary business dinner, an average dish is acceptable at around 50 to 80 yuan.

If the target of the feast is a key person, then you should order a few enough dishes, such as lobster, saury, catfish, and some more specifications, such as abalone, fin meal, etc.

  Another thing to note is that the waiter should not shorten the price or bargain when ordering. This will make your company feel a little bit small in front of customers, and customers will feel uncomfortable.

  -Drinking As the saying goes, the wine gets thicker and thicker, but there are also a lot of knowledge on the wine table. The following summarizes some small details on the wine table that you must pay attention to.

   Details one, the bosses finished drinking each other before it was their turn to toast.

Toasting must stand up and raise a glass with both hands.

  Details two, you can respect more than one person, and never respect more than one person, unless you are the boss.

  Details three, respect yourself, if you do n’t touch the glass, how much you drink depends on the situation. Some other parties should not drink less than the other party’s attitude. You must know that you are respectful.

  Details 4, respect yourself, if you clink a glass, one sentence, I am finished, you are free, Fang Xian generous.

  Details five, remember to add more wine to the boss or client, do not blindly substitute wine for the leader, that is, to represent, but also the leader or the client really want to find someone to represent, but also pretend to be because you want to drink rather than to give the leadershipDrink while drinking.

A leader is overwhelming, and he can stop those who are ready to respect leader A by knocking sideways.

  Detail six, hold up the glass (beer glass), the front glass with your right hand, and the bottom of your glass with your left hand, remembering that your glass is always lower than others.

If you are the boss and know the fun, don’t put it too low, otherwise how can you call the person below?

  Details seven, if there are no special characters present, it is best to touch the wine in clockwise order, not to be too thin.

  Details eight, clink, toast, have to talk, otherwise, why would I tmd drink your wine?

  Ninth detail, if you do n’t talk about business on the table, if you drink well, the business will be almost the same. Everyone knows in your heart, otherwise people will not open up to drink with you.

  The tenth detail, if, purely, if the situation is insufficient, the wine bottle is placed in the middle of the table, so that people can add it by themselves.

  -Pouring tea The tea pouring knowledge mentioned here applies to customers visiting the company as well as business tables.

  First, clean the tea set.

After guests enter the room, let them sit and reserve tea.
Before brewing tea, be sure to wash the tea set, especially the unused tea set for a long time, it will inevitably be stained with dust and dirt, and it must be carefully washed with water.

Before brewing and pouring tea, it is best to blanch the teapot and cup with boiling water.

In this way, it is both hygienic and suddenly polite.
It is impolite to pour tea into the guests irrespective of whether the tea set is clean or not.

When people see the teapot, the stains on the teacup are nauseated. Why would you want to drink your tea?

At present, most companies use disposable cups. Before pouring tea, you should put cups on the disposable cups to avoid hot water and prevent guests from drinking cups.

  First of all, make tea in moderation.

Let’s talk about tea first.

Tea should not be too much, not too little.

Too much tea leaves the tea too strong; too few leaves leaves the tea unpleasant.

If guests actively introduce their habit of drinking strong tea or light tea, then brew the tea according to their tastes.

Besides, pouring tea, whether it is a large cup or a small cup, should not be too full. It is easy to overflow if it is too full. Wet the table, stool, and floor.

If you are not careful, you will burn yourself or your guests’ hands and feet in the future, making both guests and hosts embarrassed.

Of course, it should not be too small.

If the tea is served to the guests only after covering the bottom of the cup, some people feel that they are pretending not to be sincere.

  Thirdly, you need to get tea.

Following the traditional tradition, as long as the two hands are not disabled, tea is served to the guests with both hands.

However, some young people do not understand this rule, and hand the tea to the guests with one hand.

You should also pay attention to the tea in both hands. For tea cups with ears, you usually hold the ears with one hand, hold the bottom of the cup with the other hand, and bring the tea to guests.

Tea cups without cup ears are hot after being filled with tea, and their hands are not easy to reach. Some comrades, regardless of whether they are 37 or 21, hold the edge of the cup with five fingers and send them to the guests.

Although this method of serving tea can prevent burns, it is unsightly and unhygienic.

Imagine letting the guest’s mouth scratch the owner’s finger marks.

  Add tea, if your boss and client need to add tea, you must do it.

You can add tea to the official waiter, or ask the waiter to leave the teapot on the table. It is better to add it yourself. This is the best way to hide when you don’t know what to say.

Of course, when you add tea, you must first add tea to your boss and customers, and finally add yourself.

  -Leaves at regular receptions and tea parties are long, about two hours or more.

Maybe after a few laps, after you recognize some people, you soon want to leave.

At this time, you can’t help understanding some of the tips to leave midway.

  When a common banquet is being carried out enthusiastically, because some people want to leave, the result is a crowd of people, and the organizer is really anxious.

Want to avoid the consequences of this horrible scene, when you want to leave halfway, don’t say goodbye to everyone in the personality circle, just quietly say hello to the two or three people around you, and then leave.

  Leaving the reception site halfway, be sure to explain to the host who invited you, apologize, don’t go away.

  Say hello to the host, you should leave immediately, don’t pull the host to chat at the gate.

