Winter armor does not leave the onion ginger garlic


Winter armor does not leave the onion ginger garlic

Expert Tip: If you want to achieve the best health effects, it is best to mash the garlic into a puree instead of using a knife to cut into minced garlic.

And have to put 10 first?
15 minutes, let the garlicin and garlic enzyme combined with the oxygen in the air to produce allicin and then eat.

銆€銆€Early in the lozenge ginger ginger also contains phytoncide, its bactericidal effect is no less than onion and garlic.

Gingerin in ginger can stimulate the secretion of gastric juice and promote digestion.

銆€銆€Expert Tip: Ginger is best to eat in the morning, after getting up early, first drink a cup of boiling water, then scrape the ginger, cut into thin slices, take 4?
5 pieces of hot, then put the ginger into the mouth containing 10?
30 minutes, chew.

Adhere to consumption, and greatly benefit from the prevention of colds.

However, ginger is slightly warm, and excessive consumption will hurt Yin and help Yang, so people with yin and anger should not eat more.

銆€銆€In order to prevent a stream, in addition to vaccination, the diet should pay more attention.

According to the US MSNBC News Network, since the outbreak of influenza A, the sales of 鈥渘atural medicines鈥?such as garlic and ginger, which have helped improve immunity, have risen by nearly 60%.

Experts suggest that onion ginger garlic is actually a “natural medicine” for preventing armor in winter.

銆€銆€Garlic chopped and more bactericidal allicin in garlic helps fight infections and bacteria.

British researchers have found that eating garlic can reduce the chance of a cold by 2/3.

Therefore, it is recommended to eat two cloves of garlic every day.

銆€銆€The onion is better than the onion leaf. The onion contains volatile oil. The main ingredient in the oil is scallions, also called phytoncide, which has the effect of sterilizing or inhibiting bacteria and viruses.

When the respiratory infectious diseases are prevalent, eating some green onions has a preventive effect.

銆€銆€Expert Tip: People with high blood pressure diseases, especially those with ulcer disease, should not eat more onions.

The onion and garlic in the scallion are more than the onion leaves. When sneezing, runny nose and other symptoms appear, take the green onion and chew, which can help sweating and rickets.

Ma Xiaohui / series link: Jinan garlic production has reached 8 yuan per kilogram, Shijiazhuang garlic wholesale about 7 yuan per kilogram, garlic market in the Beijing market has been close to 10 yuan per kilogram . A stream of outbreaks caused my domestic garlic prices have increased.

Can you live longer if you eat slowly?


Can you live longer if you eat slowly?

In daily life, it is often seen that some people gorge when they eat, and eat it in a while.

In fact, this eating habit is very bad.

When people eat, they should develop a good habit of chewing slowly.

In 1983, a French nutritionist advocated a health perspective: Want to live longer?

Eat slowly.

So, what are the benefits of eating slowly?

銆€銆€Promote the absorption of nutrients.

People need to eat every day, gradually absorb nutrients, and maintain the normal conduct of life activities.

After the food enters the mouth, the teeth are first processed, cut, torn, chewed, etc., mixed with saliva under the agitation of the tongue, become a chyme, can be swallowed into the stomach, undergo preliminary digestion, and then enter the metabolism for furtherDigestion and absorption.

銆€銆€The finer the food is chewed, the lower the burden of supplementation, the more the digestive juice can be mixed with the food, thus accelerating the digestion of the food, and the absorption rate of nutrients will be significantly improved.

Especially in the elderly due to the degradation of various glands, the secretion of digestive juices such as saliva, gastric juice, pancreatic juice and bile is reduced, and the chewing force above the teeth is poor. If eating too fast, it will increase the burden of consumption and affect the absorption of nutrients.

銆€銆€Promotes salivation.

Ancient health homes have warned people that saliva is spit out, saliva is “nectar” and “jinjin jade liquid”.

Saliva not only has the function of moisturizing and digesting food, but also enhances people’s appetite, sterilizes and dissipates, neutralizes stomach acid, is not only an important secretion for digesting food, absorbing nutrients, ensuring health, but also the first portal for human body to prevent pathogens from invading.
If you spit out saliva for a long time and develop a bad habit, then you should be hungry and thin, not thinking about eating.

