NavInfo (002405): Signed Mitsubishi Electric’s 2021-2026 map purchase contract to highlight the true nature of the map’s leader

NavInfo (002405): Signed Mitsubishi Electric’s 2021-2026 map purchase contract to highlight the true nature of the map’s leader

Recent situation of the company On the evening of September 2, the company issued an announcement and signed a purchase contract for Mitsubishi Electric in the areas of electronic navigation maps, real-time traffic information, and license plate restrictions.

The Mitsubishi Electric’s in-vehicle terminal products will be used in the TSU3 equipped for mass production and marketing in 2021-2026 sold in China.

Models such as GAC Honda and Dongfeng Honda on platform 0.

After the contract expires, NavInfo will continue to provide map maintenance services for Mitsubishi Electric for 5 years.

Comment on the market share again, highlighting the true nature of charter leaders.

Mitsubishi Electric is a newly signed customer of the company. This time, it successfully won a five-year purchase contract. We believe this signifies that the company’s product classification has been recognized by more customers, and its market share has further expanded.

According to Analysy Data’s February 2018 quarterly data, NavInfo’s new market share (by load) reached 38.

55%, if calculated in terms of amount, we expect this proportion to be even higher.

We expect to continue to strengthen the company’s product advantages (Siwei Tuxin invests nearly 30% of its R & D investment every year in the field of traditional navigation maps, and it has reached 11 in 2018.

70,000 yuan, an increase of 18 in the first half of 2019.

59%), the living space of small and medium graphic quotients will be further squeezed.

Conservative calculations will increase revenue by at least 100 million in the medium term.

According to Marklines data, in 2018 Honda and Acura sold 147 ideas in China.

50,000 vehicles.

We conservatively estimate the loading capacity of 1 million vehicles per year. This purchase order is expected to contribute 200 million yuan to the company in the medium term (2021-2026)?
300 million incremental income.

In addition, we believe that Mitsubishi Electric is expected to become the company’s mid-to-long-term strategic customer, and the possibility of further and further cooperation is not ruled out in the later stage.

For example, 淡水桑拿网 in 2017, Mitsubishi Electric started cooperation with ADAS in the field to explore autonomous driving together. If Mitsubishi Electric seeks cooperation in the Chinese market in the future, we believe that NavInfo will have a first-mover advantage.

The top graphic dealers are fully deploying autonomous driving and connected cars.

Starting from a leading domestic map manufacturer, NavInfo has gradually expanded its business to the conversion of various industrial chains and completed the comprehensive layout of the autonomous driving and connected car industries. We believe that the company is expected to fully share the industry growth dividend.

The company also joined hands with Huawei to create a “Huawei + Four-Dimensional” smart car technology overall solution.

Huawei has deep accumulation in the 5G field and 天津夜网 aims to become a tier 1 supplier in the era of smart cars. By leveraging partners, it can help NavInfo to seize the opportunity.

The estimation proposal considers that the contract will perform in the medium term (2021), and we temporarily maintain the company’s profit forecast and estimates unchanged.

Maintain target price of 17 yuan and outperform industry rating. Based on 2019 segment total valuation method, corresponding to 68 times 2019 price-earnings ratio.

The company is currently trading at 65.


1x 2019/20 price-earnings ratio, our target price corresponds to 5% upside.

Risky new product investment exceeded expectations; auto market sales were sluggish.

China Construction Group (603018): Excellent earnings and cash flow performance, sustained and rapid growth, redundant power

China Construction Group (603018): Excellent earnings and cash flow performance, sustained and rapid growth, redundant power

Earnings growth of 34% slightly exceeded expectations, and it is planned to turn 10 to 4.

8 shares sent 3.

8 yuan, the overall performance of the annual report is outstanding.

The company achieved operating income of 42 in 2018.

0 ‰, an increase of 51% in ten years; net profit attributable to mothers4.

0 billion US dollars, an annual increase of 34%, slightly exceeding market expectations.

Among them, the revenue growth rate significantly faster than the performance growth is mainly due to the rapid expansion of the company’s EPC business. In 2018, the company achieved EPC business revenue6.

