Menstrual period and expected menstrual period food 1

Menstrual period and expected menstrual period food 1

[Introduction]Menstruation is a unique physiological phenomenon of women.

Too many women will have some uncomfortable symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, emotional tension, insomnia, irritability, irritability, fatigue, etc., a few days before menstrual cramps.

  Women who have menstrual disorders should choose the following foods.

  Silky chicken is flat and sweet, and can nourish liver and kidney yin, and can nourish qi and blood, suitable for dysfunctional uterine bleeding due to deficiency of qi and blood, liver and kidney yin deficiency.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” Yun: “The black-bone chicken supplements deficiency and fatigue, and treats diseases caused by collapse in women.

“Miao Xiyong, a medical scientist in the Ming Dynasty, said:” The black-bone chicken nourishes blood and nourishes yin.

Yiyin is rushing, Ren, and the three veins are prosperous, so it can remove all the detrimental diseases in the collapse.

“Therefore, women who are physically weak or who have menstrual periods are always unclean, and those who have more menstrual periods are better off eating.

Ordinary chicken should also be eaten.

  Those who have leaked chicken blood should eat it.

According to experts, “Women’s functional uterine bleeding: take a healthy rooster, remove 20 ml of blood, and take it immediately while hot, 2 times a day.

The method of taking chicken blood: use a healthy and disease-free cock, pluck the hair under the wings, expose the veins, and sterilize the syringe to draw blood. You can draw 15?
20 ml, this chicken is separated by 10?
After 15 days, you can smoke again.

  Pigeon meat is flat, salty, and has the effect of nourishing kidney and nourishing qi.

Don Meng said that the meat of the pigeons was “tuned for energy”.

“Ben Cao Xin Xin” said it “nourish the kidney and Yin”.

“Sichuan Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine” contains: “Dove meat treats women’s dried blood, and menstruation ends.

“For those who are weak and have little menstruation or even menstruation, they should eat it regularly.

  Ejiao Xingping, sweet, can nourish yin and blood, Chinese medicine is commonly used to treat women’s irregular menstruation, dysfunctional uterine bleeding and debilitating dysmenorrhea.

Such as the “Compendium of Materia Medica” contains: “Treatment of women’s blood pain, blood dryness, irregular water, no child, collapsed, brought down, prenatal and postpartum diseases.

“So women with menstrual disorders should usually take it.

  Sea cucumbers are warm, salty, and have the effects of nourishing kidney, replenishing essence, and nourishing blood. It is most suitable for women who have irregular menstruation, leaks in the collapse, weak menstrual periods, and often eat sea cucumbers.

Wang Mengying, a famous food physician in the Qing Dynasty, once pointed out: “Sea cucumber nourishes yin, nourishes blood, strengthens yang, moistens dryness, regulates menstruation, nourishes, and benefits.

“Therefore, for menstrual patients with reduced sperm and blood pressure and weak and timid women, sea cucumbers are a good way to treat them.

  Mussels are warm and salty, and can nourish liver and kidney, nourish essence and blood, and are especially suitable for women with irregular menstruation and impure cleansing of liver and kidney yin deficiency.

“Jiayu Materia Medica” pointed out: “Mussels are used to treat severe injuries, and those with less blood and blood, as well as women who bring them, miss them, and cook them.

“Yi Xun Ju Dietary Spectrum” Yi Yun: “Mussels nourish the kidney, nourish the blood and replenish the essence, cure the leftovers, take, collapse, and drench.

“Squid is flat, salty, has two functions of nourishing yin and nourishing blood, and is most suitable for women with amenorrhea due to blood deficiency.”

“Hikako Materia Medica” says that it can “pass menstruation.”

The “Sui Xi Ju Dietary Profile” praised squid fish “to nourish the liver and kidney, nourish the blood vessels, ridiculous classics, more collapsed collaterals, improve fetal production, regulate menstruation bands, heal the sickness, and benefit the most women.

