The Devil’s 2.0 is expected to be broadcast in May, Ma Guoming said that word of mouth is more important than ratings

“The Devil’s 2.”0” is expected to be broadcast in May, Ma Guoming said that word of mouth is more important than ratings
Recently, some Hong Kong media broke the TV series “Devil’s Devil 2″ starring Ma Guoming, Huang Zhiwen, Hu Hongjun and others.”0” will be broadcast on TVB on May 4.Subsequently, Fang Junzhao, the producer of the play, discovered that the new play will be broadcast at 8:30 pm of “Airport Special Police”, “As far as I know, it will be broadcast at 8:30 in May, but the specific date has not been notified.”The Devil’s 2.0 “poster.The picture comes from the network “The Demon” is produced by Fang Junzhao, led by Ma Guoming, Huang Zhiwen, Hu Hongjun, and Liu Peiyue.The play was broadcast on TVB on October 30, 2017.The drama writer Ma Ji (Ma Guoming), a taxi driver, passed many times with death. Once, when Shi Dangdang (Hu Hongjun) battled the demon, Ma Ji accidentally absorbed Shi Dangdang’s spiritual power and became a master of demon.Later, Ma Ji met the host of the alien program, Bebeina, and began a journey to seek out demons and demons together.”Television Cooperation” award “Devil’s Demon” was highly praised after the broadcast, repeatedly won the hot search list champion, and even starred Ma Guoming, Hu Hongjun soared in popularity, the two won the “TV cooperation” award in the “Thousand Star Award Ceremony.It is reported that “The Demon 2”.”0″ will continue the original cast, joining Zheng Shijun, Tan Kaiqi and other new actors.On the plot, Fang Junzhao revealed 2.0 will take on the high-level story, “This Hu Hongjun will be attached to Hao Zi in a ghost way, not approaching the pony with good intentions, and will appear in front of the pony in different forms.”Air Force Ma Guoming has also spoiled, the plot of the second part will focus on Ma Ji and Hao Zi.”I like this drama very much and hope to broadcast it soon.”But Ma Guoming said frankly that ratings are not important,” I am more well-known, and would rather the audience like the script and the performance of the actors.The quality of the work is far more important than the ratings.If the ratings are high because of the outbreak, it does n’t mean much to me.I still hope that the audience feels good to be important!”Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Tong Na proofreading Lu Qian