US $ 600 million, which was previously expected to grow by 259%. Excluding the EPC business, the company’s survey and design business income will increase by about 36%, which will also achieve rapid growth.

Q1-Q4 revenue increased 31% / 97% / 56% / 34% quarterly, and net profit attributable to mothers increased by 21% / 51% / 27% / 31%. Q4 performance improved.

10 to 4 in 2018.

8 shares sent 3.

8 yuan (before tax), the dividend rate continues to remain at 30%.

The overall performance of the annual report is excellent.
The expansion in different places continued to advance, new breakthrough orders grew rapidly, and orders in hand were full.

While firmly grasping the right to speak in the market in Jiangsu Province, the company actively explored markets outside the province. In 2018, the operating income of the province’s and overseas businesses was US $ 2.6 billion and US $ 1.6 billion, accounting for 62% and 38%, respectivelyAfter the impact of EPC, the proportion of income outside the province was 45.

4%, increase by 1 every year.

2 pct.

2018 new millennium single 64.

1 trillion, an increase of 25%.

The survey and design business of the new decade.

0 million yuan, an increase of 21.

3%, survey and design orders / revenue coverage increased by 172% (YoY + 12 pct), survey and design order orders or full.深圳spa会所

The EPC business based on design and project management has achieved rapid growth, with a 400% increase before 2017, showing the company’s transformation from a single design agency to a full professional chain and an entire industrial chain.

In 2019, the company plans to increase its new growth orders by 15-35%, revenue by 20-40%, and profit by 15-35%. It is confident of maintaining continued rapid growth.

The company strives to be guided by the strategy of “industrialization, platformization, and internationalization” to build the first domestic “ten billion” design group in three years.

Gross profit margin and expense ratio decreased, and cash flow continued to be excellent.

The company’s gross profit margin in 2018 was 26.

2%, a year-on-year increase of 5.

5 pct; the gross profit rate inside and outside the province is 27.

3% / 24.

2%, year-on-year.

twenty four.


Gross profit margin after excluding EPC is 30.

5%, -3.

2 pct, expected to increase due to the company’s business outsourcing ratio.

Expense rate for the period 11.

4%, -3 compared to the same period last year.1 pct, including sales / management (plus R & D) / financial expense ratio YoY-1.

5 / -1.

7 / + 0.

1 pct, the decrease in sales and management expense ratio was mainly due to the company’s increased operating efficiency and the increase in the proportion of EPC business revenue.

The asset impairment loss is accrued more than zero.

4 trillion, mainly due to the increase in bad debt losses of receivables.

The anion rate decreased by 1 from the previous period.

1 pct.

Attributable net interest rate 9.

4%, year-on-year.


Benefiting from the implementation of the policy of clearing the accounts owed to private enterprises, the company’s net cash inflow from operating activities.

3 ‰, an increase of 13% in ten years, and performed well.

The cash-to-cash ratio and cash-to-cash ratio are 83% and 88%, respectively, YoY-4.

6 / -5.

3 pct, mainly affected by EPC business.

The repurchase and the first employee shareholding plan unite strength and show confidence.

The company issued a repurchase plan in October last year. As of now, the company has repurchased 1.72 million shares, accounting for 0 of the company’s total share capital.

55%, with a total payment of 30 million yuan.

On March 5, the company announced that all the repurchased shares will be used to carry out the first phase of the employee stock ownership plan at a purchase price of 17.

41 yuan / share, the source of funds is the holder’s self-raised funds and the company’s incentive fund with a 3: 1 ratio. The number of participants does not exceed 140 (including directors, supervisors, and 12 seniors), and the lock-up period is 12 months.

This employee shareholding plan shows that the company has plenty of cash and is confident in its future development.

Investment suggestion: We predict that the company’s net profit attributable to its mother in 2019-2021 will be 5 respectively.



4 ‰, a year-on-year increase of 31% / 29% / 25%, the corresponding EPS is 1.



67 yuan, with a CAGR of 28% in 2019-2021, and the corresponding PE is currently 12/10/8 times. Considering the company’s good growth and cash flow, it still has investment value at present, maintaining a “buy” rating.
Risk reminders: Transportation investment declines, bad debts of accounts receivable, and risk of business development outside provinces falling short of expectations.