In “Lu Chuan Materia Medica”, there is also a record “treating amenorrhea for women: cooking with cuttlefish and peach kernels”.

For those who suffer from irregular menstruation and amenorrhea due to damage, they should eat it regularly.

  Anchovies are commonly known as abalone and stone cassia meat.

It is flat, salty, nourishing yin, and nourishing essence. It is most suitable for those with irregular menstruation and dysfunctional uterine bleeding caused by kidney deficiency.

In the “Suishuiju Diet Spectrum”, it was once said that “the liver and kidney, Yiming eyesight, appetizers and camps, have turbid collapse.

“Clam meat is cold, sweet and salty, and has heat-clearing and nourishing yin effects. It is suitable for women with menstrual periods caused by blood heat, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, not only edible, but also suitable for those with internal heat of yin deficiency and heavy menstrual flow.Take.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” contains: “Housewives strain their blood.
“Yihuazi Compendium of Materia Medica” also said: “Make up the woman’s toil.

“In the case of strain, the blood is mostly kidney deficiency and irregular menstruation, and the amount is more than that, and blood collapse is dysfunctional uterine bleeding caused by blood heat.
  Hawthorn has a mild temperature, sweet and sour taste, has qi and blood circulation, stasis and analgesic effects, and is suitable for dysmenorrhea and amenorrhea of qi and stagnation.

Zhang Xichun, a famous doctor in modern times, once said, “Hawthorn dissolves blood stasis to stop bleeding without damaging new blood, and opens up depression without hurting righteousness.

For women with qi stagnation and blood stasis and menstrual cramps with abdominal pain, consumption of hawthorn can distort the effect of qi stasis and stagnation, and stasis and pain relief.

Professor Ye Juquan of China Medical University also introduced: “Women’s menstrual period will not come: 30 grams of raw hawthorn meat, decoction to remove residue, washed brown sugar 20?
25 grams, hot clothing repeated effects.

Stop 1?
In February, rather than the former, more servings also started from the bottom.

“Recommendation: Old Chinese Medicine Brown Sugar Ginger Tea is released for cold, warm and stop vomiting, Yipi Jianwei Nuan Gong cure dysmenorrhea and prevent colds http: // www.


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If you want to face peach blossoms, please follow these 9 tips

If you want to face peach blossoms, please follow these 9 tips

The base makeup is peeling, the eye makeup is messy, and the blush makes the face look like a monkey butt. These terrible makeup disasters are all because you have no mastery of skills.

The following 9 tips will make you look like a peach blossom.

  1. Using makeup water wet compress as makeup prelude, wet compress can instantly increase the accumulation of skin, solve skin peeling and relieve oil problems.

After cleansing your face in the morning, moisten the cotton pad with high-performance lotion or essence water with good moisturizing effect, and focus on the forehead and cheeks for about 10 minutes.

Specifically, you can choose your clothes, pack your room, and organize your bags without wasting a minute and a second.

Applying makeup after wet application can greatly improve the applicability of base makeup.

  2, ball massage, promote circulation massage can warm the skin and soften the skin texture, thereby improving the skin’s absorption capacity, promoting nutrient absorption, and make subsequent base makeup easier.

Ball-type eye care products are convenient and fast to use. In the morning that every minute counts, massage to speed up the blood circulation around the eyes, so as to remove puffiness, lighten dark circles, and make eye makeup less likely to fade.

It can also be used on both jaw skins, which can effectively prevent the base makeup from floating on the skin and rubbing mud.

  3, ice towel to cool down, before closing the pores makeup to cool the skin is a secret weapon of makeup artists.

Cooling the skin can shrink pores, delay the secretion of sebaceous glands, and lay a good foundation for base makeup.

The easiest way is to keep a wet towel in the refrigerator, take it out before applying makeup, squeeze and cover the face, and gently press for 5-10 minutes.

Applying makeup later does not make the foundation easier to absorb, and the makeup feel becomes more detailed.

