Autumn and winter refuse to do the old plaque long diet to help you to conditioning

Autumn and winter refuse to do the old “plaque” long diet to help you to conditioning

After a summer exposure, many people found that the “face” had a problem when the autumn was deep, and the face began to show color spots and became old “plaques”.
This is because exposure is an important cause of pigmentation. In summer, ultraviolet rays are intense. After sun exposure, some pigments hidden in the muscles are all visible in autumn. In addition, the humidity in the autumn is sharply reduced, and the skin becomes dry and sensitive.calm.
  The reasons for the formation of stains are complex and diverse. In addition, the formation of stains is also affected by other factors.
Endocrine disorders, abuse of cosmetics, and bad habits are the culprit of pigmentation.
The location of the stain is also related to the constitution. For example, the stain on the eyelid is related to pregnancy, and it is also related to the number of people. The stain around the mouth may be related to overeating. The facial stain may indicateThe liver function is not good or the sunscreen is not in place, or the adrenal gland is weakened, and the common phenomenon of menopause.
  Freckle needs comprehensive conditioning. Freckle is not a day’s work. It is not advisable to rely on a bottle of “quick effect cream”.
In view of the factors related to the formation of pigmentation, the ecchymoses should be comprehensively conditioned.
  First, avoid sun exposure for a long time; prevent all kinds of ionizing radiation; do not use “quick-acting cream” containing harmful substances such as hormones, lead, mercury, etc.; do not use frosted skin products for a long time; use oil-control products as little as possible, water and oilBalance is the most scientific, do not blindly control oil, to understand our skin’s physiological laws; to avoid spots, the most important thing is to hydrate and regulate endocrine balance.
  In addition, diet is one of the important ways to improve pigmentation.
Here are a few therapeutic treatments that help to dilute the pigmentation, for reference by friends who are troubled by pigmentation: 1.
Drink a glass of tomato juice every day for a long time.
Because tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, it inhibits the activity of tyrosinase in the skin and can effectively reduce the production of melanin.
Regularly drink black fungus red jujube soup, 30 grams of black fungus washed, 20 red dates, add some water, cook for about half an hour.
Take it once a day for breakfast and dinner.
Lemon rose drink.
Will apple,.
Chuanxiong, rose, angelica and other medicinal herbs can be drunk in the lemon juice.
Pitaya grapes sip.
The dragon fruit and the grape are made into juice, and the medicinal materials such as Maimendong, Yuzhu, and medlar are mixed and mixed with fruit juice.
  In addition, a cup of warm water in the morning, eat more tomatoes, apples, kiwi, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, peas, asparagus and other foods also help to dilute the spots.
In general, physical exercise (such as running, climbing, swimming, etc.) should be added to increase oxygen absorption, accelerate waste excretion, increase blood oxygen carrying capacity, and enhance the skin’s ability to adapt to the external environment, so that the skin can maintain health for a long time.