Initially, scientists have shown that salivary amylase is also a natural anticancer agent.

American medical experts agree that each meal must be chewed and chewed 30 times in order to fully utilize the saliva sterilization and anti-cancer effect.

銆€銆€Prevent oral diseases.

Chewing is a gentle stimulus to the mouth.

The food is chewed in the mouth, and has good massage stimulation to the soft tissues and gums of the mouth, and the teeth can pass the good “cleaning and self-cleaning” effect, which can reduce the growth and reproduction of the bacteria, prevent gingivitis, periodontalInflammation is important.

When chewing, the pressure on the teeth is frequently transmitted to the tibia, which also prevents the shin from aging.

In addition, chewing slowly can also enrich the blood circulation of the gums, so that the teeth get more blood and nutrients, enhance the firmness of the teeth, and avoid premature replacement.

銆€銆€Favorable weight loss beauty.

Professor Akasaka, a professor of dentistry at the University of Japan, said that chewing is not an important factor that causes the body to gain weight.

Eating slowly and eating slowly will increase blood sugar and produce a feeling of fullness. When the intake of food is sufficient, people will naturally stop eating.

If you gorge at dinner, it is not easy to feel full.

Although people are full, they do not feel full, which leads to excessive food replacement.

Therefore, when you eat, chew and slowly swallow, you can have enough time to enjoy delicious food, but also produce a feeling of fullness at the same time, which is conducive to weight loss.

銆€銆€One of the ways Taoism is used to relieve stress is to laugh inside and laugh.

The so-called inside laughs.

That is, Taoism uses a smile of energy to practice a method of exercise.

Smile energy has a good therapeutic potential.

Laughter can help you release the harmful energy that is stagnant in your body and replace it with a positive smile.

銆€銆€One of the biggest pursuits of laughter is meditation.

The biggest benefit of meditation is to enhance your ability to focus on it.

Let yourself calm down, concentrate on your mind, pay attention to your breathing methods, and learn to focus your consciousness on certain parts of your body or certain organs.

If you can’t calm down, you will be easily disturbed by the outside world, and you will not be able to achieve true concentration of consciousness.

It is not an easy task to calm down all kinds of distracting thoughts. It takes a certain amount of time for you to really change yourself.銆€銆€Inside laughter can help you meditate.

First make your eyes full of smiles, then put your smile inside.

And it is led to the internal organs, and finally the whole body, so that the whole body is filled with happiness, the energy of love.

This way of meditation and self-tuning is very important for health.

Through a quick inner laugh, the smile will come out of your heart and infect the people around you.

The real inner laugh has a magical effect, like a ray of sunshine in the hazy sky, giving people hope and harmony.

Be a healthy vegetarian


Be a healthy vegetarian

Nutrition experts have been experts: trying to eat plant foods, eating less animal foods, especially eating low-fat foods, is a healthy way to eat.

In the hustle and bustle of urban life, the vegetarian concept of 鈥済reen vegetables and radish keeps you safe鈥?is getting more and more popular. So how do you know how to eat vegetarian food?

銆€銆€Knowing the benefits of vegetarianism, perhaps the only problem you worry about is that you don’t get the nutrients that meat has.

In fact, as long as you are vegetarian, you can choose a little dish, not a few dishes, you can get enough nutrition.

In addition, since the cell tissue of the meat itself is close to the human body, the human body corrects the absorption better, and the vegetarians need to master several principles in the diet because of the reduction of meat absorption.

銆€銆€Type of species.

Absolutely staple food (rice bread, whole grains, beans) or vegetables, fruits, milk eggs, oils and fats, all contain different nutrients, and can not replace each other, so the table should be changed frequently, should beWhole wheat bread, germ bread, coarse rice, etc. instead of white rice, white noodles.

銆€銆€Choose fresh, unrefined foods.

Vegetarians should be able to develop fresh beans and whole grains, replace the vegetarian chicken, vegetarian duck habits, nutritionists strongly recommend soybeans and rough rice about one to three soybean flour rice, the ratio of protein to sugar is just right.

