Endometrial cancer diet guide


Endometrial cancer diet guide

Endometrial cancer is a common malignant tumor in gynecology. The age of high incidence is 58 years old?
61 years old.

Studies have shown that high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, non-pregnancy, late menopause, the application of exogenous estrogen, family women with endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer, high blood pressure or high blood sugar diet are susceptible to this disease.
So how do patients with endometrial cancer eat well?

The following is a dietary guide for endometrial cancer that patients can try.

Endometrial cancer diet guide 1, the main food recommended ginkgo stalk porridge: yam cut into a small amount, with the previous rice, ginkgo and medlar with the same porridge.

This product tonifying spleen and kidney, can be used for this disease to see gonorrhea, diarrhea.

Soybean flour rice pumpkin porridge: soy beans, coarse rice, pumpkin amount.

Washed soy beans and soaked in water 3?
4 hours; thick rice wash soaked water for about 1 hour; pumpkin peeled and cut into small pieces for use; add soy beans and water in the pot, cook over medium heat until the soy beans are soft, add peanuts and pumpkin, cook until cooked.

This product is especially suitable for patients with endometrial cancer with diabetes and hypertension.

2, limited recommended yellow croaker fungus soup: 250 grams of small yellow croaker, black fungus amount.

Both of them are cooked together with salt and other seasonings.

This product is more common for endometrial cancer bleeding and fluid discharge.

Cabbage lotus seed stewed black-bone chicken: 10 ginkgo, 10 lotus seeds, 50 grams of glutinous rice, 1 black-bone chicken, salt, rice wine, onion and ginger.

The black-bone chicken goes to the hair and the internal organs, and is added to the boiling water pot to remove it after a little hot; the white fruit is shelled; the lotus seed is removed to the core; the glutinous rice is washed and mixed with the chicken belly; the black-bone chicken is put into the pot, and the water is added, the onion, the ginger and the yellow wine are prosperous.After the fire is boiled, simmer until cooked and saut茅. Add salt and serve.

This product is tonifying kidney essence, stopping turbidity. It is suitable for endometrial cancer, cervical cancer and ovarian cancer.

Dietary precautions for patients with endometrial cancer 1. Adhere to the principle of low cholesterol, low feces and high quality protein. Eat more eggs, lean meat, yogurt, less salted, smoked, grilled, and charred.

2, to eat more foods containing vitamins, fresh fruits and vegetables, vegetables and fruits with higher nutritional value are mainly kiwi, carrots and so on.

3, the diet should be regular, regular quantitative, not overeating, do not picky eaters, should plan to absorb nutrition and transformation.

4, eat more foods that are good for health, such as protein-reducing cabbage or mustard, mushrooms, etc.; dried fruit foods such as sesame, pumpkin seeds, peanuts and other vitamins and trace elements, cellulose, protein and unsaturated fatty acids.

Related recommendations for endometrial cancer, diet, taboo diet “six Yi four bogey”!

75% of endometrial cancers occur at this age, and I want to prevent it from doing this!

Women are alert to endometrial cancer, the most “love” 8 women