Because the other party has a lot of things to do that day, and there are many guests waiting for him or her to greet you. If you take up too much time for the host, he or she will be rude to other guests.

  Some people attend cocktail receptions and tea parties, and when they are about to leave, they will ask each person she knows if they want to leave together.

As a result, the scene was so lively that she was encouraged by her so that she would leave early.

This kind of trouble is the most difficult to be forgiven by the host of the banquet. A person with good manners must not make this mistake.

  The wine table thirty-six counts always said: 1, when you really do fake, you have to be true first.

Falsehood must be true first.

The previous question is that you have to have half a catty of liquor, and the man’s half catty is the minimum entry information for the winery (low-level liquor, currently you can drink this).

At the start of the banquet, everyone was awake, and they couldn’t repeat the holiday. Drinking is to leave behind.
  2. Casting smoke screens does not work.

If the wine table is not a hero, whoever can drink can drink more, who drinks more, who is stupid, who suffers, who suffers.

May be a little painful, pitiful, claiming to have been high yesterday, stomach pain is huge, and still ca n’t.
For buddy friendship, we have to drink!

Even if the drinkers are not sympathetic, they have to be merciless.

  3. Drink only white wine without alcohol.

After drinking liquor and beer, you get drunk quickly. Most of the people in the winery are drinking beer as their strength, especially the young men. You are determined not to drink colored wine and beer, so that you can cope with liquor first.Watch the changing trend of the winery.

In the end, everyone would not drink white wine and drink beer when they drove you to drink beer, that is, one and a half cups. Penetrating the false initiative is still in your hands.

  4, spit in the bowl with the mouth.

Have to drink without swallowing and spit out when no one is paying attention.

You can also spit on a napkin by wiping your mouth.

Kung fu is very important. You can smoke with wine and tea cups with wine (do not make the glass opaque, and the leaves and turbidity in the spit will not be found). After spitting, let the waiter exchange the tea and discard it.

  5, hands anxious eyes fall out.

Wait for the three glasses to fall, and the rhetoric will rise one after another. At this time, you can touch the glass and play with it. Observe everyone’s attention to other people’s eyes to listen to your ears and listen to them.

When you try to look at yourself, the speed is small, and you quickly pour the wine into your own tea cup and food dish (you can put some napkins in the dish to cover it). If the conditions are good, you can fall to the ground.

It ‘s also a good opportunity to pour out when toasting and drinking together.

As long as you don’t pour into your mouth, you can do it anywhere.

  6, only love liquor is not lustful.

MM is always a highlight of the wine bureau, often attracting countless young and old men to compete.

The rules of the game at the winery are that alcohol is not as good as fart. Alcohol will temporarily anesthetize the nerves of ordinary people and reduce the short-term self-control ability. After drinking, the silver will never be alcohol. The reform and opening up are the same for men and women.

Don’t be a nuisance, drink it yourself.

Also don’t just look at MM and forget to pour the wine. After 30 days of drinking, the number of people who are blurred by the eyes will gradually increase. Women who are women will have more “side notes”. The wine in the glass can be poured freely.

  7, large mouth drinking water in the stomach.

Alcohol has great damage to the heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys of the human body. It is the capital of the revolution. If you use less water, you must not drink it. You can dilute the alcohol content and make up for it.

  The first set of winning strategies is the first plan to use the water instead of wine (the key is to be precise and not to be a master). The second plan is to save Wei and Zhao heroes to save the beauty (sometimes have a chivalry spirit). The third plan is to kill with a knife.The fourth measure is to go to the toilet often (to hide a cup is a cup, and spit it out if necessary). The fifth measure is to win by fire and drunk (everyone is drunk and I wake up alone). The sixth measure is to strike the West and rely on it.The second set of enemy tactics, the seventh tactic out of nothing, Jiu Ka often said (when talking about other people confused), the eighth tactic secretly crossed the Chen Cang secretly poured wine (be careful not to pour into the shoes and shells of girls sitting next to each other).Silent 瞅 quasi-opportunity) in the tenth laugh, hide the sword first (to gain trust, it is not easy to be suspected when it is completely false).One bite (with vegetables at the bottom drunk slowly) The third set of offensive tactics The thirteenth plan to fight grass and change the snake to change the big bowl (scared him) The fourteenth plan Borrow the soul to spit and drink (one of the purposes of going to the toilet) The fifteenth planTiaohu left the mountain to drink too late (do not grab alcohol喝The 16th plan is to capture, so please indulge in whatever you want (polite) The 17th plan is to throw the bricks and attract the jade first (to be a real man) The 18th plan to capture the thief and the king to lead the fourth episode of the melee plan and the 19th plan to draw the driverGo first (do not drink or drink) Twenty-three measures of mixed water and touch the fish with sprinkles and bring down (one method of adulteration) Twenty-first measures Twenty-two measures Close the door to catch a thief drunk and pull down (drilling the table fun) Twenty-thirdJi Yuanjiao’s close attack drunk the arithmetic (no words, one drunk party, fourteenth, twenty-fourth, fake road trips, toasting across the table (don’t forget the gift, take the opportunity to “sell” the wine at this time))Twenty-fifth plan: stealing beams and changing columns. Filling the cup with water (true or false) is also true. Twenty-sixth plan refers to sanghuaihuaide first (a person can only be real if he drinks alcohol. Emotional drinking, vomiting blood, fate). TwentySeven counts of fake idiots do not reverse their minds (pretend to be drunk). 28th plan on the house pumping ladder wine bottle full open (handle bottle, glass of wine) 29th plan sprinkle flowers on the flowering ground on the tree (trick, drink mixed withFalse, continue) Sixty-three anti-passenger toasting initiative (must drink well, silly) sixth set败Thirty-first plan: Beauty, plan, red face accompaniment (shower color can serve meals, beauty functions are not inferior to wine). Thirty-second plan, empty city plan, drink, and thirty-third plan.Donkey (do n’t love wine and do n’t grind) 34th penny meat penalty first three cups (the whole good impression) 36th meter serial theory on Fanjing Jiu (not the whole thing you ca n’t go) 36th meter go upRetreat if you ca n’t (retreat if you withdraw, just leave it)

