Ancestral home of Houchu great, half in a small room, half in the hospital, and now that chattering away, Minato full of people, all women,…

ousin, a good a job, so lost.

  ”Xiao-ping fine.”Pei Naochun face big cousin and their own mothers, wives exactly the same argument, that is a moment.   ”Nice, but unfortunately 深圳桑拿全套it is not…

and who live together, even if not sick, eat someone a bowl of rice, a bowl of water to drink someone, married daughter spilled water, this sentence is the case in the eyes of many, his daughter married, she was willing to give money, willing to obey you, this is a good thing if you really silly ran along with her daughter-in-law lived, that is nonsense, naive, I do not know the sense of proportion!

  Daughter to look after their own laws, it should also take care of himself and his wife as they believe this is the eternal truth….

d also said the village cemetery in the mountain, quite a few people up, looked around for a while, will be able to see a lot of familiar memories of the original body figure, each household to the mounta广州桑拿网ins, the main force of mostly women, lords is more dry, flat at the cemetery surrounding soil, or on top of the weeds, things are a lot more women, incense burning white paper, cleaning cloth offerings, some handed down customs, they are basically in the hands of.

  Pei Pei Naochun father’s grave for the family, but the杭州龙凤网 first stop, and then again there before Pei grandfather, grandfather Pei several cemeteries, go clean….

the child is taken away, after all, not the money to buy it or adult?To buy a big deal, once you have this attitude, it is likely to cause harm to their children, for children, has itself a state, they either side of the doll or something, most placed more or less feelings, even many, their own dolls and things l深圳桑拿网ike that, as a playmate, baby, which will then, by the great harm.

  Regardless daughter has not really put the teddy bear as a baby, and informed request, are very important first step.   ”It’s okay, Dad.”Pei Xiaoping always…