  4. I believe that everyone is not unfamiliar with using makeup and milk before the partition. In summer, the skin characteristics of the T and U areas will become more obvious, the T area will become more oily, and the U area will be more dry.Whenever, you might try this trick: Use a combination of pre-makeup milk: apply T-zone and upper eyelid with oil-controlling refreshing makeup milk, and use moisturizing make-up milk on the U area face area, which can greatlyImproves the durability and fit of base makeup.

  5. If you use sponge to apply foundation, you must know that the “face mask” created by heavy foundation is a big taboo in hot days.

If you are used to applying foundation with a brush, you can use a sponge block to apply foundation or cream in midsummer.

The sponge block can not only make the foundation adhere to the skin evenly and lightly, but also help to cover the prominent pores in summer, making the makeup surface light and difficult to remove makeup.

Obviously, please use a gentle pat on the cover instead of wiping it vigorously, so as not to cause excessive stretching damage to the skin.

  6, the new order of make-up oil is the culprit of summer halo makeup problem.

If you also invade it, then it is time to innovate makeup.

The makeup sequence of “powder powder-powder powder-powder powder” can replace the ground to delay the oil output time and oil output of the skin. For dry cheeks, it can be matched with wet powder and sprayed on the entire face after the base makeup is completed.With the moisturizing makeup spray, a natural and long-lasting base makeup is completed.

  7, let the creamy fat protagonist thin film greasy, sweat and makeup powder mixed results can be imagined how terrible.

The creamy and creamy key makeup products such as eyeshadow, eyeliner, and eyebrow gel are different. Even if they are oiled and watered, they can be easily restored by simply pushing with your fingers.

Of course, a great trick to make eye makeup last longer is to apply a thin layer of moisturizing essence on the skin around the eyes before applying makeup to improve the water and oil balance of the eyes.Reduced.

  8, use loose powder to retain the color of eyebrows, blushes, lipsticks are most likely to fade, a mottled look makes people embarrassing.

Want to keep these bright colors resonant all day?

The answer is transparent powder!

After finishing the eyebrows, lip makeup and blush in the first pass, after the color is dry, apply a thin layer of transparent powder on the eyebrows, blush and lipstick, and then apply the color again.

Because the powder firmly fixes the pigment particles on the skin, even after 12 hours, the color is “stand by”.

  9. Turn blush into eye shadow makeup artist Francesca Tolot recommends using cream blush as an eye shadow in sauna days, which is trendy and not easy to discolor.

Bright colors are sure to be a big attraction this summer. Bright coral, rose and flesh pink can make eye makeup fresher and more chic.

The key is to apply a light layer of footpads to the upper eyelid after dipping with your fingers.

Farewell Little Red Face Six Ways to Deal with Sensitive Muscles_1

Farewell Little Red Face Six Ways to Deal with Sensitive Muscles

Dry and cold winter days have invaded our lives accompanied by sharp cooling, cold winds, excessive air conditioning, and many people cannot quickly adapt to this sudden season.

All this also makes our skin more and more sensitive. As soon as we go out, the skin will become tight. After a cold wind, our face will become red, dry, and sensitive people have headaches, but do n’t worry, the editor teaches you 6 tips today.Prevent winter sensitive muscles, let’s take a look together!

  Firstly, choose a slightly acidic facial cleansing skin. In winter, the skin is very sensitive due to dryness and lack of water. Therefore, when choosing care products, you should choose skin care products that do not contain fragrance, alcohol, and preservatives.

For cleansers, do not choose too strong and irritating alkaline products. Because too strong alkaline will hurt the skin, a mild and slightly acidic facial cleanser is better.

Use your hands instead of a face brush or sponge when washing your face to avoid oversensitivity caused by friction.

  The second method is to use a non-alcoholic toner. Toners generally have astringent pores and make the skin taut. Therefore, most of them contain alcohol, which will cause redness on sensitive skin after use.

Therefore, sensitive skin should choose a mild, soothing and non-alcoholic, perfumed toner. When applying, use the index finger, middle finger and ring finger to flick lightly. Do not beat hard to cause irritation.