Four psychological roots of mother-in-law

Four psychological roots of mother-in-law

As the saying goes: “The daughter-in-law has become a wife for many years.” The relationship between mother-in-law and mother-in-law has always been an irreplaceable subject in Chinese family relations.

Why are there so many contradictions between mother-in-law?

How to properly handle the contradictions between mother-in-law and mother-in-law?

  Case: This is a very lively family.

  Mother-in-law, daughter-in-law and husband live together.

As the saying goes: “Three women and one play”, the two women here are also very happy.

The mother-in-law had a quick temper, and her daughter-in-law couldn’t bear it. The two were in conflict every day. The husband had a good temper. When he met his mother-in-law, they didn’t say anything, just laughed.

  The woman complained to her mother-in-law, and he listened; the mother-in-law told him that his daughter-in-law was not, and he listened.

Such a family is a microcosm of the thousands of traditional families in China’s urban and rural areas.

The silk thread in the relationship between mother-in-law and mother-in-law is constantly being cut, and the reason is still chaotic.

  1. It is difficult for the three parties to quickly adapt to each other. For men, the role before marriage: “lover” who loves his girlfriend outside, and “filial son” around his mother at home.

After the marriage, the two roles will change immediately. He must be a loving wife and a manly “husband”. He should also be the “son” who is obedient and filial as usual.

But it is really difficult to cover everything at the same time.

  For a newly-married woman, she is not only a “wife” who can spoil her husband arbitrarily, but also a docile “daughter-in-law” at home.

This is a big challenge.

  What about mother-in-law?

For the first time, she may feel the shaking of women in the family, and watched her son meet an “foreign woman” left and right.

  The reason why the problem of mother-in-law is so complicated is because of the conflict in these roles, and it is difficult to balance these three pressures at the same time.

  2. The competition and threat of “love” “Mother love” and “love” were originally two different kinds of love, but as a grace, they often encountered this problem.

For them, this conflict is not the difference in the nature of love, and even the problem of being plundered of the “object of love”, which only results in “wife and mother falling into the river at the same time, are they saved first?


There is no solution to the eternal problem.

And the focus of the conflict between the wife and mother is that this “man” must belong to himself, and subconsciously expect that this “man” can surpass or even be hostile to the other party. Only in this way, this “man” can belong to himself more.

  The mother wanted to return to the situation where the son had only attached to her; the wife wanted to prove that her husband was in love, and a battle for love would take place.

  3, mother-in-law and mother-in-law have too many different views. After marrying a daughter-in-law, she thinks that a part of the family has jumped to the next level.

The big and small things in the home should be taken for granted by the elders.

But today, the relationship between mother-in-law and mother-in-law has basically become an equal interpersonal relationship, and modern women rarely retain the “authoritative” idea.

Women have independent socio-political and economic systems, so few people can withstand this “traditional” task and challenge.

In two different times, women with different lifestyles and concepts who do not understand each other live together, and the problem of in-laws will inevitably arise.

  4. The bad communication between the three parties may not be caused by the “significant event”. Different lifestyles, different living habits, different cultural backgrounds, and different families are born. Different views and practices on the same thing may be generated.Poor communication and trivial matters can also trigger big conflicts.

It is not easy for men to “settle down” and “reassure” those “wars” that were born inexplicably at home.

When dealing with disputes between wife and mother, things often get worse because of the inflexible interpretation and handling of men.

Men’s “splint gas” has become commonplace.

  How to deal with the contradiction between mother-in-law?

  First, find the source of your family’s resources, and get close to this resource, and properly distance yourself from hurting characters.

In the above two families, the son / husband can tolerate and tolerate the contradictory parties of the mother-in-law and the wife. They have the character of being as tolerant as the sea, and have the greatest resources.

Daughter-in-law can pay less attention to her mother-in-law’s hurtful attitude, and pay more attention to her husband’s language and actions, that is, to approach the resource person to gain energy.

With the close proximity of her daughter-in-law and her husband to the proper distance from her mother-in-law, the differentiation of the small family gradually progressed; by changing the mental energy combat and achieving more aggressive fighting, the family was gradually injected with psychological energy.  Second, identify and learn from the resources.

For example, in the above-mentioned family, the daughter-in-law, as a young and flexible generation, can learn more from her husband.