Hang Seng Electronics (600570) 2019 First Quarterly Report Review: Performance Meets Expected Expense Control Continuation

Hang Seng Electronics (600570) 2019 First Quarterly Report Review: Performance Meets Expected Expense Control Continuation

[Key points of investment]Hang Seng Electronics released the 2019 first quarter performance report, and the company achieved revenue5.

92 billion, a year-on-year increase of +11.

17%, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.

97 billion, +593 year-on-year.

66%, deducting non-net profit of 36.32 million, +5 year-on-year.


The company’s business basically met expectations.

From the perspective of spin-off, the capital market business line income4.

4 billion, a year-on-year increase of +13.


Of which: 1) Brokerage business was 87.14 million, which was -15 compared with the same period last year.

73%, 2) Revenue from asset management business 2.

0 billion, a year-on-year increase of +27.

35%, 3) Wealth business 1.

4 billion, a year-on-year increase of +26.

95%, 4) 12.85 million exchange business, -21%.


In addition, banking and non-financial businesses each fell by -17.

64% and -1.


Internet business revenue exceeds 1.

1 billion, a year-on-year increase of +15.


Expense control continues.

The company has started to control expenses since the second half of last year. In 2019Q1, it continued to maintain the strategy of expense control, and the sales expense ratio decreased by 2.

5 points, R & D expenses are added back to management expenses, which decreased by 0 at the end of the first quarter of 2018.

85 points.

The substantial increase in net profit attributable to mothers was mainly confirmed by the company in the current period.

Gain on fair value changes of 6 trillion.

Implementing the new financial instrument specification, financial assets that may be sold, and fair value changes that are included in profit or loss for the current period, are allocated as transactional financial assets to confirm investment income.

Benefit from a new round of IT system construction cycle by financial institutions and investment institutions.

With the continuous release of financial innovation and regulatory dividends, affected by science and technology board, new asset management regulations, Shanghai-London Stock Connect, banks, securities firms, insurance asset management, public equity funds, private equity funds and other financial institutions and investment institutions strive to usher inA round of IT system construction cycle.

As the head company of IT systems in related fields, we believe that the company will fully benefit from the new round of construction of IT systems of relevant financial institutions and investment institutions.

In addition, after the stock market began to warm in 2019, it tried to promote the upgrading of IT systems by financial institutions and investment institutions.

[Investment recommendation]We maintain the company’s operating income for 2019-2021 is 39.

8 billion, 49.

8 billion, 61.

200 million, net profit attributable to mothers is 8 respectively.900 million, 9.

9 billion, 11.

200 million, the EPS is 1.

44 yuan, 1.

60 yuan, 1.

81 yuan, PE is 62.

9X, 56.

4X, 49.

8X, maintain the investment rating of “overweight”.

[Risk Tips]Risk of intensified market competition; Risk of incremental business income falling short of expectations; Risk of uncertain timing of regulatory and innovation policies

Beware of common diseases in children 3 to 7 years old

Beware of common diseases in children 3 to 7 years old

Symptoms of nasal septum deviation: Nasal septum deviation refers to the deviation of the nasal septum from the midline to vertical or two curved or local interactions that cause nasal dysfunction or symptoms.

The main symptoms are: alternating or persistent nasal congestion, headache, nosebleeds, and pus.

  Response measures: 1. Those with the above symptoms affecting daily life and found that the deviated nasal septum should consider hospital surgery.

  2. Must be distinguished from nasal septal hypertrophy and chronic rhinitis.

  3. Surgery includes nasal septum submucosal resection or nasal septum angioplasty.

  Cause: Common causes include-trauma, abnormal development, tumor foreign body compression in the nasal cavity, etc.

  Prevention: Children should always pay attention to exercise safety to prevent nose damage due to falls, collisions, and fights.

  Vulnerable age: after 3 years old.

  Nasal bone fracture symptoms: Nasal bone fractures are mostly caused by external nasal trauma.

