Collis (603808): Direct business maintained stable and solid multi-brand layout

Collis (603808): Direct business maintained stable and solid multi-brand layout

19Q1-Q3 revenue / net profit attributable to mothers is increasing by 8 per year.

6% / 2.


19Q1-Q3 company income 18.

800 million, an increase of 8 in ten years.

6%, net profit attributable to mother 2.

800 million, an increase of 2 in ten years.

6%, gross margin 66.

1%, a decline of 3 per year.

2pct, net interest rate 16.

9%, down by 1 every year.

6 points, net cash from operating activities.

10,000 yuan, an 合肥夜网increase of 19 in ten years.


Revenue in the third quarter 19 6.

200 million, downgraded five years ago.

5%, net profit attributable to mother 0.

800 million, down 20 every year.

5%, gross margin 64.

1%, a decline of 6 per year.

1pct, net interest rate 14.

9%, a decline of 5 per year.

9pct, net cash from operating activities 0.

800 million, downgraded to 0 ten years ago.


EdHardy’s revenue has dragged down overall revenue growth.

19Q1-Q3ED brand revenue 3.

100 million, downgraded 17 a year.

2%. At the end of the period, there was a net increase of 6 to 173 stores, of which 9 were reduced by franchising, and 15 were added by direct sales. Based on the increase and decrease of the number of stores, we believe that the sales of franchised stores may be slightly worse than directly operated.

We judge that the direct-operated stores are docked with the company’s inventory in real time, and can be adjusted in time according to the market. In addition, the early delivery model is adopted. If the sales situation changes, it is difficult to coordinate as a whole.

In terms of the company’s overall ending inventory, the annual increase is 13%, which is higher than the current income growth rate. We judge or the impact caused by the return and exchange of the franchise business. We believe that this factor will be gradually eliminated and revenue may resume growth.

Major brands maintained stable same-store growth.

19Q1-Q3 main brand Ellassay earned 7.

4 trillion, an increase of 4 in half a year.

2%, the earlier 19H1 improved over 7% growth rate.

At the end of the period, the brand has a total of 307 stores, which is reduced by 2 each year. Of which, the direct-operated stores increase by 8 every other time. Since the beginning of this period, the net increase of stores for the first time has been increased several times, and the number of franchised stores has decreased by 10.

We believe that the direct business of the brand maintains a steady growth, and the same store may maintain a positive growth when the number of stores decreases.

Laurel grew steadily and IRO performed well.19Q1-Q3 Laurel brand revenue was 7,991 million, and its value-added for many years4.

5%, continuing the upward growth trend from the beginning to the present (19Q1: -13.

6%, 19H1: 3

8%), with 47 stores at the end of the period, and a net increase of 12 in a year. In the future, brands will continue to expand the core business district channels of first- and second-tier cities and gradually increase their market share.

IRO income 5.

0 million yuan, an increase of 20% a year, maintaining stable growth.

Baiqiu E-commerce achieved revenue 2.

3.7 billion, an increase of 57% a year.

Based on the disclosure of Baiqiu’s net interest rate in the semi-annual report, we estimate that 19Q1-Q3 subsidiaries will achieve a net profit of 40.39 million yuan.

Baiqiu has established an industry leading position in the field of light luxury and luxury brand services, and has further accelerated the pace in overseas markets. In the future, it will form an overall e-commerce business in China, the Philippines, Malaysia, India, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and other countriesservice system.

Franchise business adjusted, gross profit margin dropped slightly.

In the first three quarters of 19, the company’s gross profit margin was downgraded for ten years.

2pct, mainly due to the adjustment of franchise business, and the gross profit margin decreased year by year4.

9 points.

Looking at the expense ratio, the sales expense ratio is 31%, which increases by 0 every year.

8pct, management expense ratio 13.

4%, a decline of 0 per year.

1pct, financial expense ratio is 0.

5%, rising by 0 every year.

6pct, mainly due to the increase in exchange loss losses and the decrease in deposit interest income.

Profit forecast and estimation.

2019/8, the company and the founder of the self-portrait brand set up a joint venture to operate the brand’s business in mainland China. As a result, the company already has seven fashion brands, covering different market segment needs, in channels, brand promotion, supply chain systemThe synergy effect in construction and other aspects is obvious.

Taking into account the pressure of ED brand sales, we slightly reduce the net profit attributable to mothers to 4 in 2019 and 2020.

0西安耍耍网 3, 4.

60 ppm, given the company’s 2019 estimated PE range of 13-14X, corresponding to a reasonable value range of 15.


94 yuan, maintaining the “primary market” rating.

risk warning.

The terminal retail environment is weak and the cultivation of new brands has fallen short of expectations.