The husband has adopted a method of neglecting a harmful attitude, and the daughter-in-law can discuss this with the husband: “Is this method of neglect good?

What else can I do?

Maybe the husband can be more involved and integrated?

The couple adjusted together to find a constructive, positive attitude and approach.

  Thirdly, kick the psychological energy out of the world outside the relationship between mother-in-law and mother-in-law to create a better life, and in the process, cultivate the ability to love others.

For example, in the above-mentioned families, daughter-in-law can work more actively and harder, and increase the fun of life with her husband, care more about her husband, and offset and evacuate unhappy emotions through love.

  Fourth, appropriately meet the normal psychological needs of the elderly and cultivate “the ability to share love”.

For example, when the family atmosphere is more pleasant, the husband and wife are together to spend more time with the elderly Lala, “revolutionary history”.

If you give love, you will also get human feeling, just like pouring a scoop of cold water into a pot of boiling soup, which will make your family feel comfortable, at ease, and at ease.

  Fifth, in the interaction of the three families, the mother-in-law must also gradually accept the new family structure.

All three work hard and the family will get better and better.

The daughter-in-law can only deal with the relationship in the family and wait until he becomes the mother-in-law to reduce the tragedy of “the peasant uprising army eventually becomes the emperor”.

  Specifically, the first way to deal with the relationship between mother-in-law and son-in-law is to do more adjustment work for the son.

In the event of a conflict, we must promptly persuade, “harmony and mud,” behind the persuasion of his wife, at the same time be a good matchmaker, at the same time lie on both sides.

This is how several cartoons are drawn: After the mother-in-law quarrel, the son went to his mother and said that his daughter-in-law had known something wrong. Then he turned to his wife and said that his mother had forgiven, and the contradiction was resolved.

  The second important point in resolving the relationship between mother-in-law and mother-in-law is to do more housework for the wife-in-law.

Don’t be resentful when you do it, but do it calmly.

First of all, the old man still has such a characteristic. If the wife is grabbing everything in his head, the old man is the most likely to be touched, but he will not let the wife do it.

  The third important point in handling the relationship between mother-in-law and mother-in-law is that the daughter-in-law does not go outside to say that her mother-in-law is not, this is the most hurtful feeling.

It doesn’t matter if you have a bad heart, you can talk to your mother-in-law through your husband. This effect is better than talking about the salty road outside.

The fourth is that after the contradiction occurs, the wife-in-law should bear more of it. Don’t go head-to-head. As the saying goes: “It is difficult for officials to break housework.” Family conflicts have no fundamental conflict of interest.

As long as you can bravely regret the elderly after the contradiction occurs, the old man’s anger will soon disappear.

  In such a family, if the relationship between mother-in-law and mother-in-law is not handled properly, many problems will arise: 1. Loss of mother-in-law and the birth of “law-in-law violence”.

In recent years, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law’s fights have repeatedly occurred, showing that the relationship between mother-in-law and mother-in-law has been lost and has escalated into violence.

Following the traditional understanding of people, domestic violence refers to violence between husbands and wives. This understanding is wrong. Legally, domestic violence can be divided into husband and wife violence, violence between parents and children, and other family members.Violence, etc.

Therefore, violence between mother-in-law and child-in-law is also a type of domestic violence, which should attract public attention.

  2. The conflict between mother-in-law and mother-in-law became the second biggest “killer” of marriage.

Regarding the soaring divorce rate, a staff member of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Kazakhstan said that nearly 30% of divorces caused by domestic violence were caused by discord between mother-in-law and mother-in-law.

  3. One of the reasons for the poor relationship between mother-in-law and mother-in-law is because of the third-generation children’s education, so if the contradictions are not well resolved, it will directly endanger the healthy growth of the substitute.

  The relationship between mother-in-law and mother-in-law is a very challenging job. When it comes to each household, it depends on the wisdom and cultivation of the sisters.

Monthly Yoga Detox Weight Loss Exercise

Monthly Yoga Detox Weight Loss Exercise

Cleansing can be performed from the oral cavity to the digestive system of the body to the anus for a thorough “big cleansing”. It is a gentle and practical method to achieve internal organ cleansing and adjustment by simple self-movement.

Qingchang detoxification is mainly carried out by using saline water in combination with thin waist exercise in the early morning.

Meditate on an empty stomach for 5-10 minutes.

  Ready to work 3 liters of warm saltwater (slightly salty).

(About 12 large cups, 20 small cups, everyone can use beverage bottles as some tools).

  Process: First drink 2-3 quickly (about 200?
300 ml) cup of fresh saline, and then cooperate with exercise to do the following 5 types, each type 6 times.

  First, the legs of the skyscraper are separated by shoulder width, fingers crossed up, arms raised above the head, lift the heel when inhaling, look at the back of the hand with eyes, and then hold your breath for a few seconds to exhale and the heel is restored.

  Second, the wind blows the trees together with the legs close together, fingers crossed up, arms raised above the head, lifts the heel, the upper body slowly bends forward, hold for a few seconds, and then step on the bend for a few seconds.

(Calculate one left and right, make a total of six groups).

Then return to the middle to restore.

Breathe naturally.