The most common symptoms are nosebleeds and local pain.

  Countermeasures: 1. First, determine if there is a fracture, and you can do X-ray examination.

And eliminate brain surgery, especially cerebrospinal fluid nasal leakage.

  2. For those who have no displacement of nasal bone fracture, no other treatment is needed to give hemostasis to the nasal cavity.

  3. Nasal deformities should be performed before the swelling occurs or after the swelling has subsided.

(It is performed within one week after the injury. If it is more than two weeks, it is difficult to reset due to epiphyseal formation.

As the residual deformity is not corrected in a timely manner, angioplasty correction is required.

) 4. The replacement of closed nasal bone fractures can be performed in the clinic: open nasal bone fractures usually require hospitalization.

  5. Give antibiotics appropriately to prevent infection.

  Cause: Mostly caused by external nasal trauma.

  Prevention: After the child enters the kindergarten, do not rush and run indoors, and do not fight with other children.

  Vulnerable age: after 3 years old.
  Symptoms of “Children’s Disease”: Children who ride a baby carriage for a long time will develop abnormally: two stretches and stretches, two lower legs spread out, the two knees cannot move together when they are close together, they look like “X”;When the elbows are bent and the elbows are closed (upright posture), the knee joints cannot be moved together and become an “O” shape, which is also called a “loop leg”.

  Response: Parents should often check their children’s legs, and if any abnormalities are found, they should be corrected in time.

For mild “X” shaped legs, children can sit cross-knees, about 20 minutes each time, three times a day. In severe cases, they should go to the hospital to correct.

  Causes: 1.

The design of some strollers is unreasonable, does not meet the children’s physiological characteristics and physiological security requirements, the distance between the two pedals is excessive, and the distance between the saddle and the pedals is too long or too short.


Some children have short young legs and barely reach the pedals, while older children step on their feet again and have to bend their legs while cycling.

Young children’s bones are in the period of growth and development, and their plasticity is very strong. The strength of their muscles is weak. The above two conditions can easily affect the normal development of their lower limb bones, resulting in morphological abnormalities.

In addition, if the stroller seat is high and the center of gravity is unstable, it is not easy for the child to master the balance when riding, and he often falls and is injured when turning or at a high speed.

For those children wearing crotch pants, prolonged exposure can easily cause local skin damage.

  Prevention: First, to improve the design of the stroller, the spacing between the pedals and the spacing between the pedals of the seat should conform to the physiological characteristics of the child. The seat should preferably be designed to be adjustable and adjust as needed.

The second is to master the age of children’s cycling, too small or too large should not ride a stroller.

It should not be too long for each ride.

  Vulnerable age: 4?
7-year old.



Celery umbelliferae.

There are two kinds of cress and dry celery, which have similar functions.

Dry celery has a stronger aroma, also known as “fragrant celery”, also known as “medicine celery”.

  It is sweet, cool and non-toxic.

  Ketone compounds (flavonoids), volatile oils, mannitol, cyclohexanitol, vitamins, and niacin.

  Pharmacology 1.

Lower blood pressure, sedation, analgesia.


Stomach strengthening, diuretic, blood purification, menstruation.

  The function is suitable for hypertension, neuropsychiatric excitement, headache, and bloating.

Women’s irregular menstruation, hot and unpleasant urination, red vaginal discharge.

  [高血压,头痛脑胀,颜面潮红,精神易兴奋者]  鲜芹菜250克,洗净,以沸开水烫约2分钟,切细捣绞汁,每次服1小杯,一日2次。It can lower blood pressure and eliminate the symptoms.

If there is no fresh rice, you can use dried vegetables 30-60 grams, decoction (fresh vegetables are boiled with boiling water to dry, it will be dried vegetables, can be stored for future use).

  [妇女月经不调,崩中带下,或小便出血]  鲜芹菜30克,茜草6克,六月雪12克,水煎服。

Chinese herbal medicine that makes skin more delicate

Chinese herbal medicine that makes skin more delicate

As the global beauty whitening tide is rising, beauty lovers have begun to pay attention to another safe and effective whitening method: Chinese herbal beauty whitening.

