How to keep your mental health?

How to keep your mental health?

People belong to social animals, and they must adapt to both the natural environment and the social environment.

When dealing with different people, different emotions are generated when encountering different events.

Various emotions will accompany us throughout our lives, and their different manifestations reflect the direct impact of our health.

Mood and sorrow at both ends is a subjective reflection of a person’s stimuli to the surrounding environment, and often plays a decisive role in his health.

The optimistic mood makes people positive, full of vitality, improves the body’s immunity and ability to resist disease; and the depressed depression will only make people decadent, weak, easy to get sick or make the original illness worse.

  In real life, some important things, such as widowed, divorce, retirement, changing jobs, changes in the living and learning environment, etc., will bring great psychological pressure or mental shock to the parties, leading to worry or worry.

In the same way, some of the usual small issues, such as leadership criticism, quarreling with colleagues, conflicts with neighbors, etc., will cause a lot of trouble if not handled properly.

Although things are often small, if they are always small things and worry, it will eventually lead to adverse consequences for human health.

Medical research shows that if people are constantly in the vortex of worries and sorrows, they frequently stimulate the body’s “stress response”, which will not only accelerate aging, but may also cause hypertension, peptic ulcer and other diseases.

  Therefore, some targeted measures should be taken to prevent or mitigate the impact of psychological environment on health.

  Talking can help you balance your inner feelings and external stimuli, and avoid illness and disaster.

When encountering misfortunes, troubles, and unpleasant things, do not be depressed and buried deep in your heart. Instead, talk to those who trust you, have a calm mind, and be considerate, and talk to yourself.Speak to the animals around you.

  As the saying goes, “It ‘s like raising your mind to meditate.

“Reading books that interest you, reading books that are easy and pleasant, and catching a good book will put you down, then all the troubles in the world will be left behind.

Modern medicine believes that the movement of visual organs and oral cavity can be seen on the surface of a poem reading. In fact, the wonderful continuity and chapters of the poem are chanted repeatedly. The excitement and inhibition processes of the cerebral cortex are changed to achieve a relative balance.Metabolism, increased secretion of beneficial hormones and active substances.

These substances can adjust the blood flow and the excitement of nerve cells to the optimal state, thereby enhancing the body’s immunity and resistance to disease.

  Listening to music Music is a wonderful language for humans.

Listening to good songs and relaxing concerts makes people feel refreshed, immersed in happiness and forget about troubles.

Singing and singing is also a kind of grace, a chic, a call for longevity.

  Seeking Yaqu Yaqu includes playing chess, playing cards, drawing, fishing, etc.

When you enjoy military activities, the unbalanced mentality is gradually balanced.

No matter what kind of troubles and threats you face, once your favorite activities are launched, there is no place for them in your mind.

Some people have cured depression by painting.

  Travel When a person is unbalanced and distressed, he should go to nature.

The air surrounding mountains or seashores contains doped anions.

The more diabetes there is in the air, the fresher the air, the stronger the regulating functions of the body’s nerves and body fluids, and the easier it becomes to calm down.

  Do good deeds, get happiness, balance your mind, feel comforted, and feel solid; others respond, get encouraged, and feel happy.

Kindness is the most valuable quality. Start with yourself and be kind to others. When others need help, indicate your hand and give care to others.

  Forgetting is also a good way to maintain psychological balance.

Forget troubles, sorrows, forget bitterness, forget frustration, forget yesterday, forget yourself, others hurt you, fragile feelings, forget the shame and shame you once had . so you may be optimistic.

The path of life is tortuous and ups and downs, with a smile on honor, disgrace, wealth, poverty, slander, insult, and sorrow, then you are relieved and your mind is balanced.

Forget the harmful people and things, and maintain a psychological balance.

  Be a Lohas Lohas is a new lifestyle group, which is transliterated from LOHAS, which is the abbreviation of English Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability.

“Health, happiness, environmental protection, sustainable” is the core concept of LOHAS. While caring about and participating in environmental protection and sustainable development, we can make ourselves healthy, enjoy happiness, and forget our troubles.