  If you have difficulty lifting the heel, it will not affect the effect of the heel landing.

  Third, the waist rotates, the two feet are separated, the fingers are crossed and the palms are raised, the arms are raised and inhaled, the body is bent forward 90 degrees when exhaling, the eyes are fixed on the hand, the body is to the right when inhaled, and turned to the left when exhaled.

A total of 6 groups, return to the middle reduction.

  Four, cobra twisting prone position, palms on the chest, slowly supporting the upper body, toes on the ground, head slowly twisted to the right, eyes try to look at the left foot, hold for a few seconds, turn to the other side of the same, a total of 6 groups, backTo the middle restore.
  Note: Supporting the upper body, back pain, you can put your hands a little in front of the body.

  Action five: Squat with abdominal massage, put your hands on your knees.

Bending your left knee will help place it on the ground.

Turn your body to the right as you inhale, exhale, place your chin on your shoulders, and keep your eyes behind you.

Inhale and resume the squatting position.

Exhale, bend your right knee, and do the same exercise on the other side.

  Reminder: This method can be used once a month, at most twice, because the toxins will not accumulate so quickly. It is recommended that you try it on the weekend when you are in a good mood and the opposite.Patients with acute and chronic diseases such as ulcers should not try this activity.

Chinese herbal medicine to help you correct infertility

Chinese herbal medicine to help you correct infertility

Infertility is defined as a couple of childbearing age who cannot conceive if they have coexisted for more than two years.

Infertility is a common gynecological disease.

But it is not an independent disease in itself, but the result of many diseases.

Infertility can be divided into two types: primary and secondary infertility.

Those who have lived together for more than two years without contraception and are not pregnant are called primary infertility; those who have been infertile for more than two years after childbirth or abortion are called secondary infertility.

  Traditional Chinese medicine calls this disease “prolific”, “no child” and “broken thread”.

  Etiology and pathogenesisConception is a complex physiological process, which must be “woman’s kidneys are energetic, Renmaitong, Taichongmaisheng, the moon is now” and “men’s kidney is energetic, essence ejaculation, yin and yang, and two essenceOnly then can we have children. ”

  Infertility can be divided into two categories: l, congenital physiological defects, which are not effective with food therapy or drugs.

  2. Pathological infertility: · Kidney deficiency: congenital kidney qi is not filled, the essence and blood are insufficient, the pulse is impaired, the cells are deficient, and the sperm cannot be sperm to become pregnant.

  · Liver depression: poor mood, liver qi depression, evacuation disorders, qi and blood discord, impotence can not be related, resulting in infertility.

  · Phlegm dampness: Obesity, or thick taste of glutinous ointment, endogenous phlegm dampness, poor vitality, impeded cell lines, and inability to fertilize.

  Syndrome type 1, Kidney deficiency: Late menstruation, low volume, pale color, dull complexion, backache, soft legs, indifferent sexual desire, clear and long urine, and unfavorable stool.

The tongue is pale and white, and the veins are thin or heavy.

  2, liver stagnation: menstrual period indefinite, abdominal pain after menstruation, impediment, small amount of dark color, small blood clots, breast pain before menstruation, depression, irritability, normal tongue, or dark red, thin furWhite, pulsed.

  3. Phlegm-wet: Obese body, postponed, more carry-on volume, thick texture, pale complexion, dizziness and palpitations, chest tightness, panic, white fur, greasy pulse.

  Diet prescription l, kidney deficiency · rice wine fried sea shrimp: 400 grams of fresh sea shrimp, 250 grams of rice wine, vegetable oil, spring onion, ginger amount.

  Wash and remove the sea shrimp, add rice wine, and soak for 10 minutes.

Add vegetable oil to a hot pot and bring to a boil, then sauté the spring onion, add shrimp, salt, and ginger until they are cooked.

Once a day, 50 times each time?
100 grams, suitable for those with insufficient kidney yang, cold limbs, and apathy.

  · Aphrodisiac dog soup: 2000 grams of dog meat, 30 grams of rabbit silk, 15 grams of pieces, 5 grams of salt, monosodium glutamate, light green, ginger, and wine.

  Wash the dog meat, boil the whole piece, boil it thoroughly with boiling water, remove it into cold water, wash the blood, dry the water, and cut into long strips.

Wash the ginger and shallots, slice the ginger, and cut the shallots into sections.

Set the pot on the fire, add dog meat, ginger slices, stir fry, and fry into the Shao wine cannon pot, and then pour it into the large pot together. At the same time, wrap the silken buns and the attached pieces with gauze, put in the pot, addClear soup, salt, monosodium glutamate, light green, boil on Wuhuo fire, cover with foam, cover, and simmer for 2 hours until the meat is stewed until cooked, pick out ginger, light white, adjust the taste, 10 servingsto make.
1 time per day, 1 serving each time, eat on an empty stomach in the morning, especially in winter, it is suitable for those with infertility syndrome of kidney yang deficiency.

  · Red wolfberry blood: 15 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 3 live catfish, scallion, shallot, sesame oil, Shao wine, pepper, ginger, salt, MSG amount, 50 g lard, 75 g vinegar, 250 ml milk soup, clear soup750 ml.