  The third measure to avoid the use of oil control formulas At present, although oil control products are popular, but people with sensitive skin lack oily nourishment, and the winter sun is not too thick. There is no need to use shine control ingredients in day cream, as long as it has the activity to lock skin moistureParticle skimming is fine.

At the same time, it is more targeted to replace the special anti-allergy series of major brands.

  The fourth trick is to use a tear-type mask at present. According to the effectiveness of the mask can be roughly divided into clean, moisturizing, whitening three types, there are tear-type, rinse, cotton type and so on.

For sensitive skin with weak defense ability, cotton type masks with moisturizing and whitening effects can be safely used; to reduce the use of masks with deep cleansing functions, if used, you can only choose the rinse type; tear-off masks should be avoided.

  Fifth trick to reduce exfoliation. Exfoliation is a one step skin care procedure for sensitive skin.

Due to the thin skin and the susceptibility to foreign objects, excessive massage and coarse scrub particles can cause sensitive skin damage.

Therefore, if you really need it, you can use a milder exfoliating cream, and once a week, it is enough.

  The sixth trick is to add more vitamin C. Vitamin C deficiency can easily make the skin rough and dry, causing sensitive symptoms such as dermatitis and peeling. Eating more fruits and vegetables of vitamin C can enhance the body’s resistance, restore skin elasticity, and help prevent allergic reactions.
  Recommended for sensitive skin in winter: Avene Living Spring Water Spray 158 yuan / 300ml Avene’s most proud living spring water contains a variety of trace elements and mineral ingredients. The 270-year-old pure natural Avene living spring water is soothing, anti-irritant and anti-free radical, Sensitive skin can also be used, under the air conditioning and cabin environment to replenish the skin at any time, after the sun can also soothe and repair the sunburned skin, definitely prepare a bottle.

  Recommended for sensitive skin in winter: Bekas mineral nutrition eye nourishing solution 480 yuan / 30ml specially designed to care for the fragile skin around the eyes, light and quickly absorbed by the skin, and triple active anti-oxidant effect to add moisture to the skin that is easy to dry;Strengthens the skin of the eye to fight against environmental aggressions and reduce dry lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness.

Suitable for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers.

  Recommended for sensitive skin in winter: Yiquanmin special protective cream 205 yuan / 40ml contains copper, zinc mineral ingredients, has a gentle healing effect, can effectively improve skin itching, burning and stinging.

It is specially designed for atopic and sensitive skin and allergic outbreaks. It cares for the skin accompanied by redness, swelling, heat, itching, and pimples, and appropriately corrects allergic symptoms to prevent the expansion of the sensitive range.

It can be used in conjunction with hospital medications, and it can be applied topically to itchy and swollen areas of the retina.

  Recommended for sensitive skin in winter: Bedma Hydra Moisturizing Night Cream RMB 438 / 40ml is suitable for dry and sensitive skin; Patented Aquageniuma Moisturizing Factor instantly moisturizes dehydrated skin and enhances moisturizing ability; deeply locks water to keep skin moisturizing; widthRefreshing and natural, soft and comfortable.

  Recommended for sensitive skin in winter: Bai Kangduo Chamomile Repairing Soft Emulsion 128 yuan / 30ml containing chamomile extract and chamomile essential oil is excellent for dry and sensitive skin.

  Recommended for sensitive skin in winter: Kiehl’s Gentle Eye Makeup Remover 180 yuan This unique and gentle eye make-up remover has been tested by an ophthalmologist and has the same pH as natural tears.Tingling.
Particularly suitable for sensitive contact lenses.

Completely removes eye makeup, and has a moisturizing and oxidizing effect while exerting mild cleansing effects.

Aside from dull makeup, office workers sharp out

Aside from dull makeup, office workers sharp out

Many young MMs have behaved well since entering the office and becoming white-collar workers. They have to be dignified and simple, not too exaggerated, and even their makeup has turned into light makeup.