The Chinese herbal medicine whitening therapy in many specialized hospitals and beauty salons has again been favored by beauty lovers, and there is a tendency to stir up another wave of beauty whitening.

  Ginkgo kernels make the skin more delicate and sweet. Ginkgo nuts have sweet, bitter, astringent, dry, ginkgoic acid can inhibit some skin ulcers in vitro. Therefore, topical application can cure head, face, hands, and feet and hinder capacitive skin diseases, thereby delaying skin aging and preventing skinRough.

  Beauty effect: The white nuts are mashed into a slurry and applied to the bulbs, which can make the skin soft and smooth, white and delicate.

  Baijiu gives skin the same moisturizing flavor as white. It is one of the ancient beauty Chinese medicines. There are a lot of cosmetics and beauty products on the market with raw materials. The “original flavor” of Baijiu has a more significant cosmetic effect:Paeonia lactiflora decoction has a certain inhibitory effect on various pathogenic bacteria in vitro, improves microcirculation, promotes skin metabolism, and delays skin aging.

  Beauty effect: The soft skin is moist and smooth, and the moisturized face presents water-like aura.

  White Tribulus terrestris gives you baby-like skin Tribulus terrestris, also known as Tribulus terrestris, contains a variety of alkaloids and compounds, which can lower blood pressure and blood lipids. The peroxide-decomposing enzymes contained in it have obvious anti-aging effects.

  Beauty effect: Jiufu can remove tibia marks and leave skin soft and smooth.

  Paeoniae makes the skin smoother. Paeoniae replenishes starch, glucose, volatile oil, mucus, etc. Topical rubbing can eliminate the traces of skin ulcers and make the skin smooth and without traces.

  Beauty effect: moisturize the skin and make it smooth as jade.

5 aspects, the earlier the parents are involved, the better

5 aspects, the earlier the parents are involved, the better

Now that most families have only one child, why can’t parents be willing to invest in him?

However, willingness to spend money does not mean that it will cost money. Therefore, in order to make the investment in their children more effective, parents should consider the scope of investment: Entertainment investment is the first consideration of parents.

As long as it can make children feel good and have fun, money is worth it, such as taking children to parks, zoos, stadiums, and watching shows and travel.

  · Intellectual investment: Buy some educational toys, literacy pictures for infants and toddlers, and purchase intellectual and intellectual books and books for older children, as well as checkers, chess, maps, globes, etc.

Conditional families can also buy audiovisual products with science and education content.

  · Sports investment In order to make the child healthy and beautiful, you can buy sports equipment suitable for the child’s age, such as ball, skipping rope, badminton, puller, football, basketball, etc.

  · Aesthetic education investment allows children to accept the influence of beauty from an early age, buy prenatal music tapes for fetuses, and buy electronic pianos for young children.

When the family’s economic conditions permit, children can buy their favorite musical instruments according to their interests and talents.

Take children often to exhibitions such as paintings, sculptures, and photography.

  · Investment in cultivating labor skills To cultivate children’s labor-loving habits and labor skills from a young age, you can buy small buckets, shovel, etc. for young children.

  Maybe many parents are still focusing on investment in intelligence, entertainment, etc.

However, experts said that parents cannot always pay attention to intelligence, talents and entertainment. Children need comprehensive development.

Therefore, for the above-mentioned “investment projects”, the earlier the investment, the more profitable.

Fruit with anti-cancer effect

Fruit with anti-cancer effect

The American Cancer Institute has compiled cancer research conducted by the World Health Organization, the United States Department of Agriculture, and internationally, and pointed out that ingesting at least 5 servings of vegetables and fruits a day can reduce the risk of cancer by 20%.

Robert Hasseri, a doctor of environmental toxicology in the United States, further pointed out that there are some fruits that can be leveraged to effectively reduce the risk of reducing cancer.

  What kind of fruit can fight cancer?

Anticancer fruits include strawberries, oranges, tangerines, apples, cantaloupe, kiwi, watermelon, lemon, grape, grapefruit, pineapple, kiwi, etc.

Some special ingredients in them can prevent colon cancer, complications, prostate cancer, stomach cancer, etc., and have alternatives that are difficult to replace with other foods.