  Clean up the live catfish, remove the internal organs, blanch it slightly with boiling water, wash it with cold water, and place it every 1 side on the side of the fish.

5 cm wide cutter.

芫荽 Wash and cut the knots, cut the onions into filaments and flowers, put the lard in a spoon, boil on a fire, add pepper, green onions, and ginger in order, and then add the clear soup, milk soup, ginger juice, and wine.MSG, salt, at the same time put the fish in a boiling water pot for 4 minutes, take it out and put it into the soup pot, wash the wolfberry with water, and place it on the fire, then boil it for 20 minutes, add scallion, and stir-fryServe with vinegar and sesame oil.

This product can be served with meals once a day and should be eaten often.

Applicable to those with infertility syndrome of kidney yin deficiency.

  2. Ganyu · Jasmine Tea: 5 grams of jasmine and 10 grams of sugar.

  Put jasmine and sugar into the cup and brew with boiling water for 15-30 minutes. Serve thirsty and drink as tea.

  · Bergamot wine: 30 grams of bergamot, 1000 ml of white wine.

  Wash the bergamot, moisten and soften it with water, slice it, and cut it into 1 cm square pieces. After the wind blows slightly, put it into the altar, add white wine, and soak in the seal. Every 5 daysOpen the altar and stir it once. After soaking for 20 days, you can open the altar, filter out the medicine residue, and the wine is ready.

10-20 ml 2 times a day.

  · Chinese wolfberry juice: 250 grams of fresh Chinese wolfberry.

  Wash the wolfberry, wrap it with clean gauze, and twist the juice.
10-20 ml twice a day, suitable for liver and kidney yin deficiency and liver qi stagnation.
Symptoms see infertility for many years, soft waist and knees, fullness of both threats.

  3. Phlegm-sweat · Laizhu porridge: Laizizi 15 grams, rice 50 grams, flavored with sugar.

  Wash the rice and cook the porridge. When the porridge is ready, add the rice dumplings, cook until the porridge, add sugar, and stir well.

This product can be used as a staple food once a day.

  · Yuzu stewed chicken: 1 grapefruit, 1 rooster, ginger, spring onion, salt, MSG, and wine.

  Peel the grapefruit and leave the meat. After the chicken is killed, remove the hair, remove the internal organs, and wash.

Put the grapefruit into the chicken belly, then add it to the pot, add the onion, ginger, wine, salt, and water, place the chicken pot in a large pot filled with water, and simmer in the water to serve.

This product can be served with meals and should be eaten often.

  · Candied pomelo meat: 500 grams of fresh pomelo meat, 250 grams of honey, and appropriate amount of white wine.

  Fresh grapefruit meat is pitted, cut into pieces, put in bottles and jars, sealed with white wine, soaked for 1 night, then poured into a pot, cook until the remaining liquid is dry, add honey and mix well.

2 times a day, 25-50 grams per day.

  According to the phrase 1, the treatment of infertility first requires that both couples have a healthy body, which is conducive to the transformation of pregnancy. Therefore, it is necessary to actively treat various complications and diseases in order to prevent the choice of infertility diet.

Both infertile couples should see a doctor at the same time to find out the cause of infertility or treat them at the same time, so as not to delay the treatment time.

  2. Food therapy for infertility, it is advisable to ingest protein, cholesterol and vitamins A, E, B6 and trace element zinc and other foods. Some Chinese medicines and foods that nourish the kidney and nourish blood can promote the secretion of gonadal hormones or have sex hormoneseffect.

Drugs for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis can improve the pelvic microcirculation and have a good effect on the functions of the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. Therefore, the treatment should be based on the principle of combining TCM syndrome differentiation with Western medicine.

Grain cereals have medicinal properties

Grain cereals have “medicinal properties”

Wheat: Contains calcium, phosphorus, iron and amylase, maltase to help digestion, and rich in vitamin E. It is an essential nutrient to protect the normal functions of the human blood, heart, and nerves; in addition, eating wheat often can enhance memory, Raise the heart and soothe the nerves.
  Xiaomi: Sweet and slightly cold, with spleen strengthening, dehumidifying and soothing effects.
  Corn: The world-recognized “golden crop”, cellulose is 4-10 times higher than polished rice and refined flour.
Fiber can accelerate intestinal peristalsis, eliminate factors of colorectal cancer, reduce cholesterol absorption, and prevent coronary heart disease.
Corn can also absorb part of the body’s glucose, which has a relief effect on diabetes.
  Soybeans: Ganpingping has the effects of strengthening the spleen, broadening the middle, moistening, and dissipating water, and can be used as an aid in the treatment of diarrhea, abdominal distension, weak skin, pregnancy poisoning, soreness, swelling, trauma and bleeding.
  Mung beans: sweet and cold, diuretic swelling, neutralize detoxification and cool thirst.
  Cowpea: It has a sweet taste, has the effects of strengthening the spleen, dampness, clearing heat, detoxifying, stopping bleeding, and quenching thirst.
Traditional Chinese medicine cowpea is a food for kidney disease, which can nourish the five internal organs, nourish qi, and nourish meridians.
  Oatmeal: protein is higher than rice and flour 1.
2 times, 2-2 more fat.
5 times, and the content of linoleic acid in the fat component of oatmeal is more, which is easily absorbed by the human body, and has the effect of reducing cholesterol in human blood.
Oatmeal has less sugar and is an ideal food for diabetics.
  Buckwheat: Buckwheat contains “chlorophyll” and “rutin” which are not found in other grains. Its vitamin B1 and vitamin B2 are twice as much as wheat and 3-4 times as much as niacin.
The niacin and rutin contained in buckwheat are medicines for the treatment of hypertension. Frequent consumption of buckwheat also has a certain effect on diabetes. External use of buckwheat can also treat sores and pain.
  Barley: Because it is smooth and creamy, it is often eaten with japonica rice. It can also be made into flour for making noodles. It can also be brewed with tea and served with beer.
Barley starch content is slightly lower than rice and wheat, while protein, calcium, B vitamins and other substances are much higher than rice, which has the effect of strengthening the spleen and appetizing, barley malt tastes sweet and warm, and can digest, breathe, and return milk.
Because of its cold nature, those who are physically cold should eat less or not.
  Sorghum: Sorghum is sweet and warm, and has the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach.
For children with indigestion, take sorghum into the pan and stir-fry, remove the shell and flour, and take 2 to 3 grams each time.
However, sorghum is warm and contains tannic acid with astringent and antidiarrheal effects. It is not suitable for constipation.