Can’t OL put on a fresh, bright makeup?


hzh {display: none; }  面对时尚杂志林林总总的彩妆、各色各样的靓丽妆容,上班族的女士们又怎么甘心化个淡妆出去上班呢?In fact, as long as you add color or brightness to the makeup, the whole makeup will be refreshed.

The following is a demonstration for everyone to create an OL makeup that is not flamboyant and attractive, and everyone will not hinder doing it together!

  First, bright eye makeup tips: Replace the color mascara close to black, which can avoid the rigidity and thickness of the black mascara, and can enhance the brightness of the eyes, making the eyes look mysterious.

  Step 1: First use the black mascara to brush the bottom of the eyelashes a few times to make a base. This will enhance the volume of the eyelashes and make them look denser.

Then start from the middle and brush the dark blue mascara from the roots of the eyelashes with the “Z” upward.

  Tip: Before curling the mascara, tilt the lashes and apply a little pressure with your fingers to make the mascara easier to apply.

And remember to brush both the upper and lower lashes. If the upper lashes are not enough, you can repeat the second and third layers, and the lower lashes need not be too thick.

  Tip: The eye is the key part of the frame of the entire eye, and even affects the shape and size of the eye. Therefore, the makeup of the eye part must not be ignored. The eye part is painted well to make the entire eye makeup look more coherent and natural.,more complete.

  Step2: Put a thin blue eye shadow on the eye pillow area to make the eye makeup more coherent.

  Tip: You can use the eyeliner to outline the contour of the eye, and then use a broom to blur it. This will make it easier to grasp the shape of the eye.

  Effect: Blue mascara can highlight the lines of the eyes, giving people a bright fresh look!

  Product recommendation: Lancome Infinite Mascara Introduction: Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive eyes, instantly, if the real eyelashes are stretched out at the tip of my lashes, my lashes break through the length and charm.

  Editor’s comment: The slenderness and curling effect are excellent, super waterproof, and without using makeup remover, it will not bloom with water, even when swimming.

  Second, coral red natural blush tips: This makeup looks more prominent is the eye makeup, so in this case, the eyebrows and blush are generally tried to be lighter, so that you can compare the glamorous eye makeup betterTo appear.

  Choose a natural orange or coral blush for a youthful look.

Pay attention to the position of the blush: Brush the top of the cheekbones from the ear to the nose.

  Tip: Before applying blush, you may need to take a bit of effort. Apply a matte dark powder on the contours to condense the cheeks that are too wide to make the face look intellectually mature.

  Product recommendation: Mei Ke Fashionable Transparent Rouge Product Description: Fine powder, easy to apply makeup, it is the secret treasure of autumn and winter in the treasure chest of professional makeup artists.

Earth colors are perfect for nude makeup.

  Editor’s comment: This product has a good color and fine powder. It is more suitable for beginners to make-up MM. The color is lighter and lifelike. The after-scan effect is like the sun, super natural.

  Third, the gloss of lip gloss tips: Just like blush, choose a natural color that is closer to the lip color.

But it is not too monotonous, you can choose lip gloss with sequins or a heavier gloss.

  After putting on the lipstick, lightly touch the lip gloss in the center of the lips, and try to smooth it with a lip brush or a lip brush to increase the moisture and luster texture.

  Product recommendation: Anna Sui Magic Galaxy Lip Gloss Lip Gloss Product introduction: The lip gloss contains two kinds of crystal particles. After makeup, the effect is as delicate as spring flowers, and it can keep warm, moisturize and antioxidant.

In the pearly texture with high moisturizing and moisturizing effect, the delicate shimmering crystal particles are hidden to make your lips shine mysteriously!

  Editor’s comment: It has a transparent crystal sensation, excellent moisturizing, non-sticky, moisturizing lip gloss, smooth and bright color, you can easily play with lip gloss, and use it in combination with lipstick.

The appearance is also exquisite and beautiful.