  Strawberry plays the first role in anticancer fruits.

Fresh strawberries contain a wonderfully implanted acid that produces an antitoxic effect in the body and prevents the formation of nanotubes.

In addition, strawberry also has an amine substance, which can also have a good effect on the prevention of blood diseases such as leukemia and aplastic anemia.

  Citrus fruits Oranges, tangerines, lemons, grapefruits and other citrus fruits are rich in bioflavonoids, which can enhance the activity of certain enzymes in human skin, lungs, the insulin tract and liver, and help convert fat-soluble carcinogensPrimary, reconstruction is not easily absorbed and excreted.

At the same time, they can enhance the body’s ability to absorb an important anti-cancer substance, vitamin C.

Vitamin C can enhance immunity, prevent the formation of the strong carcinogen nitrosamine, and have a certain effect on the implantation of digestive tract cancer.

A Swedish study showed that people who eat one citrus per day on average have a one-third lower risk of developing pancreatic cancer than one who eats a week.

Experts from the United States Federal Scientific and Industrial Research Organization said that they found that the incidence of cancer in the mouth, throat, and stomach caused by eating oranges, lemons, and other citrus fruits was reduced by 50%, and the incidence of stroke was reduced by 19%.It also has certain preventive effects on cardiovascular disease, hypertension and diabetes.

  Kiwi Kiwi is rich in nutrition. It is not only an excellent tonic, but also has a certain anti-cancer effect. The vitamin C content is the highest in fruits.

  The anthocyanins and resveratrol contained in grapes, especially grape skins, are natural antioxidants, and they also have anti-cancer effects, which can inhibit the malignant transformation of antigens and destroy the replication ability of leukemia cells.

  Apples There is a very useful polyphenol in apples, which can inhibit the reproduction of polymers.

Japanese researchers have found that apple polyphenols can reduce the incidence of colon cancer.

  In addition, cantaloupe and pineapple are rich in lutein and zeaxanthin. Watermelon is rich in lycopene. These substances are very effective antioxidants and can fight against cancer.

  Although the fruit’s anti-cancer effect is obvious, when it is consumed, it should still be selected and matched according to individual characteristics.

It is often caused by excessive consumption of raw strawberries that cause dysfunction in the body.

In addition, patients with urinary tract stones and poor renal function should not eat more strawberries, because it contains calcium oxalate crystals, over eating will worsen the disease.

  Also, the best time to eat fruit is 1 hour before meals.

Fruit is raw food. Eating fruit before meals is equivalent to eating raw food and then eating cooked food. The white blood cells in the body will not increase, which is beneficial to protecting the human immune system.

Five charms of the workplace to help you succeed

Five charms of the workplace to help you succeed

In a way, many people succeed because they “look like a successful person.”

This is the so-called “workplace charm”.

Here, we have provided you with 5 highly-targeted practice methods, so start today!

  Action one: The voice of authority hastily and jarringly often makes others nervous.

If you can lower the sound a bit, control the speed slowly and moderately, and guide the person listening to you through some short pauses, you can easily win a good impression of the other person.

  In foreign countries, there are specialized workplace voice coaches. One of the most basic suggestions they think is: “In personality, relax your body and control your feet.

“In other words, if we can keep our body upright when we talk, and become the body’s center of gravity evenly distributed to our feet, our speech can make a deeper impression on others.

  Equally important: Speak often with “magnetic” voices.

Slightly lower voice than usual, it sounds particularly noticeable.

However, pay attention to maintaining the “degree”. After that, it becomes a formal pretense. Many radio and television presenters have this problem.

  This way: You can start training early in the morning to make your voice more magnetic: When preparing breakfast, making coffee, or applying makeup, use your throat to repeatedly make “m” sounds.

This training can also improve the bad habit of trembling when talking on important occasions.

  Action two: Elegant posture We must acknowledge that this 55% reduction depends on our body language.

When you in a business suit squint your eyelids and slowly traverse the entire office, you will definitely leave a bad impression in the mind of your boss that you are not awake, neglecting others or just being sloppy.