Before cooking, the soybeans should be soaked for 2-3 hours, and slightly soaked for 1 hour (in the summer, put them in the refrigerator to avoid acid).

Meat protein content is high, but beans, soybeans, edamame, mung beans, or tofu, dried beans and other processed beans are also rich in protein, can supplement the lack of meat due to lack of food, and eat beans without cancerWorrying too much.

銆€銆€More intake of cashew nuts, almonds and other stone fruit.

Its rich oil can supplement the body’s required content; it is best to have four or five changes in green vegetables. The iron contained in the meat can be transferred to high-iron fruits such as tomatoes, kiwis, and grapes to supplement.

Adhere to the basic dietary principles of less oil, less salt, less sugar, and consciously add more vitamins that vegetarians may lack.

銆€銆€If you are a vegetarian starter, you may feel that you have eaten a lot at the beginning, but you are very hungry. This is precisely because plants are more easily absorbed by the stomach. Don’t worry about adapting slowly.

銆€銆€It is worth noting that vegetarians can cause women’s estrogen levels to decrease. Because of their special physiological characteristics, women should not be vegetarian for at least three periods in their lifetime: girls with sexual maturity, long-term vegetarian diet can lead to estrogen levels.Too low, leading to the development of secondary sexual characteristics, there are unfavorable female breasts, gonad development and body beauty.

Women of childbearing age often suffer from vaginal obstruction if their levels of estrogen are reduced.

Menopausal women due to ovarian atrophy, estrogen secretion has been lacking or secretion “end”, if the long-term vegetarian, the symptoms of “menopausal syndrome” occur more obvious.

Chinese medicine teaches you to use Chinese medicine to remove spring dryness


Chinese medicine teaches you to use Chinese medicine to remove spring dryness

Guide: Spring returns to the earth, everything recovers.

But this year, the rain is less and the air is drier than in previous years. People often feel that when they get up in the morning, the scorpion is dry, the skin is dry, and even drinking a large cup of boiled water is still difficult to quench their thirst.

So how to get rid of spring dryness?

Chinese medicine teaches you to use Chinese medicine to remove spring dryness: Chinese medicine believes that dry and easy to hurt the lungs, it is easy to cause respiratory diseases, so the protection of the respiratory tract can not be taken lightly.

Simple Chinese medicines, such as licorice and platycodon, have the effect of moistening the lungs and removing phlegm, and have a good protective effect on the axial direction of the respiratory tract.

The two kinds of medicinal herbs formed the platycodon grandiflorum in Zhang Zhongjing’s “Treatise on Febrile Diseases” in the late Eastern Han Dynasty.

Ordinary drink can be considered for maintenance, and the lungs can be hydrated and moisturized.

Because the taste is sweet, you can drink tea at any time. The specific usage is as follows: Take 3 grams of Campanulaceae, 6 grams of licorice, and simmer for 20 minutes with hot water.

If the cough does not stop, accompanied by sore throat, cough, in addition to platycodon, licorice, you can also add one or two fat sea; if you continue to dry cough with hoarseness, you can mix 3 grams of Scrophulariaceae, 3 grams of Ophiopogon japonicus, togetherHot water can be accepted in 20 minutes.

Ankles can also try 3 grams of Astragalus, 3 grams of Atractylodes, 3 grams of wind, 3 grams of sand ginseng, two red dates, tea can be.

Astragalus, Atractylodes, wind-proof and qi-solid table, sand ginseng nourishing yin and moistening, jujube spleen and medicinal properties.

Four strokes make your home’s air fresh


Four strokes make your home’s air fresh

A perfect home environment can’t be without good air quality, because the fresh, circulating air can not only maintain our health, but also relieve our stress and make our spirits full.

If you feel that your own air quality needs improvement, you may wish to refer to the following “Ventilator”.

銆€銆€Professional helper: Air Purifier Air Purifier can filter allergens and dust in the air. It is a professional helper to improve the quality of home air. However, it should be noted that the filter must be replaced at least once every three months, otherwise it will not be clean.Instead, it has become the largest source of pollution in the home.