Great Wall Motor (601633): In December, further control of inventories has been closed for a long period of time (Pacific Motor’s 2020 strategic recommendation)

Great Wall Motor (601633): In December, further control of inventories has been closed for a long period of time (Pacific Motor’s 2020 strategic recommendation)
Event: The company released a December sales report, and achieved a sales volume of 10.60,000 units, gradually achieving sales of 106.30,000 units, an annual increase of 0.69%, of which Haval brand sales 7.80,000 units, 9394 units sold under the WEY brand and 1 for pickups.50,000 units. Control the 杭州夜网 decompression of inventory channels before the holidays and integrate the retail industry.Taking into account the dealer’s capital cost and pressure before the Spring Festival, the company further opened up inventory control to reduce the pressure on the channel. The company’s wholesale sales in December were only 10.60,000 units, a certain length of a year.Essentially, the company’s passenger car insurance volume in December was 11.20,000 units, an increase of 7 in ten years.5%, an increase of 47 from the previous month.7%.In December, China’s passenger car insurance volume was 235.70,000 units, down 5 previously.4% in retail. The main models performed steadily, and the Great Wall Artillery hit a new high.Sales of the major models were solid, with H6 sales of 4.20,000 units, H9 sold 2,000 units, F7 sold 10,000 units, M6 sales reached 1.90,000 units, VV6 sold 4,900 units, Haval brand gradually achieved 76.90,000 units, leading the trend of Chinese SUV, WEY brand continues to maintain the scale of 100,000, the brand continues to store up.The sales of artillery shells exceeded 7,000 units and reached a new high. The Great Wall Artillery as a pickup and high-end attempt to achieve a successful breakthrough. Initially, it is growing and ending, and the strength will fight again in 2020.The data of the China Federation of Passenger Unions shows that the cumulative sales of narrow-sense passenger cars in 2019 is 2069.760,000 vehicles, a decrease of 7 per year.4%, the company’s headquarters closed with a small increase, the overall performance is better than the industry.In 2019, the company has almost no new models, and it is not easy to achieve growth against the trend. Starting from 2020, the company is expected to launch a new model platform and power system, which will gradually open a new product cycle. The company’s future performance is worth continuing to look forward to. Investment suggestion: The company ‘s sales volume in December will still increase to a certain extent, but it will still maintain a positive growth and close the retail end, and the retail end will perform well. Driven by the new product cycle, it is more worth looking forward to 2020. The current industry is inAt the bottom of certainty, the company still has some flexibility when the industry recovers. Pacific Motors will continue to strategically recommend Great Wall Motors in 2020. It is estimated that the company’s net profit attributable to its mothers in 19/20 will be 4.9 billion / 6 billion, respectively. Risk reminder: The sales volume of the automobile industry is lower than expected, and the price reduction promotion is larger than expected

Industrial Fulian (601138) Quick Review of Major Events: Analyze the company’s main profit structure and find its reasonable estimate

Industrial Fulian (601138) Quick Review of Major Events: Analyze the company’s main profit structure and find its reasonable estimate

The market generally believes that the main business of Industrial Fulian is the EMS assembly business. At the same time, due to the expansion of revenue scale, it gives a valuation of 10-12 times the price-earnings ratio.

In fact, from the perspective of profit contribution, most of the company’s profits come from the machining business of high-precision mechanical parts. Similar companies have Changying Precision and Chengcheng Technology, while the EMS assembly business contributes relatively small profits.

The main purpose of this article is to find benchmarking assessments by analyzing the company’s core business profit composition.

  Guoxin’s point of view: 1) About 90% of the net profit of Industrial 无锡桑拿网 Fulian comes from the high-precision mechanical parts business, and 10% of the net profit comes from the equipment assembly business.

  2) Industrial Fulian’s business concentration is higher than the general recognition of the market. The top five customers account for about 75% of the revenue, and the three largest sub-business segments account for about 90% of the revenue and gross profit.

  3) Based on historical estimates of companies in the same industry, the overall reasonable estimate of the Industrial Wealth Union should be around 24 times the price-earnings ratio.

  We are optimistic about the company’s industry leader position and industry development and changes after 5G commercialization. After 5G commercialization, it will continue to grow in the fields of data transmission and data processing.

  The company is expected to have a net profit of 179 in 19-21.



30,000 yuan, EPS 0.



32 yuan, profit growth is 6 respectively.

1% / 15.

7% / 25.


A reasonable estimate for the next year is 24-29 yuan, and a “buy” rating is given.

  Risk warning: Sino-US trade war intensifies, and market demand after 5G commercial use is lower than expected.