Medicinal diet allows you to eat dry air

Medicinal diet allows you to “eat” dry air

Autumn and winter are the driest seasons of the year.
At this time, it can cause dry nose, dry throat, dry and cracked skin, and increased wrinkles.
For the dryness of autumn and winter seasons, traditional Chinese medicine has different types of syndromes, and according to these different syndromes, choose a “eat” out of dryness.
  The main symptoms of dryness in the lung health are fever, headache, slight cold, dry mouth and nose, cough without sputum, sore throat and dryness.
  At this time, should pay attention to Xinsanganrun diet.
If you can choose mulberry apricot drink, take 10 grams of mulberry leaves, 5 grams of almonds, 5 grams of ginseng, 15 grams of pear peel, and 3 grams of rock sugar, and replace them with tea.
  The main symptoms of dry wound and stomach dysentery are dryness, thirst, oliguria, constipation, retching, reddish tongue without moss or cracks, and thin pulses.
  At this time, should be nourishing stomach moistening food therapy.
Such as Sydney syrup: take a big sweet pear, cut into thin slices, soak in cold water for half a day, drink frequently.
Five Juice Drinks: Take pear juice, coriander juice, fresh reed root juice, winter wheat juice, coriander juice, temporarily consider the dosage, and uniformly cool clothes.
Sesame porridge: Take 6 grams of sesame kernels, 30 grams of white rice, sugar or white honey as a supplement.
First stir-fry the sesame seeds, cook another rice to make porridge, add sesame, sugar or white honey when cooked.
  The main symptoms of dryness, liver and kidney dysentery are dry and dull skin, night sweats, five-heart dryness or low fever, dry cough, bloody sputum, etc., no moss on the tongue, light color, and weak pulse.
  Should be given at this time Ziyin Yangxue Recipe diet.
Such as Ma Ren porridge: take 20 grams of Ma Ren, 80 grams of white rice, cook porridge to eat.
Asparagus porridge: Take 30 grams of asparagus and 50 grams of white rice.
Ejiao porridge: take 30 grams of Ejiao, mash, grind and grind glutinous rice, stir the glutinous rice with Ejiao and eat.
  It should be reminded that the above diets should “eat” symptomatically, preferably under the guidance of a Chinese medicine practitioner.

4 ways to get yoga

4 ways to get yoga

Action 1: Camel-style steps: 1.

Sit on your knees with your calf flat on the ground and your feet on the ground.

The thighs and the main shaft are aligned.

Inhale and place your hands above the pelvis.


Exhale, bend back slowly, put your right hand on your right heel, put your fingers back, then put your left hand on your left heel in the same way.


Inhale, hold your chest up, relax your head, and keep breathing natural.

Hold your posture for about 15 to 30 seconds.

When you’re done, slowly return to your original position and rest in a small amount.

  Efficacy: Expand brightness and improve cold back.

Soothes back and shoulder pain.

Fractured spine and shoulder fractures increase softness.

  Tips: 1.

Relax your head and do not reduce your neck excessively backwards; 2.

The pelvis and thighs are perpendicular to the ground.

  Action 2: Fluorescent insect steps: 1.

Lie on your back with your palms facing down, your face down, your hands next to each other, your feet close together and shrink back.


Exhale, head, skull, hands and feet slowly lifted up at the same time, trying to squeeze the limbs.

Keep breathing naturally, hold the posture for about 15 seconds, return to step 1 to rest after you finish, and repeat 2 to 3 times.

  Efficacy: Exercising the tail spine muscle group, strengthening the weak tail muscles.

Tibia and thighs, correct cold back.

  Tip: Use your lower back muscles to try to lift your limbs and upper body upwards, supporting only your pelvis and abdomen.

  Action 3: Anti-Elbow Steps: 1.

Sit on your knees, keep your back straight, place your hands next to each other, and look forward.

Inhale, put your hands and fingers on each other, and place them behind your back.


Exhale, bend your body forward, and press your belly against your thighs until your forehead is on the ground.

Keep breathing naturally, hold the posture for about 15 seconds, return to step 1 to rest after you finish, and repeat 2 to 3 times.
  Efficacy: Exercise the upper back trapezius, strengthening the weak back muscles.

Strengthen the vital capacity at the tip and shoulders.

  Tip: Keep your elbows straight and your shoulder blades retracted. Pay attention to your upper back.

  Action four: buckle hands behind the steps: 1.

Mountain-like advantages, legs close together.

Inhale, bend your right hand into the back of the thoracic spine, palms backwards, and the back of your hand close to the spine.

(If the palm cannot be placed close to the thoracic spine, the left elbow can be pulled closer to the center of the tail instead of the right hand).