銆€銆€Smoldering killer: Ventilation fans sometimes have poor air quality in some rooms in the home, which is caused by poor ventilation in the wrong compartment, or their own functions such as kitchen, bathroom, etc., making the air easy to block and close; just add a ventilation fan at this timeSuch equipment can effectively make the sultry air outflow, accelerate the emission of water vapor, and achieve the effect of ventilation and heat dissipation.

銆€銆€Money-saving master: If you don’t have the budget to buy an air cleaner, you can actually try the basic equipment in your home – air conditioner, which can reduce the temperature and dry air. Especially now, some models have excellent air-conditioning function, which can not only filter.The air is also sterilized.

銆€銆€Beautiful Ambassador: The ceiling fan in the ceiling fan is just beautiful, it is cool to use, it can also achieve the effect of accelerating the air circulation, and it has a certain degree of help for the air quality of the home.

Doctor reminds the elderly to pay attention to the sun


Doctor reminds the elderly to pay attention to the sun

Studies have shown that the incidence of skin cancer is related to sun exposure, ionizing radiation damage, exposure to chemicals, viruses and burns, among which sun exposure is most closely related to skin cancer.

銆€銆€Skin cancer can be divided into two categories: non-melanoma skin cancer (basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma) and melanin skin cancer (ie, malignant melanoma).

Basal cell carcinoma is the most common, accounting for about 80% of skin cancer.

The result is squamous cell carcinoma, which accounts for about 15%.

Malignant melanoma is the smallest, accounting for about 5%, but the mortality rate is high.

銆€銆€Malignant melanoma rarely occurs in children and occurs in other age groups, but the incidence is highest among people over 75 years old.

Malignant melanoma spreads early and spreads easily. If it can be diagnosed early and treated in time, the prognosis is better.

However, the promising melanoma has a poor prognosis.

銆€銆€Therefore, the physician reminds the elderly to pay attention to the following matters when they are in the sun: 1.

In the summer, you should reduce the outdoor activities time properly, and do not expose to the sun for too long.


Do not sunbathe between 11 am and 3 pm.


When working in the sun, you should wear long-sleeved shirts, wide-brimmed hats, etc. If you have the conditions, you can use sunscreen properly.


When the skin appears traits, color changes, or the black sputum increases rapidly, ulceration and other phenomena, should go to the hospital for examination and treatment.

Endometrial cancer diet guide


Endometrial cancer diet guide

Endometrial cancer is a common malignant tumor in gynecology. The age of high incidence is 58 years old?
61 years old.

Studies have shown that high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, non-pregnancy, late menopause, the application of exogenous estrogen, family women with endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer, high blood pressure or high blood sugar diet are susceptible to this disease.
So how do patients with endometrial cancer eat well?

The following is a dietary guide for endometrial cancer that patients can try.

Endometrial cancer diet guide 1, the main food recommended ginkgo stalk porridge: yam cut into a small amount, with the previous rice, ginkgo and medlar with the same porridge.

This product tonifying spleen and kidney, can be used for this disease to see gonorrhea, diarrhea.

Soybean flour rice pumpkin porridge: soy beans, coarse rice, pumpkin amount.

Washed soy beans and soaked in water 3?
4 hours; thick rice wash soaked water for about 1 hour; pumpkin peeled and cut into small pieces for use; add soy beans and water in the pot, cook over medium heat until the soy beans are soft, add peanuts and pumpkin, cook until cooked.

This product is especially suitable for patients with endometrial cancer with diabetes and hypertension.

2, limited recommended yellow croaker fungus soup: 250 grams of small yellow croaker, black fungus amount.

Both of them are cooked together with salt and other seasonings.

This product is more common for endometrial cancer bleeding and fluid discharge.

Cabbage lotus seed stewed black-bone chicken: 10 ginkgo, 10 lotus seeds, 50 grams of glutinous rice, 1 black-bone chicken, salt, rice wine, onion and ginger.

The black-bone chicken goes to the hair and the internal organs, and is added to the boiling water pot to remove it after a little hot; the white fruit is shelled; the lotus seed is removed to the core; the glutinous rice is washed and mixed with the chicken belly; the black-bone chicken is put into the pot, and the water is added, the onion, the ginger and the yellow wine are prosperous.After the fire is boiled, simmer until cooked and saut茅. Add salt and serve.