Nine killers cannibalize your kidney function

Nine “killers” cannibalize your kidney function

To prevent premature aging, modern people should strengthen physical exercise and nourish in time to improve the symptoms of kidney deficiency and aging.
If it is not an extremely weak group, the kidney-reinforcing should be mainly peaceful, and it should be different according to time, person and place. Choose different kidney-reinforcing methods according to different seasons, physiques and climates. It is best to carry out under the guidance of a doctor.
  Western medicine believes that the kidney is an important organ that secretes urine and excretes waste and poison, and can play a role in regulating the electrolyte concentration of the body and maintaining the acid-base balance.
Impaired or gradual decline in renal function will reduce renal excretion and regulation.
When renal function is severely damaged, uremia can occur and endanger life.
  Renal function gradually declines with age, but some bad habits or behaviors in life often become important reasons for impaired renal function.
  In order to protect the kidneys, everyone must be alert to the following “renal injury” factors.
  I. Abuse of Chinese herbal medicines that hurt kidneys In recent years, it has been clinically discovered that taking certain Chinese herbal medicines (including proprietary Chinese medicines) can cause kidney function damage.
Chinese herbal medicines that will “harm the kidneys” are: Tripterygium wilfordii, Guan Mutong, morning glory, cocklebur, poppy husk, grass, black, gentleman, green wood incense, and anti-self.
Among them, the kidney damage caused by tripterygium wilfordii is the biggest, followed by Guan Mutong, which causes kidney injury and contains the nephrotoxic substance aristolochic acid.
  2. Abuse of analgesic western medicine Long-term or large doses of some anti-inflammatory analgesics, such as Qutong tablets, indomethacin, paracetamol, aspirin, etc., may easily cause kidney damage.
Kidney damage can be manifested as: fatigue, dry mouth, loss of appetite, frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, and even hematuria and sterile pyuria, accompanied by joint pain and other symptoms.
Some directly cause nephrotic syndromes such as acute nephritis or glomerular necrosis, and severe cases can lead to renal failure and death.
  Third, often urinate and urinate Some people urinate for a long time because of busy work.
Urine in the bladder is prone to multiply bacteria for too long, and the bacteria will retrograde to the kidneys through the ureter, causing urinary tract infections and pyelonephritis.
Once this kind of infection recurs, it can cause chronic infection and is not easy to cure.
Patients may not only experience symptoms such as backache, frequent urination, etc., but may also develop into acute uremia.
  Fourth, drinking too little water: If you do not drink water for a long time, urine output will decrease, and the concentration of waste and toxins in the urine will increase.
Clinically common kidney stones and hydronephrosis are closely related to not drinking water for a long time.
Drinking enough water can dilute the urine and protect the kidneys, which is conducive to the full discharge of waste and toxins.
  Fifth, overeating: modern people have more opportunities to eat together, often eat too much “delicious”, the food will eventually produce waste-uric acid and urea nitrogen.
Most of these wastes are excreted through the kidneys, and an excessive diet will undoubtedly increase the burden on the kidneys.
  6. Excessive drinking of beverages Excessive intake of soft drinks and sports drinks can indirectly damage the kidneys.
The pH in the human body is 7.
2. These drinks are generally highly acidic, and the pH of the body changes significantly after drinking.
The kidney is the main organ that regulates the pH of the human body. Long-term excessive intake of soft drinks and sports drinks will bring a burden on the kidney and increase the probability of kidney damage.
  7. Eating too soft bread Bread and pastries have a food additive potassium bromate, which can give the gluten strength and elasticity necessary for baked foods. The taste is soft, but excessive consumption will damage the central nervous system, blood and kidneys.
  Food additive potassium bromate, the International Agency for Research on Cancer has listed it as a carcinogen.
  八、饮食太咸  饮食偏咸,尤其是某些零食盐分含量过高,例如吃炸薯片、方便面等会让人不知不觉吸收过量的盐分,导致血压升高,肾脏血液不能维持正常流量,Inducing kidney disease.
  9. Drinking strong tea after drinking Some people think that drinking strong tea after drinking can hang up. In fact, this is not only ineffective, but also hurts the kidneys.
Theophylline in tea can quickly affect the kidneys and exert a diuretic effect. At this time, alcohol is excreted from the kidneys before it has time to decompose, causing the kidneys to be stimulated by a large amount of ethanol, thereby damaging renal function.
  Tips: The kidney is an important organ that secretes urine, excretes waste and poisons, and can play a role in regulating the electrolyte concentration of the body and maintaining the acid-base balance.
Impaired or gradual decline in renal function will reduce renal excretion and regulation.
  When renal function is severely damaged, uremia can occur and endanger life.
Although renal function gradually declines with age, some lifestyle habits or behaviors often become important causes of impaired renal function.
In order to protect the kidneys, everyone must be alert to the following “renal injury” factors.

Never drink these dairy products before pregnancy

Never drink these dairy products before pregnancy

New research from the Harvard Department of Public Health suggests that consumption of low-fat milk also increases women’s risk of eggless infertility.

According to British media reports recently, the latest research from the Harvard Department of Public Health has shown that consumption of low-fat milk increases the risk of women’s eggless infertility.

  As dietary guidelines recommend that consumers consume low-fat milk three times in a row.

  Because these nutritionists believe that low-fat milk can reduce risk, and consumers also believe that low-fat milk can maintain body shape.

  But recent research from the Harvard Department of Public Health suggests that eating low-fat milk also increases women’s risk of eggless infertility.

After a follow-up study of 18,000 married women, Chavalo, a nutritionist at Harvard’s Department of Public Health, found that of the 3430 cases of infertile women, 438 were caused by women failing to ovulate.

Compared with those who have been pregnant, it has been found that eggless infertile women have long-term consumption of low-fat dairy products.

  In addition, experts remind all prospective mothers that they should start drinking maternal milk one year before pregnancy.

  Breeding life is a long process and only begins with the formation of a fertilized egg.

For a long time before pregnancy, both husband and wife should make preparations, physical and mental health, diet and nutrition conditioning, are very important.

What’s more important is that women who are preparing to become pregnant should have good health, comprehensive nutrition, and sufficient nutrition, and supplement the supplementary nutrients for pregnancy, which will lead to the development of folic acid that is particularly needed.

Pregnant women’s milk has been abroad for many years, and women of childbearing age generally start drinking pregnant women’s milk within one year before pregnancy, which is good for children and pregnant women.

Mom: Four tricks to keep your baby out of bed

Mom: Four tricks to keep your baby out of bed

Core tip: Whether it is a fracture or a cervical spine injury, the injured area should be fixed immediately and not moved.