Will eating starchy foods get fat?


Will eating starchy foods get fat?

Will eating starchy foods gain weight?

In fact, it is not starch that makes you gain weight, but overlaps with too many transformations.

Therefore, if you want to gain weight, you should pay attention to how much you consume each day, not how much starch you eat.

According to research by authoritative departments, the total amount of daily conversion in the diet should be 40%-50% by starch.

The idea of eating too much starch will lead to weight gain. It is from the so-called protein diet method, which leads to misunderstandings. It is thought that eating protein can lose weight and eating starch will gain weight.

銆€銆€Is starch just present in rice and pasta?

銆€銆€Starch contains a lot of sugar.

Many foods that are not in the form of starch are also converted into sugars in the body. They are sweeter than sweets such as sugar or sugar, and are monosaccharides.

However, these foods do not provide other nutrients in addition to trace amounts, and they also have an effect on the body.

These sweets are quickly digested after entering the digestive organs, so they are not the best food choice.

銆€銆€In addition, most beverages contain too much sugar, which is also the cause of weight gain.

Remember, every drink of ten juices will probably have some mouth sugar.

銆€銆€Why are starchy foods high?

銆€銆€In fact, the pure starch food content is not very high, often the reconstruction method improves the displacement.

銆€銆€Some potatoes are not very pure, but if you cook with cream, it’s amazing.

Fried noodles and fried rice have a lot of cooking oil, which is naturally much higher than white rice.

The same is true for bread. Some breads are made of a layer of oil and skin. The fried doughnuts are full of oil. Therefore, the high content of these pastas should not be blamed on starch, but should be fat.

銆€銆€Excessive intake of oils and high levels of food is the cause of gaining weight.

銆€銆€Attachment: Common starch food transition table rice 1188.

5 Jiaotou 1 1862.

3 pieces of white bread 1 313.

9 coke spaghetti 1 part 1381.

1 coke sweet potato 1 (small) 619.

4 coke potatoes 1 669.

6 coke rice powder 1 bowl 552.

4 coke soda crackers 3 pieces 318.

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All kinds of human desires are overcome, but the appetite is hard to resist.

People can’t help but desire for food, knowing that they have to eat a lot when they are not good.

For example, especially greasy food, it will always be very regrettable to eat.

So, can you use food to scrape oil?

What is the food that can be scraped?

Let’s take a look at it.

銆€銆€What is the food that can be scraped?

銆€銆€1, kelp kelp is a kind of food that can be slimmed down, and can quickly produce oily food.

Kelp contains a lot of trace elements and very rich nutrients, and the consumption of kelp from time to time can cause a slight acceleration in the body.

And eating kelp is also good for the human thyroid gland.

Kelp can make the body’s slight elimination speed faster, and the slight consumption speed becomes faster. Naturally, the oil inside the body will be discharged from the body through the internal circulation metabolism of the body. The consumption of kelp can cause the body to produce cellulite and oil.effect.

銆€銆€2, cucumber cucumber is very common food for weight loss, and cucumber has very rich nutrients, especially vitamins, etc., often eat cucumber can make people’s sugar is not easy to be converted into aunt, has the effect of suppressing auntFor the weight loss, the effect is very obvious.

In addition to this function, cucumber has a good beauty and beauty effect, many women will use cucumber to make beauty, so cucumber is a good food, it is a good food for people who want to lose weight.One.

銆€銆€3, Hawthorn hawthorn is very rich in vitamin C and flavonoids, flavonoids can effectively improve the body’s metabolism and internal circulation system, especially the hawthorn has a very good control of blood pressure.

In the daily life, you can soak the hawthorn slices into the water, so that the nutrients inside the hawthorn can be absorbed into the human body. The circulation inside the human body is normal, then naturally it will achieve a correct circulation effect of absorption and elimination.Achieve the effect of cellulite.

銆€銆€4, fungus fungus itself contains very low composition, and is also a fungus food, so fungus also has a good oil-scraping effect on the human body, often eating fungus can effectively help the body to eliminate toxins.