  2.Raise your right hand and bend your elbows, fasten your left and right fingers to each other, your right hand against the back of your skull, and your elbows up.

Keep breathing naturally, hold the posture for about 20 seconds, and then do the other side after the same, repeat each side twice.

  Efficacy: Correct the cold back above the top and spine.

Relieves sore shoulders and makes the shoulder joints flexible.

  Tip: look forward and keep your head balanced with the ground.

The upper hand tries to pull the lower hand upwards.

Inventory of common Chinese medicine

Inventory of common Chinese medicine

Yaoyin mainly has the characteristics of abundant drug sources, easy to find, and a variety of freshness, which can meet the needs of dialectical treatment and flexible drug use.

The dosage should be prescribed by your doctor to achieve the desired effect.

Commonly used drugs are cited as follows: Ginger: It has the effects of scattered cold, warm and dry, and vomiting.

A variety of Chinese patent medicines for treating cold and exogenous feelings, stomach cold and vomiting, as well as Xiangsha Liujun Pills for strengthening the spleen and stomach, is ginger 3?
5 tablets (9?
15g), decoction and take the soup.

  Lu Gen: It is better to have fresh ones, which have the effects of clearing heat, regenerating, quenching thirst, and vomiting.

People who are experiencing wind fever or acne onset.

With reed root 10?
15 grams, Jiantang sent Yinqiao detoxification tablets, children rejuvenating Dan effective.

  Salt: It can lead medicine into the kidney. Therefore, kidney-reinforcing drugs (mainly drugs for nourishing kidney-yin), such as Dabuyin Pill, Liuwei Dihuang Pill, etc., should be taken with saline.

Generally use two grams of table salt, add 250 ml of water to dissolve.

  Rice soup: can protect the stomach, some bitter cold medicines for treating gastrointestinal disorders, such as dressing pills, should be served with rice soup, Xianglian pills should be served with millet soup.

When using, take the soup when cooking, regardless of lightness and dosage.

  Brown sugar: It has the effect of promoting blood circulation and dispersing cold, and can treat gynecological deficiency and cold, and the proprietary Chinese medicines for blood deficiency can be taken with brown sugar water.

  Loquat juice: It can clear heat and stop bleeding. If you use fresh loquat juice to deliver ten ash powder, the hemostatic effect is better.

Take the fresh ravioli, wash it, chop it, add cold boiling water to smash it a little, wrap it with gauze and squeeze the juice, use half a cup (about 100 ml) each time.

  Light on: It has the effect of dispersing cold in Tongyang and helping sweating.

Treatment of exogenous wind and cold, it is advisable to light white 2?
3 chopped roots, decocting water to take Jingfangbaidu pills and other medicines.

  Rice wine or white wine: Alcoholic heat, functions to pass through the meridians, and diffuse cold.

Traditional Chinese medicines for treating cold and dampness, waist, leg, shoulder and arm pain, blood cold amenorrhea and postpartum diseases, the beginning of bruises and sores, cold diseases, such as Huoluo Pills, canal pills, etc.
The usual amount is rice wine 25?
50ml, reduce the amount of white wine, and adjust the dosage according to gender, physical fitness, and the amount of alcohol.

  In addition, honey that nourishes the lungs and coughs, jujube for the spleen and stomach, bamboo ruts for heat and diuresis, rushes, etc. can also be used as medicines, which can help to exert the curative effect of the medicine.

How to dig the ear correctly


How to dig the ear correctly

How to properly dig the ear and pick the teeth and dig the ear has a long history. According to the archaeological research results, the toothpick has appeared more than 2,000 years ago.

According to historical records, similar to modern toothpicks, ancient toothpicks are made of bamboo, and the toothpick excavated by the gold-made toothpick made in the Han Dynasty proves that the toothpick has a long history.

銆€銆€Similar to the toothpicks, the ear spoons appeared very early. Two exquisite jade ear spoons were unearthed in the ancient tombs of the Shang Dynasty. The two ear spoons are special in shape and the carvings are clear and realistic.It is the royal object of the king of Yin.

銆€銆€These two small objects, which are common in life, have a long history. They have been circulated for a long time. After countless dynasties, they still survive stubbornly in the long river of history, but from a health point of view, these two small objects are silent.Unsuccessful creation of many health problems, if used improperly, small objects at hand will also become a health hazard.