If the family member does not fix the injured part, they must wait for emergency personnel to operate it to avoid more serious injuries due to improper handling.

  If there is a baby in the newlywed family, the safety of the environment at home must be strengthened. If your baby is currently in the “rolling” phase, then mothers can prepare a safe game and sleeping environment for the baby.

  This can prevent the baby from inevitable injuries during the growth process!

  4 tricks to keep your baby out of bed 1.

Put a cushion on the floor next to the bed so that if the baby accidentally falls off the bed, it will not hit the floor directly.


The crib should not be placed on the edge of the floor with a height drop. Otherwise, if the baby accidentally falls off the bed, it may continue to fall on the replacement floor and suffer another injury.


Detachable debris around the crib, especially sharp objects.

If there are furniture corners (such as cabinets or table corners) near the crib, you should add cushions to the corners, or wrap the sharp corners with a cloth.


At present, cribs are generally equipped with guardrails. If not, parents can install guardrails beside the cribs themselves, causing the baby to accidentally fall.

In addition, remind parents that the separation distance of the crib guardrail must be less than 10 cm to avoid the danger of the baby’s head getting stuck.

  Emergency treatment when baby falls 1.

Fixing the injured baby After accidentally falling out of bed, you must first confirm whether it is broken.

If your baby falls to the point of crying or losing consciousness, and is afraid to move their hands and feet, you need to suspect that the cervical spine has been injured or that there is a concussion and intracranial hemorrhage.

Whether it is a fracture or a cervical spine injury, the injured area should be immediately fixed and not moved.

If the family member does not fix the injured part, they must wait for emergency personnel to operate it to avoid more serious injuries due to improper handling.

If the bleeding occurs after the emergency hemostasis baby leaves the bed, hemostasis treatment can be performed first. The simplest and most effective method is direct injection hemostasis.

A piece of clean gauze can be placed on the wound and compressed directly until the bleeding stops.

If your baby has a nosebleed, you can pinch the top of the nose (where the nose is) to help stop the bleeding, but don’t raise your baby’s head to prevent blood from flowing back into the stomach and causing irritating vomiting.

Monthly Yoga Detox Weight Loss Exercise

Monthly Yoga Detox Weight Loss Exercise

Cleansing can be performed from the oral cavity to the digestive system of the body to the anus for a thorough “big cleansing”. It is a gentle and practical method to achieve internal organ cleansing and adjustment by simple self-movement.

Qingchang detoxification is mainly carried out by using saline water in combination with thin waist exercise in the early morning.

Meditate on an empty stomach for 5-10 minutes.

  Ready to work 3 liters of warm saltwater (slightly salty).

(About 12 large cups, 20 small cups, everyone can use beverage bottles as some tools).

  Process: First drink 2-3 quickly (about 200?
300 ml) cup of fresh saline, and then cooperate with exercise to do the following 5 types, each type 6 times.

  First, the legs of the skyscraper are separated by shoulder width, fingers crossed up, arms raised above the head, lift the heel when inhaling, look at the back of the hand with eyes, and then hold your breath for a few seconds to exhale and the heel is restored.

  Second, the wind blows the trees together with the legs close together, fingers crossed up, arms raised above the head, lifts the heel, the upper body slowly bends forward, hold for a few seconds, and then step on the bend for a few seconds.

(Calculate one left and right, make a total of six groups).

Then return to the middle to restore.

Breathe naturally.

  If you have difficulty lifting the heel, it will not affect the effect of the heel landing.

  Third, the waist rotates, the two feet are separated, the fingers are crossed and the palms are raised, the arms are raised and inhaled, the body is bent forward 90 degrees when exhaling, the eyes are fixed on the hand, the body is to the right when inhaled, and turned to the left when exhaled.

A total of 6 groups, return to the middle reduction.

  Four, cobra twisting prone position, palms on the chest, slowly supporting the upper body, toes on the ground, head slowly twisted to the right, eyes try to look at the left foot, hold for a few seconds, turn to the other side of the same, a total of 6 groups, backTo the middle restore.
  Note: Supporting the upper body, back pain, you can put your hands a little in front of the body.

  Action five: Squat with abdominal massage, put your hands on your knees.

Bending your left knee will help place it on the ground.

Turn your body to the right as you inhale, exhale, place your chin on your shoulders, and keep your eyes behind you.

Inhale and resume the squatting position.

Exhale, bend your right knee, and do the same exercise on the other side.

  Reminder: This method can be used once a month, at most twice, because the toxins will not accumulate so quickly. It is recommended that you try it on the weekend when you are in a good mood and the opposite.Patients with acute and chronic diseases such as ulcers should not try this activity.