However, if you walk into the office with ease and straight forward, then you will not give the impression of the front.

  This does not mean that we have to take an exaggerated catwalk like a model. Just be careful not to hump back and bow.

Because people who can only hold their bodies up and walk, often give people a very unreal feeling.

When considering a promotion list, the boss often deletes the name of such a person first.

  Prevention: Do you notice your shadow on a piece of glass looking out of prevention?

Do you habitually tilt your head to certain sides?

This is a typical feminine movement and a symbol of flattery in the animal world.

Remember to remind yourself and change it.

  Action three: sincere respect for a smart and popular personality object often changes their focus on the other side.

He will keep eye contact with the other party, and he will say slightly less than the other party said (the best percentage is 49%).

  This signifies: “I am not a self-centered person and I will give you enough space because I am a person worthy of harmony.

“A person with this attitude can often give the other person full trust, because he feels that what he caused is important to you.

The truly charismatic person is a respectable listener, and at the same time a very loyal and confidential person.

  Reason: If you feel that you have too little time to listen to each day, you might as well eat with a colleague with a completely different personality and listen to him.

You must be embarrassed by what you have learned from him.

  Action 4: Be wise and bold. In the new environment, how to distinguish whether your behavior is brave or risky, women often find it difficult.

The reason is that women are often more picky about their appearance, and they also prefer to hide themselves, and they also like to keep thinking about what others think of themselves.

Only when you are unwavering in your faith will encouraging sparks emerge.

  Result: Replace all sentences that begin with “other” in the meeting with “I” as the subject of the sentence, thereby representing your point of view.

Try it out. For a certain hour, add the modifiers “I think” and “I thought” before commenting.

  Action 5: Attractive Reporting No matter how good your idea is, to make others aware of it, you must describe it as concisely as possible.

Adding colored markers or comments to the report data will be more dense than boring data.

It also makes it easier for your boss or client to focus on understanding the point of view you have.

Moreover, seeing others are interested in your report, you will naturally find it a pleasant thing to replace it.  Reason: Usually, our work area may be very strange to others, and it will be difficult for them to understand at once.

Therefore, try to explain your new idea to your friends who work in other industries.

After 15 minutes, if he understands what you mean, you succeed.

Winter health needs a reasonable mix of nutrition


Winter health needs a reasonable mix of nutrition

Winter tonic is a conservative tradition of achieving disease prevention and strengthening for thousands of millennia.

Winter tonic can integrate the energy of nutrient conversion into the body and nourish the five internal organs.

Chinese medicine believes that the winter corresponds to the “kidney” of the human body, and the sweet, sour, bitter, spicy, salty and five flavors of the salty kidney, the salty taste has the effect of replenishing yin and blood.

The weather is cold, and human physiological activities require more heat to maintain.

Generally speaking, middle-aged people mainly rely on spleen and stomach, and the elderly mainly rely on kidney and qi.

But specific to the individual, there are qi deficiency, yin deficiency, yang deficiency, blood deficiency and qi and blood yin and yang and other virtual conditions.

Avoid too greasy and thick.

For the spleen and stomach dyspepsia, the key is to restore the function of the spleen and stomach.

The spleen and stomach have good digestive function, and the ingredients for nutrient absorption are guaranteed.

Otherwise, it is also a supplement.

Therefore, winter tonic should be based on easy digestion and absorption.

Avoid simple tonic.

Winter tonic is an investment in health.

However, tonic also has a certain amount of knowledge.

Be careful not to avoid taboos.

Winter supplements are only an important aspect of health care.
However, simply relying on tonic can not achieve the ideal state, but also must have appropriate physical exercise and mental work, and pay attention to conditioning the diet, in order to benefit health.

You can’t think that you can make up for it. Don’t immerse yourself in the scam of the make up, don’t exercise!

This taboo is partial.

Chinese medicine believes that “qi is the handsome of blood, blood is the mother of Qi.”

Winter tonic should not be blindly compensated, but should pay attention to both qi and yin and yang, to prevent over-bias and cause other diseases.

Avoid expensive.

A reasonable diet is the most important thing.