This product is tonifying kidney essence, stopping turbidity. It is suitable for endometrial cancer, cervical cancer and ovarian cancer.

Dietary precautions for patients with endometrial cancer 1. Adhere to the principle of low cholesterol, low feces and high quality protein. Eat more eggs, lean meat, yogurt, less salted, smoked, grilled, and charred.

2, to eat more foods containing vitamins, fresh fruits and vegetables, vegetables and fruits with higher nutritional value are mainly kiwi, carrots and so on.

3, the diet should be regular, regular quantitative, not overeating, do not picky eaters, should plan to absorb nutrition and transformation.

4, eat more foods that are good for health, such as protein-reducing cabbage or mustard, mushrooms, etc.; dried fruit foods such as sesame, pumpkin seeds, peanuts and other vitamins and trace elements, cellulose, protein and unsaturated fatty acids.

Related recommendations for endometrial cancer, diet, taboo diet “six Yi four bogey”!

75% of endometrial cancers occur at this age, and I want to prevent it from doing this!

Women are alert to endometrial cancer, the most “love” 8 women

Eating too much fruit is not conducive to weight loss


Eating too much fruit is not conducive to weight loss

The total content of fruits is not high, and most of them are moderately low heat production.

銆€銆€The causes of obesity can be roughly divided into internal and external causes. The internal factors mainly refer to the basis of genetic biology. The external factors mainly include social factors, dietary factors and psychological behavior factors. The dietary factors are firstly to eat sweets and greasy foods.

Although fruit is not greasy food, fruit is also a kind of sweet food. Therefore, for those who want to lose weight, if they eat the fruit, they should reduce the substitution of other alternatives such as the amount of rice to ensure the balance.

銆€銆€Fruits should generally prefer pineapple, pear, cherry, peach, bayberry, etc. Modern medicine believes that bananas have antihypertensive effect, Pingguo can prevent constipation, and lower blood pressure. Hawthorn has arterial vessels, lowering blood pressure and blood lipids.

Fruits contain fresh jujube, strawberry, kiwifruit with high vitamin C content, mango, citrus, apricot and other carotene content.

Bananas, citrus fruits are a good source of potassium.

Cherries, blackberries, grapefruits, lemons, citrus, etc. are the top sources of bioflavonoids.

銆€銆€People should ensure the daily supply of fresh vegetables and eat 100-200 grams of fruit a day.

Generally speaking, vegetables are the main ones. Fruits can’t replace vegetables. Eating more vegetables is generally harmless to people. If you eat more fruits, it is not as good as possible.


Sun Siwei of Chinese famous doctors I

After treating the tiger for one day, Sun Sizhen returned from the medicine, and suddenly heard the sound of earth-shattering outside the door. Looking up, a tiger was rushing here.

Sun Sizhen was scared almost fainted, flashing to the side, but saw that the tiger came to the door and did not enter the house. He only came down from the door and screamed at the door with a big mouth.

Sun Siwei looked at it for a while and understood.

This tiger has no intention of hurting people. Looking at its mouth and shaking his head, it must be a disease in the mouth.

Sun Sizhen was not afraid. He came to the door and looked into the tiger’s mouth. There was a long bone stuck in the throat of the tiger.

He touched the copper bell used by a bird in the township to practice medicine. He reached into the tiger’s mouth and pulled the bonebone down. The tiger hurts and the teeth just lie in the copper.The string of bells was not hurting the territory of Sun Siwei.

Therefore, the bell doctors later called the string bell “hug support.”

After the bone spurs were taken out, the tiger went to Sun Si’s head and went into the forest.

When I saw Sun Siyu entering the mountain to collect medicine, the tiger came to accompany Sun Sizhen, and sometimes let Sun Sizhen ride on it.

銆€銆€One day, Sun Siwei went out to practice medicine and saw a team of people coming out of the line.

He stopped at the side of the road to watch, and suddenly stepped forward to insert the coffin and shouted: “And slow!

And slow!
The person who sent the swearing thought he was a madman and wanted to drive him away.