Autumn and winter refuse to do the old plaque long diet to help you to conditioning

Autumn and winter refuse to do the old “plaque” long diet to help you to conditioning

After a summer exposure, many people found that the “face” had a problem when the autumn was deep, and the face began to show color spots and became old “plaques”.
This is because exposure is an important cause of pigmentation. In summer, ultraviolet rays are intense. After sun exposure, some pigments hidden in the muscles are all visible in autumn. In addition, the humidity in the autumn is sharply reduced, and the skin becomes dry and sensitive.calm.
  The reasons for the formation of stains are complex and diverse. In addition, the formation of stains is also affected by other factors.
Endocrine disorders, abuse of cosmetics, and bad habits are the culprit of pigmentation.
The location of the stain is also related to the constitution. For example, the stain on the eyelid is related to pregnancy, and it is also related to the number of people. The stain around the mouth may be related to overeating. The facial stain may indicateThe liver function is not good or the sunscreen is not in place, or the adrenal gland is weakened, and the common phenomenon of menopause.
  Freckle needs comprehensive conditioning. Freckle is not a day’s work. It is not advisable to rely on a bottle of “quick effect cream”.
In view of the factors related to the formation of pigmentation, the ecchymoses should be comprehensively conditioned.
  First, avoid sun exposure for a long time; prevent all kinds of ionizing radiation; do not use “quick-acting cream” containing harmful substances such as hormones, lead, mercury, etc.; do not use frosted skin products for a long time; use oil-control products as little as possible, water and oilBalance is the most scientific, do not blindly control oil, to understand our skin’s physiological laws; to avoid spots, the most important thing is to hydrate and regulate endocrine balance.
  In addition, diet is one of the important ways to improve pigmentation.
Here are a few therapeutic treatments that help to dilute the pigmentation, for reference by friends who are troubled by pigmentation: 1.
Drink a glass of tomato juice every day for a long time.
Because tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, it inhibits the activity of tyrosinase in the skin and can effectively reduce the production of melanin.
Regularly drink black fungus red jujube soup, 30 grams of black fungus washed, 20 red dates, add some water, cook for about half an hour.
Take it once a day for breakfast and dinner.
Lemon rose drink.
Will apple,.
Chuanxiong, rose, angelica and other medicinal herbs can be drunk in the lemon juice.
Pitaya grapes sip.
The dragon fruit and the grape are made into juice, and the medicinal materials such as Maimendong, Yuzhu, and medlar are mixed and mixed with fruit juice.
  In addition, a cup of warm water in the morning, eat more tomatoes, apples, kiwi, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, peas, asparagus and other foods also help to dilute the spots.
In general, physical exercise (such as running, climbing, swimming, etc.) should be added to increase oxygen absorption, accelerate waste excretion, increase blood oxygen carrying capacity, and enhance the skin’s ability to adapt to the external environment, so that the skin can maintain health for a long time.

Noisier and more loving?

Use these tricks when mixing your mouth

Noisier and more loving?
Use these tricks when mixing your mouth

One of the things to do: Eliminate each other’s thoughts and express your thoughts clearly.

For example, the other person said, “I think you are really selfish.”

Don’t rush to fight back: “What about you?

How are you going there again?

“You should calm down and ask the other person,” Why do you think so, what did I do to make you feel like this? ”

“That’s what the other person is thinking.

  If the evidence provided by the other party is unreasonable, you should also explain why you think it is unreasonable.

Clearly expressing each other’s thoughts, the quarrel between the two people may have focus, otherwise, it is easy to flow into blind and chaotic, and it will not produce any results.

  The second thing to do: clarify each other’s needs.

Ask the other person, “What do you want me to do?

What will I do to be satisfied?

“Or tell the other person clearly what you want?

What will he do to be satisfied?

  Many people quarreled for a long time, and as a result, the two sides had no idea what the other side wanted.

In this case, it is important to apply a scientific definition.

For example, when the other person says, “You don’t care about my feelings every time.”

You can ask her: “What do I do, do you think I care about your feelings?

“If he said,” I hope you can always accompany me.

“Then you can ask her:” Do you think it takes a few days a week to accompany you, you will feel that I am with you without ignoring your feelings? ”

“Don’t think it’s stupid to clarify these issues. Many people’s entanglement in quarrels is on this issue.

Imagine if the other person said, “I want you to be with me when you have time,” and you say, “I really can’t be with you every day.

If you are with you three days a week, can you accept it?

“Look, isn’t that really starting to communicate?

When you say this, the other party may realize that their request is unreasonable and will be willing to make a more reasonable and feasible request.

This way of consensus is much better than anger and yelling at each other, right?

  In addition to the above two important principles, you should avoid the following things when quarreling: First, do n’t talk about things that are unlikely to change: For example, you may think that the other person ‘s height is not high enough, and they are not goodOr make enough money.

If you are the one being talked about, I suggest that you calmly respond: “I know I do.

But this is me, that’s how I am.

This problem will not help us at the beginning.

So, shall we talk about some parts that I can change?

“If you are the person you are talking about, then I suggest that you think about it. The other person may be like this. If you can accept it, accept him. If you cannot accept it, consider leaving him.

Barely asking the other party to make changes that are impossible to achieve, it is just increasing each other’s frustration.

If his problem needs to be dealt with mentally (such as: impulsiveness, drinking alcohol, pessimism, avoiding the crowd), then you should assist him in seeking professional advice.

  Second, do not turn over the old account, but argue over future issues: in the process of quarreling, do not keep digging past old accounts for calculation.

This is just arousing the emotions of both sides, and it does not help the matter at all.
I suggest that you often say something like: “Okay, what if we encounter a problem similar to today?
“You can tell how you will deal with similar issues in the future, see if the other party can accept it, and how he wants you to change.

You can also ask to see how the other party will handle the problem, see if you can accept it, and state your expectations.

It ‘s often said, “What should we do if we encounter the same thing in the future?

“This sentence can help you shift the focus of change from venting emotions to solving problems.