銆€銆€Old Chinese medicine reminds that picking teeth and digging ears are the actions that many people often do. I don’t know, these are just small things that also contain the influence of health.

銆€銆€Don’t let the toothpick hurt your toothpick to remove dirt between the teeth, but if you use it improperly, use your toothpick to pick your teeth, or use too much force to remove the teeth, it may cause the teeth to increase, and may even irritate the gums, causing the gums to shrink.Periodontal disease such as gingivitis.

銆€銆€In addition, commercially available toothpicks are mostly piled up of wood or bamboo. During the production and transportation process, the collected microorganisms, according to the research department, may contain tens of thousands of bacteria on a small toothpick.Pathogens, if used for a long time, may cause oral infections.

銆€銆€The scientific name of the deaf ear dug out of the ear is called “鑰佃亶”, which is a natural secretion in the ear canal, which contains amino acids, lysozyme, immunoglobulin and other substances, which can effectively protect the ear canal from external aggression.Has a certain bactericidal effect.

銆€銆€Deafness is often a headache, and once it appears, it wants to be completely removed.

However, excessive earing is equivalent to completely expelling the “protective god” of the ear canal, exposing the tympanic membrane directly to the air and reducing the ear canal defense.

銆€銆€In addition, if the force is too strong when digging the ear, it may damage the ear canal and even damage the tympanic membrane, causing deafness.

銆€銆€The correct method of picking teeth is to replace the high quality wooden toothpick. The method of picking the teeth is to insert the toothpick into the toothpick gap and gently push out the foreign matter to avoid stabbing the surrounding gums.

After meals, the residue in the gap of the teeth can also be removed by mouthwash or using a floss stick to avoid the danger of tooth picking.

銆€銆€If you have itchy ears, you can use a cotton swab to pick up medical alcohol and gently wipe it in the ear canal to relieve itching.

If you use the ear spoon, be gentle and avoid scratching the eardrum.


Twelve dietary taboos to eat like this, be careful to hurt


Twelve dietary taboos to eat like this, be careful to hurt

First, come up to drink carbonated drinks, cola, carbonated water and other carbonated drinks are carbonated water plus sugar and pigment, not only zero nutrition, the price is very low.

Drinking carbonated drinks when you come up, there will be people who fight, swollen, and also have a loss of appetite.

And the instant energy of a can of cola is equal to a bowl of rice. If you drink more, maybe you haven’t started eating anything yet, this spot has exceeded the standard.

If you really want to drink sweet drinks, freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juice is better.

Second, fasting fish and seafood fish and seafood are rich in protein, and if eaten on an empty stomach, these proteins will be converted into a waste of conversion.

Not only can not make up the body, but it will increase the burden on the body.

In addition, eating seafood and fish on an empty stomach will increase the body’s absorption of sputum, which may lead to gout.

Third, eat the cream cake cream cake looks beautiful, in fact, is the flower clothes with the pigment and plant cream.

On the cost of less than one dollar, on nutrition, it is not only high in oil and high in sugar, but trans fatty acids in vegetable butter are more harmful to humans than lard.

If you want to eat cakes and are not afraid of fat, cheese cakes are more nutritious and more expensive, you can eat a small piece of relief.

Fourth, in addition to alkaloids in tea boiled egg tea, there are also acidic substances. These compounds combine with iron in eggs, which have a stimulating effect on the stomach and are not conducive to digestion and absorption.

Five, scrambled eggs put MSG, the egg itself contains a lot of glutamic acid similar to MSG, so when scrambled eggs put MSG, but it can not increase the umami, but will destroy and cover up the natural flavor of eggs.

Sixth, red and white radish mixed with white radish, vitamin C content is extremely high, but the carrot contains a decomposition enzyme called ascorbic acid, which will destroy the vitamin C in white radish.

Once the red and white radish is combined, the vitamin C in the white radish will be lost.

In this way, carrots replace the role of destroyers when cooked with vegetables containing vitamin C.

There are also courgettes, pumpkins, etc., which also contain decomposing enzymes like carrots.

Seven, radish fruit with the same into the scientist scientists found that after the radish and other cruciferous vegetables into the human body, metabolism will soon produce an anti-thyroid substance —- sulfur.

How much this substance produces is proportional to the amount absorbed.