Medicinal diet allows you to eat dry air

Medicinal diet allows you to “eat” dry air

Autumn and winter are the driest seasons of the year.
At this time, it can cause dry nose, dry throat, dry and cracked skin, and increased wrinkles.
For the dryness of autumn and winter seasons, traditional Chinese medicine has different types of syndromes, and according to these different syndromes, choose a “eat” out of dryness.
  The main symptoms of dryness in the lung health are fever, headache, slight cold, dry mouth and nose, cough without sputum, sore throat and dryness.
  At this time, should pay attention to Xinsanganrun diet.
If you can choose mulberry apricot drink, take 10 grams of mulberry leaves, 5 grams of almonds, 5 grams of ginseng, 15 grams of pear peel, and 3 grams of rock sugar, and replace them with tea.
  The main symptoms of dry wound and stomach dysentery are dryness, thirst, oliguria, constipation, retching, reddish tongue without moss or cracks, and thin pulses.
  At this time, should be nourishing stomach moistening food therapy.
Such as Sydney syrup: take a big sweet pear, cut into thin slices, soak in cold water for half a day, drink frequently.
Five Juice Drinks: Take pear juice, coriander juice, fresh reed root juice, winter wheat juice, coriander juice, temporarily consider the dosage, and uniformly cool clothes.
Sesame porridge: Take 6 grams of sesame kernels, 30 grams of white rice, sugar or white honey as a supplement.
First stir-fry the sesame seeds, cook another rice to make porridge, add sesame, sugar or white honey when cooked.
  The main symptoms of dryness, liver and kidney dysentery are dry and dull skin, night sweats, five-heart dryness or low fever, dry cough, bloody sputum, etc., no moss on the tongue, light color, and weak pulse.
  Should be given at this time Ziyin Yangxue Recipe diet.
Such as Ma Ren porridge: take 20 grams of Ma Ren, 80 grams of white rice, cook porridge to eat.
Asparagus porridge: Take 30 grams of asparagus and 50 grams of white rice.
Ejiao porridge: take 30 grams of Ejiao, mash, grind and grind glutinous rice, stir the glutinous rice with Ejiao and eat.
  It should be reminded that the above diets should “eat” symptomatically, preferably under the guidance of a Chinese medicine practitioner.

Can babies eat honey?

Can babies eat honey?

There may be “botox” in honey, which can cause botox poisoning.

Botox is a rare and serious disease that can spread through botulinum-contaminated food.

  Botox is found in soil and dust.

During the process of bee making honey with pollen, bees may bring pollen and toxins with bacteria back to the beehive, and contaminate the honey with botox.

Therefore, the number of botulinum spores contained in honey is very high.

Studies have shown that very small amounts of botox can poison infants.

  Although the botulism virus itself is not toxic, when it enters the body of the baby, it grows and produces toxins in the rehabilitation, which can lead to poisoning. Infants and older children are different from adults. Infants under the age of 1 have notA good overall micro-ecological barrier is formed to resist the invasion of botulinum spores. When the baby ingests contaminated honey, it may cause poisoning.

  Poisoned babies are mainly at risk of persistent constipation, as well as neurological paralysis, weak crying, and difficulty breathing.

In addition, honey is too sweet will damage the normal appetite of the baby, the baby will not accept boiled water, so it is not recommended for small babies to feed honey.

In addition, honey contains hormone substances, long-term use may promote the precocious puberty.

Do not give your baby any supplements

Do not give your baby any supplements

[Introduction]Health food can be nourishing food and curative food.

According to the production method, it can be divided into: natural health foods with natural foods as the main raw materials, such as sea buckthorn, blackcurrant, kiwi, coconut, etc. Some foods are safe and reliable, and there is no substitute for the human body; the other is to strengthen the nutrition of the food, addA certain amount of amino health food can be two categories of nutritious food and curative food.