  Third, don’t interrupt the other party: If you frequently interrupt the other party, it is easy to arouse the other party’s anger, and it is difficult to communicate effectively.

You should calmly listen to what the other person is saying, and then make clear what is inside.

If the other person’s content is very complicated, you can ask him to talk about one core issue at a time.

  Then after he has finished speaking, you can repeat his thoughts and ask him if your understanding is correct.

Usually the opponent in anger will calm down because you accurately understand his feelings.

Therefore, it is very important to let the other party have a chance to talk about their ideas smoothly.

  But what if the other person keeps interrupting you while you are speaking?

Then you can tell him directly: “You have been interrupting me now, so I can’t tell what I think.

“When you have reminded two or three times that the other party will still interrupt you, then you can say,” I think you have been interrupting me, so we can’t communicate.

  Don’t interrupt me if you want to talk again.

If you can’t do that, then we’ll talk about it tomorrow.

“Keep your position, and you will not continue to communicate until the other party can stop you.

  Fourth, don’t quarrel when you are excited: When two people are emotional, they yell at each other more and more. If you think of something that can hurt each other, speak out.

At this time there is no so-called communication, the quarrel between the two people is just to vent their anger.

Therefore, smart people should avoid opening these emotional times, keep their lips closed and not quarrel, and wait until calm down.

  You are advised not to quarrel under the following circumstances: (1) while driving, (2) after 12:00 in the morning, (3) after drinking, (4) when you are uncomfortable or tired, in these cases, your physiology is easyThe state of excitement is as flammable as gasoline.

Once quarreled, it can easily turn into yelling at each other without focus.

Such a quarrel is only harmful and not good.

If the other person keeps arguing with you, you can tell him, “Now your emotions are too exciting, and we can’t talk about them with any results.

I will definitely find time to talk to you about this tomorrow.

“We must insist on this.

  There is no quarrel in the close relationship between people.

A constructive quarrel will allow each other to understand each other, and the two will become closer.

Therefore, as long as the method of quarrel is correct, the relationship with each other is of great benefit.

Chinese medicine health first distinguishes the constitution and then supplements


Chinese medicine health first distinguishes the constitution and then supplements

The history of the use of traditional Chinese medicine by people living with Chinese medicine can be traced back to the Yan Emperor Shennong period four or five thousand years ago.

Lao Guang is the best combination of traditional Chinese medicine and daily life. Guangdong’s old fire soup also seems to become synonymous with Cantonese people’s understanding of life.

The soup is naturally indispensable to the medicinal herbs. There is a lot of attention in it. What kind of legend does Chinese medicine have?

From the beginning of this issue, 39 Health Net Daily Health and Health Weekly and Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine launched the 鈥淟ife and Chinese Medicine鈥? column, explaining the character of Chinese medicine together with readers, distinguishing valuable Chinese herbal medicines, and asking experts to answer your questions.A nourishing problem that you may encounter every day.

銆€銆€Medical Consultant: Yang Zhimin, the deputy director of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is the chief physician of your treatment. Perhaps it has become a “viral drug” in some people!

銆€銆€After Miss Lin, a northerner, came to Guangzhou, following the advice of local friends, “The weather is hot and humid, and it is necessary to drink herbal tea to reduce the heat”. When you have a cold, you can drink four flavors, cracks and other herbal teas.

Absolutely she found that her body was getting more and more afraid of cold, and the air-conditioning in the office was slightly larger. She must have been the first “middle-ticket” person.

銆€銆€Until recently, Miss Lin, who couldn’t stand a cold twice a week, turned to Chinese medicine for help, only to know that she was a chilly physique.

The doctor told Miss Lin that people with qi deficiency and yang deficiency could not drink cold herbal tea, otherwise it would damage the body’s yang and spleen and stomach, easy to get tired, sweaty and cold, and weak pulse and weak spleen and lung qi deficiency.

銆€銆€Guangdong’s masses have changed their “virtual people”. Even if they are Cantonese people with deep feelings for Chinese medicine, there are not a few people who look at their own physiques.

“In the past, when people mentioned Guangdong people, they felt that their physique was hot. However, modern life has changed the physique of the Cantonese people.

Yang Zhimin said that Guangdong is a subtropical climate. In the past, Guangdong people mainly used agriculture, and there were many open-air working hours. The hot weather made people feel hot and evil.

銆€銆€With the economic and social development in recent decades, quite a lot of Cantonese people travel, work, rest, all in an air-conditioned environment, especially the office family, coupled with the prosperity of the nightlife, rarely see the sun, love to eat cold drinks””.

“Chinese medicine pays attention to” “there is a degree of lifting, free and easy”, popularly speaking, after 11 o’clock every night, yang sneak into the body, take a rest, prepare for the next day of work and study, and modern lifestyle interferes with the yin and yang alternation.
Yang Zhimin said that it is for this reason that the population of qi deficiency and yang deficiency is growing stronger in the urban population of Guangdong.

“In addition to people who often work outdoors and love sports and physical fitness, Cantonese people must change the habit of drinking herbal tea regardless of their constitution.

“Another big taboo for Cantonese people to take medicine and supplement is not to identify the constitution, blindly “follow the wind.”

Nine types of physique are appropriate, each has some bogey, I feel that others have a good effect, and they are also “chasing the wind”, which is often counterproductive, yin deficiency should be supplemented with Yin and Jin, avoid using warm and dry things.