It can accelerate the metabolism of cholesterol in the body, especially the oil is usually left in the body itself, and the fungus can effectively help to quickly remove the grease and residual garbage, which can produce a good scraping effect.

Therefore, it is recommended to add fungus to your daily diet.

銆€銆€5, sweet potato often eat sweet potato is a temporary reduction in the subcutaneous tissue of people, eating sweet potato can make the body have a role in preventing resistance, especially sweet potato in addition to this effect, it also has the effect of preventing diabetes, anti-cancer and so on.

However, it must be eaten in moderation. Do not eat more sweet potatoes indefinitely. Excessive amount will increase blood lipids. It must be eaten in moderation to produce good effects on various organs of the human body.

Therefore, it is recommended that you add sweet potato to your daily diet.

銆€銆€The above are five kinds of foods that are good for scraping oil in daily life. After eating too much oil, you can eat some of these foods and let yourself relax.

Winter is warm, the first to raise kidney


Winter is warm, the first to raise kidney

Unlike spring breeze, summer heat, and autumn dryness, winter brings another feeling – cold.

The motherland medicine believes that cold is yin and evil, and it is easy to hurt yang.

Because the yang of the human body is rooted in the kidney, cold evil is the most vulnerable to kidney yang.

It can be seen that the number of nine winters, if you want to keep out the cold, the first to raise the kidney.

銆€銆€In winter, living and living should be regular. It is advisable to participate in sports activities that can be achieved. This not only enhances the kidney function related to human immunity, but also improves disease resistance. It also helps the lungs to breathe and prevent because of the “kidney master gas”.A variety of chronic respiratory diseases.

“The kidney is the main bone”, in winter, the caries are often beneficial to the kidneys and the kidneys.

The kidney is “salted in the liquid”, and the tongue resists the upper jaw in the winter. After the saliva is full, it slowly swallows and nourishes the kidney essence.

The meridian of the kidney starts from the foot, and the foot of the Yongquan point is the main point. It is best to use hot water to soak the feet before going to bed at night, and press the foot.

銆€銆€In winter, people are in a state of 鈥測in and yang decline鈥? so it is better to 鈥渟unny鈥?and 鈥渟unbathing鈥?to help the yang in the kidney rise.

Kidney and bladder, one dirty and one sputum, each other in the table, “liver and gallbladder”, the bladder meridians in the adjacent, cold evil invasion, bear the brunt, so winter should pay attention to keep warm, wearing cotton or wool vest to protect kidney yang.

The ancients believed that “the kidneys are the mainstay, the essence of the seal”, therefore, in the winter, avoid excessive sexual intercourse, work, exercise should not sweat too much, to prevent the replacement of the yin of the kidney, yang dissipated.

銆€銆€For kidney and cold protection, diet adjustment is also very important.

In winter, it is advisable to eat such things as mutton, dog meat, and fermented meat, such as warming kidney and impotence, and producing high-yielding foods, which is especially beneficial for people with debilitating cold.

Eat foods that have kidney and kidney functions, such as walnuts, chestnuts, and longan.

“Black food” can enter the kidney and strengthen the kidney, and should also choose food, such as black rice, black beans, black sesame seeds, black dates, black fungus, black-bone chicken, kelp, seaweed and the like.

In winter, it is advisable to enter the category of warm hot porridge. If the food is placed in porridge and cooked, it can not only be cold, but also can be fed and treated.

銆€銆€Zhang Jingyue, a famous Chinese medical doctor in the Ming Dynasty, famously said: “If you are good at yang, you must seek yang in the yin; if you are good at yin, you must seek yin in the middle.

For the elderly who have gradually declined the yin of the kidney, they can be served with sputum, turtle, scorpion, fungus and other yin in winter.

The winter diet should not be too salty. Because of the salty taste, the kidney water is colder and disturbs the heart.

Also avoid cold foods, so as not to “add on the snow”, damage Yuanyang.