According to the production method, it can be divided into: natural health foods with natural foods as the main raw materials, such as blackcurrant, kiwi, coconut, etc. Some foods are safe and reliable, and there is no substitute for the human body; the other is to fortify foods and add certainAmount of amino acids, vitamins and inorganic salts, etc., to improve the nutritional level of foods, such as vitamin A, D fortified milk, lysine cookies, konjac pasta and so on.

  Health food can play a role in improving food structure and enhancing human health.

But it must be used reasonably, otherwise excessive eating will destroy the nutritional balance in the body and affect people’s health.

Children should pay attention to it. They must choose according to different ages and needs, make up what is missing, and use it reasonably. Use it symptomatically. Do not eat blindly.

Doctors must be consulted when eating, and health foods should not be used in place of medications. Healthy children should not eat curative foods, and should pay attention to the quality of the food, the date of manufacture, and the shelf life.

If you want to face peach blossoms, please follow these 9 tips

If you want to face peach blossoms, please follow these 9 tips

The base makeup is peeling, the eye makeup is messy, and the blush makes the face look like a monkey butt. These terrible makeup disasters are all because you have no mastery of skills.

The following 9 tips will make you look like a peach blossom.

  1. Using makeup water wet compress as makeup prelude, wet compress can instantly increase the accumulation of skin, solve skin peeling and relieve oil problems.

After cleansing your face in the morning, moisten the cotton pad with high-performance lotion or essence water with good moisturizing effect, and focus on the forehead and cheeks for about 10 minutes.

Specifically, you can choose your clothes, pack your room, and organize your bags without wasting a minute and a second.

Applying makeup after wet application can greatly improve the applicability of base makeup.

  2, ball massage, promote circulation massage can warm the skin and soften the skin texture, thereby improving the skin’s absorption capacity, promoting nutrient absorption, and make subsequent base makeup easier.

Ball-type eye care products are convenient and fast to use. In the morning that every minute counts, massage to speed up the blood circulation around the eyes, so as to remove puffiness, lighten dark circles, and make eye makeup less likely to fade.

It can also be used on both jaw skins, which can effectively prevent the base makeup from floating on the skin and rubbing mud.

  3, ice towel to cool down, before closing the pores makeup to cool the skin is a secret weapon of makeup artists.

Cooling the skin can shrink pores, delay the secretion of sebaceous glands, and lay a good foundation for base makeup.

The easiest way is to keep a wet towel in the refrigerator, take it out before applying makeup, squeeze and cover the face, and gently press for 5-10 minutes.

Applying makeup later does not make the foundation easier to absorb, and the makeup feel becomes more detailed.

  4. I believe that everyone is not unfamiliar with using makeup and milk before the partition. In summer, the skin characteristics of the T and U areas will become more obvious, the T area will become more oily, and the U area will be more dry.Whenever, you might try this trick: Use a combination of pre-makeup milk: apply T-zone and upper eyelid with oil-controlling refreshing makeup milk, and use moisturizing make-up milk on the U area face area, which can greatlyImproves the durability and fit of base makeup.

  5. If you use sponge to apply foundation, you must know that the “face mask” created by heavy foundation is a big taboo in hot days.

If you are used to applying foundation with a brush, you can use a sponge block to apply foundation or cream in midsummer.

The sponge block can not only make the foundation adhere to the skin evenly and lightly, but also help to cover the prominent pores in summer, making the makeup surface light and difficult to remove makeup.

Obviously, please use a gentle pat on the cover instead of wiping it vigorously, so as not to cause excessive stretching damage to the skin.

  6, the new order of make-up oil is the culprit of summer halo makeup problem.

If you also invade it, then it is time to innovate makeup.

The makeup sequence of “powder powder-powder powder-powder powder” can replace the ground to delay the oil output time and oil output of the skin. For dry cheeks, it can be matched with wet powder and sprayed on the entire face after the base makeup is completed.With the moisturizing makeup spray, a natural and long-lasting base makeup is completed.

  7, let the creamy fat protagonist thin film greasy, sweat and makeup powder mixed results can be imagined how terrible.

The creamy and creamy key makeup products such as eyeshadow, eyeliner, and eyebrow gel are different. Even if they are oiled and watered, they can be easily restored by simply pushing with your fingers.

Of course, a great trick to make eye makeup last longer is to apply a thin layer of moisturizing essence on the skin around the eyes before applying makeup to improve the water and oil balance of the eyes.Reduced.

  8, use loose powder to retain the color of eyebrows, blushes, lipsticks are most likely to fade, a mottled look makes people embarrassing.

Want to keep these bright colors resonant all day?

The answer is transparent powder!

After finishing the eyebrows, lip makeup and blush in the first pass, after the color is dry, apply a thin layer of transparent powder on the eyebrows, blush and lipstick, and then apply the color again.

Because the powder firmly fixes the pigment particles on the skin, even after 12 hours, the color is “stand by”.

  9. Turn blush into eye shadow makeup artist Francesca Tolot recommends using cream blush as an eye shadow in sauna days, which is trendy and not easy to discolor.

Bright colors are sure to be a big attraction this summer. Bright coral, rose and flesh pink can make eye makeup fresher and more chic.

The key is to apply a light layer of footpads to the upper eyelid after dipping with your fingers.