Those who are yang deficiency must strengthen their Yuanyang and avoid using bitter cold.

For example, if you want to lower your blood pressure through diet, people with yin deficiency can eat cold foods such as celery (sexual cold), chrysanthemum (sexual cool), malan head (sexual cold), and people with yang deficiency should eat hot food.Such as garlic (spicy, hot), magnolia and so on.

銆€銆€It is not appropriate to drink a cup of herbal tea with the essence of the syndrome!

銆€銆€”Do not distinguish between physical and disorder medication, tonic, the effect is counterproductive.

“Deputy director of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yang Zhimin, chief physician said that the evidence and deficiency syndrome, yin deficiency and yang deficiency should not drink a cup of herbal tea.

It is a cure, and the usual health care has a great relationship with the body.

銆€銆€”Nei Jing” is an important classic for introducing human physique for the first time in medical history.

“Physique means that the body is more susceptible to certain diseases or more “sensitive” to certain pathogenic factors.

“Yang Zhimin said that physical fitness is a comprehensive, relatively stable trait in terms of morphological structure, physiological skills and mental state on the basis of congenital inheritance and acquired acquired life.

銆€銆€The human physique is not static. She pointed out that the difference in physical constitution is determined by congenital factors and various acquired factors. It also changes the environment, diet, living habits, mental state and other factors, and changes slowly in a certain period of time.

銆€銆€Therefore, the physical fitness of a person young and old may not be the same.

Some people belong to the “catch-up” physique, sometimes with external factors biased towards one physique, and sometimes as another.

銆€銆€Eight kinds of physique are easy to block “sub-health” Professor Wang Qi, a doctoral tutor at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, pointed out that physique can be divided into peace and quality, qi deficiency, yang deficiency, yin deficiency, phlegm and dampness, damp heat, blood stasis,Nine types of qi stagnation and special enamel.

In addition to the health and performance of the peace, the other eight constitutions are more likely to develop into sub-health and even disease state.

For example, qi stagnation, this constitution is easy to cause a variety of psychosomatic diseases.

銆€銆€Chinese medicine often said: “The fat people are more damp, the thin people are more than a virtual fire, and the sex is hot and hot (easy to get angry).
鈥?According to Yang Zhimin, people with high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, some people are yin deficiency or qi deficiency, blood stasis, phlegm dampness, hyperlipidemia patients are Yin deficiency.

People with diabetes have too much yang deficiency and phlegm.

銆€銆€Experts pointed out that the sub-health state is mostly psychosomatic disease, and the heart plays a leading role, that is, it is mostly hurt by emotions, and the relationship between emotion and liver is closely related. Sustained emotional anxiety and depression must affect the function of the liver first. Therefore,Health is more related to the heart and liver.

Because the gas is yang, and the yang is the main function, the sub-health state is most common with qi deficiency.In addition, the main blood of the heart of the Department of transport, heart and yang deficiency function is qi deficiency, and qi deficiency can not promote blood in the pulse, qi deficiency and blood stasis caused by blood stasis, and blood stasis is easy to cause chest pain, stroke, therefore, early blood stasisQuality is also a common symptom of sub-health status.

銆€銆€Self-test: See if you are a physique. The common manifestations of nine constitutions are mainly from the characteristics of complexion, eye, nose and mouth, mental state, diet, size, and tongue, and the psychological features are mostly auxiliary.


Flat and qualitative features: The shape is well-balanced and robust.

銆€銆€Common manifestations: complexion and moisturizing, thick and shiny hair, gaze.

The nose is bright, the smell is fluent, the lips are ruddy, and there is no tone.

Not easy to fatigue, full of energy.

Cold and heat are better enough tolerate, sleep well, and have a good appetite.

The urine is normal.

Observe the color of the tongue, it is reddish, the tongue is thin and white, and the veins are both gods.

銆€銆€Incidence tendency: usually less sick.

銆€銆€Adaptability to the external environment: Adaptability to the natural and social environment is relatively strong.


Characteristics of qi deficiency and mass form: muscles are not strong.

銆€銆€Common performance: low voice, shortness of breath, lazy words, limbs are easy to get tired and boring, lack of energy, easy to sweat.

The tongue is light red, the tongue is fat, the teeth are printed on the edges of the tongue, and the pulse is slow.

Easy to dizzy, forgetful.

Some people have normal bowel movements, and some people have loose stools. They still feel “not finished.”

The urine is normal or the amount is too high.

銆€銆€Psychological characteristics: introverted, mood swings, timid and do not like adventure.

銆€銆€Incidence tendency: the body is weak and easy to catch a cold.

Also susceptible to visceral drooping, fatigue and other diseases.

銆€銆€Adaptability to the external environment: intolerance of cold evil, wind evil, summer evil.


Characteristics of yang deficiency and body shape: body shape is white and fat, muscles are not strong.

銆€銆€Common performance: usually cold, hand and foot “insufficient heat”, like hot drinks hot food, lack of energy, sleep more.

The color of the tongue is light, slightly fat, with teeth on the edges and moist tongue coating.

The pulse is weak and weak.

Some people have a soft complexion, often with a “panda eye”, a pale lip, easy to place hair, and easy to sweat.

The stool is sparse, a small number of times, and the urine is long.