He said: “People are still not dead. How can you bear to be buried?”

“The people said: “People are dead early, don’t talk nonsense.

“Sun Sizhen said: “If a person is going to die, blood will solidify.”

You see that the blood is dripping under the plaster, is it called death?

Everyone saw it, and sure enough, there was a thin blood flow extending, and he opened the coffin and asked him to see it.

I saw a woman with a yellow face like a paper, a high belly, and the crotch was bleeding for a long time.

The woman’s husband cried and said: 鈥淢y wife was not born ten years after marriage.
This pregnancy has been more than a year. I felt fetal movement yesterday and it is difficult to die.

“Sun Sizhen tried the patient’s nasal breath and pulse, took out three silver needles, one stab, one stab in the middle, one stabbed in the pole.

The three needles went down and the pregnant woman quickly woke up.

Everyone turned Sun Sizhen into a god, and squatted down.

Sun Sizhen let them get up, and gave the patient’s husband a dose of medicine, a picture, swearing at him: “Hurry up and carry the patient back, drink this medicine, and then take the picture to deliver the child, to ensure the mother and child are safe.

As a result, the patient went back and successfully gave birth to a big fat doll.

Winter is warm, the first to raise kidney


Winter is warm, the first to raise kidney

Unlike spring breeze, summer heat, and autumn dryness, winter brings another feeling – cold.

The motherland medicine believes that cold is yin and evil, and it is easy to hurt yang.

Because the yang of the human body is rooted in the kidney, cold evil is the most vulnerable to kidney yang.

It can be seen that the number of nine winters, if you want to keep out the cold, the first to raise the kidney.

銆€銆€In winter, living and living should be regular. It is advisable to participate in sports activities that can be achieved. This not only enhances the kidney function related to human immunity, but also improves disease resistance. It also helps the lungs to breathe and prevent because of the “kidney master gas”.A variety of chronic respiratory diseases.

“The kidney is the main bone”, in winter, the caries are often beneficial to the kidneys and the kidneys.

The kidney is “salted in the liquid”, and the tongue resists the upper jaw in the winter. After the saliva is full, it slowly swallows and nourishes the kidney essence.

The meridian of the kidney starts from the foot, and the foot of the Yongquan point is the main point. It is best to use hot water to soak the feet before going to bed at night, and press the foot.

銆€銆€In winter, people are in a state of 鈥測in and yang decline鈥? so it is better to 鈥渟unny鈥?and 鈥渟unbathing鈥?to help the yang in the kidney rise.

Kidney and bladder, one dirty and one sputum, each other in the table, “liver and gallbladder”, the bladder meridians in the adjacent, cold evil invasion, bear the brunt, so winter should pay attention to keep warm, wearing cotton or wool vest to protect kidney yang.

The ancients believed that “the kidneys are the mainstay, the essence of the seal”, therefore, in the winter, avoid excessive sexual intercourse, work, exercise should not sweat too much, to prevent the replacement of the yin of the kidney, yang dissipated.

銆€銆€For kidney and cold protection, diet adjustment is also very important.

In winter, it is advisable to eat such things as mutton, dog meat, and fermented meat, such as warming kidney and impotence, and producing high-yielding foods, which is especially beneficial for people with debilitating cold.

Eat foods that have kidney and kidney functions, such as walnuts, chestnuts, and longan.

“Black food” can enter the kidney and strengthen the kidney, and should also choose food, such as black rice, black beans, black sesame seeds, black dates, black fungus, black-bone chicken, kelp, seaweed and the like.

In winter, it is advisable to enter the category of warm hot porridge. If the food is placed in porridge and cooked, it can not only be cold, but also can be fed and treated.

銆€銆€Zhang Jingyue, a famous Chinese medical doctor in the Ming Dynasty, famously said: “If you are good at yang, you must seek yang in the yin; if you are good at yin, you must seek yin in the middle.

For the elderly who have gradually declined the yin of the kidney, they can be served with sputum, turtle, scorpion, fungus and other yin in winter.

The winter diet should not be too salty. Because of the salty taste, the kidney water is colder and disturbs the heart.

Also avoid cold foods, so as not to “add on the snow”, damage Yuanyang.