At this time, if you add fruits containing a lot of plant pigments such as oranges, pears, apples, grapes, etc., the flavonoids in these fruits are converted into bacteria and converted into hydroxyethyltoluene and ferulic acid, which can strengthen the sulfur.Inhibits the action of the thyroid gland, thereby inducing or causing goiter.

Eight, seafood and fruit with fish, shrimp, algae, rich in protein and calcium and other nutrients, if eaten with fruits containing carboxylic acid, many times will reduce the nutritional value of protein, and easy to make seafoodThe combination of calcium and sulphuric acid forms a new, non-digestible substance that can irritate the stomach and cause discomfort, causing stomach pain, vomiting, and nausea.

Fruits containing gluconic acid include persimmons, grapes, pomegranates, hawthorn, and green fruits.

Therefore, these fruits should not be eaten at the same time as seafood dishes, and should be separated by two hours.

Nine, milk and oranges with the same food just after drinking milk to eat oranges, the protein in the milk will first meet with the fruit acid and vitamin c in the orange and solidify into a block, affecting digestion and absorption, and will cause people to bloating, abdominal pain,Symptoms such as diarrhea.

Ten, wine and carrots with food recently, American food experts warned people: wine and carrots with food is very dangerous.

Experts pointed out that because the rich beta carotene in carrots enters the human body together with alcohol, it will produce toxins in the liver, causing liver disease.

Especially after some carrot juice, don’t go drinking right away.

11. Liquor and soda drink together because of liquor, soda will quickly evaporate alcohol in the whole body and produce a lot of carbon dioxide. It has serious harm to organs such as stomach, intestine, liver and kidney, and also damages cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
Twelve, when drinking meat, some people eat meat, seafood and other high-protein foods, and soon drink tea, thinking that it can help digestion.

As everyone knows, a large number of amino acids in tea combined with protein will produce astringent amino acid protein, which will slow down the peristalsis and prolong the time of stool retention.

It is easy to form constipation and increase the possibility of toxic and carcinogenic substances being absorbed by the body.

Wake up in the nap, get up immediately, hurt the cardiovascular


Wake up in the nap, get up immediately, hurt the cardiovascular

Huang Dingli, Ph.D. in organic chemistry at Columbia University, is amazing: “Napping will increase the mortality rate of the elderly.

According to the investigation report of the Hadassah University Hospital in Israel, he questioned the most common habit of the Chinese people, nap, and thought that the nap could not be supplemented. On the contrary, it may increase the probability of “injury” of the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, thus becoming the “death” of the elderly.Killer.”

銆€銆€Dr. Huang believes that when you sleep at night, your heart rate and blood pressure will decrease. When you wake up in the morning, your heart rate and blood pressure will recover.

At this time, there will be intensive cardiovascular and cerebrovascular activities in the body, which may increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Napping, like sleep at night, can cause stress changes in the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Therefore, thinking that one more nap is equal to one more state change from low to high, and day after day, it is likely to cause heart cerebrovascular disease.

銆€銆€For some of Dr. Huang, doctors think that there are some truths, but the elderly do not have to be too serious.

Regarding nap, East and West have always been disagreeable.

Chinese people think that nap can replenish energy, be healthy, and improve work efficiency.

However, the West has always believed that sleeping during the day is a waste of energy and is not desirable.

But before this, foreign scientists have also proved through experiments that midnight sleep can slow down people’s metabolism, reduce energy consumption, and avoid premature aging, as if sleeping in a frozen state can make people “live”.

Prove that humans should have a break at noon.

銆€銆€In fact, it is not necessary to have a nap and each person’s own constitution, sleep state, age and the presence or absence of diseases and other conditions are closely related.

Sleeping less at night, poor quality, you should use a nap at noon to charge your body.

Older people with poor sleep quality can also give the brain a real rest through a nap.

銆€銆€And Dr. Huang’s point of view is not without reason.

To relieve the damage of blood vessels caused by changes in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular pressure before and after bedtime, experts recommend: 1.

Don’t get up immediately after waking up, first lie on the bed for another half minute; 2.

Sit up from the bed and sit at the bed for half a minute; 3.

Expect half a minute by the bed and then get out of bed.

銆€銆€This gradual activity can adapt the various organs of the body to change, reduce the pressure on the blood vessels from waking up, avoid the danger of falling, and is conducive to the stability of the heart rhythm.