Some people sleep and often shrink into shrimps because they are afraid of cold.

銆€銆€Psychological characteristics: more calm and introverted.

銆€銆€The possibility of the disease: the incidence is mostly cold syndrome, or prone to sipping, swelling, diarrhea and so on.

銆€銆€Adaptability to the external environment: intolerance to cold evil and wet evil, resistant to summer and not resistant to winter.


Yin deficiency (also known as “dry red”) physical characteristics: body shape is slender.

銆€銆€Common manifestations: hand and foot heart heat, usually easy to dry mouth, dry throat, thirst love to drink cold drinks.

The nasal cavity is dry and the nose is less.

The stool is dry, the tongue is red, the saliva is less, and the tongue coating is less.

Some people will have a flushed face, a hot heart, dry eyes, flowers and dry skin, so they are more prone to wrinkles.Some people will have dizziness and tinnitus, poor sleep quality, short and urinary urination, and the pulse is “small string”.

銆€銆€Psychological characteristics: temperament, extroverted and active.

銆€銆€The possibility of onset: It is prone to the consequences of yin deficiency and heat, or it is a yin deficiency after illness.

銆€銆€Adaptability to the external environment: not resistant to evil, resistant to winter is not resistant to summer, just the opposite of yang deficiency, and does not tolerate dryness.


Characteristics of phlegm-dampness: too much body shape, especially the abdomen is too soft.

銆€銆€Common manifestations: excessive skin and oil, sweat and sticky, easy to chest tightness, sputum.

Some people have pale yellow and dark complexion, and the eyes are slightly swollen and easy to sleep.

The tongue is fat, the tongue is greasy, and the mouth is often sticky, greasy, and sweet.

I usually love sweets and fatty foods.

The stool is normal or slightly sloppy, the amount of urine is not much or the color is slightly turbid.

The pulse is slippery.

銆€銆€Psychological characteristics: character is gentle, steady, and more patience.

銆€銆€Incidence tendency: Compared with other physical indicators, it is easier to develop into “diabetes” (diabetes), stroke, and chest.

銆€銆€Adaptability to the external environment: the most plum rainy season and the humid environment.


Wet heat and body features: the body is too fat or very thin.

銆€銆€Common manifestations: usually the face often has shine, easy to ulcer sores acne.

The color of the tongue is reddish, the tongue is yellow and greasy, it is easy to dry and bitter, and the body feels heavy and easy to get tired.

Some people will be upset, do things without spirit, eyeballs, bloody stools, dry and indurated stools, or appear more sticky, short urine and darker colors, some male scrotum overlap is more obvious, women have increased vaginal discharge.

There are more 鈥渟lips鈥?in the pulse, and suddenly it is short.

銆€銆€Psychological characteristics: How irritating and irritable.

銆€銆€The possibility of the disease: prone to diabetes, fire, often long, and more susceptible to jaundice, fiery embolism.

銆€銆€Adaptability to the external environment: difficult to adapt to wet environment or high temperature, especially the “wet heat steaming” climate in late summer and early autumn.


Bloody body features: thin people are mostly.

銆€銆€Common manifestations: dark complexion, dark skin with pigmentation, prone to spots and pain.

The lip color is dim or purple.

The tongue is dark, flaky spots, varicose veins under the tongue, and the veins are fine.

Some people have dark eyes, dark noses, easy to reposition their hair, and dry skin.

Women often have dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, or blood clots in the menstrual blood. The blood color is purple and black, and some people may even have bleeding, vomiting blood and uterine bleeding.

銆€銆€Psychological characteristics: The mood is easy to be irritable, impatient and forgetful.

銆€銆€The possibility of the disease: easy to suffer from bleeding, stroke, chest and other diseases.

銆€銆€Adaptability to the external environment: fear of wind and evil, cold evil.


Characteristics of Qi stagnation: Most people are thin.

銆€銆€Common manifestations: The most common is the introversion of personality, fragile depression, sensitive and suspicious, poor ability to adapt to mental stimulation, usually bitter face.

The expression is bored and unhappy.

Some people have a feeling of pain or a sense of pain, often sigh, snoring, or the throat is always uncomfortable, something is stalking.

Some women have breast pain.
Poor sleep, loss of appetite, forgetfulness, sputum, more dry stools, normal urine.
The color of the tongue is reddish, the tongue is thin and white, and the pulse is thin.

銆€銆€Psychological characteristics: the same as the “common performance” above.

銆€銆€Incidence tendency: prone to depression, viscera, convulsions (insomnia), panic and so on.

銆€銆€Adaptability to the external environment: Do not like rainy weather, and have poor adaptability to mental stimulation.


Characteristics of scorpion morphological features: some deformities, congenital physiological defects or no special appearance.

銆€銆€Common manifestations: hereditary diseases have vertical inheritance, family shared characteristics, etc., and fetal diseases affect the growth and development of human individuals and related disease characteristics.

銆€銆€Psychological characteristics: Because the diseases are different.

銆€銆€The possibility of onset: allergic constitution is prone to drug allergy, suffering from hay fever, genetic diseases such as hemophilia, congenital stupid type.

The fetal diseases include fetal fever, fetal red, fetal shock, fetal fat, fetal eye, weak fetus, and stunting.

銆€銆€Adaptability to the external environment: very poor, especially those with allergies, seasonal changes can induce seizures.