Late sleepers, please think about your skin health


Late sleepers, please think about your skin health

If you can go to bed normally at 12 o’clock, maybe you will shout God blessing happily. Every morning big bags under the eyes and dark circles replace your beautiful makeup, then you have to consider your health and skin health.Just a moment.

  First, it is recommended to “dinner” before going to bed late.

hzh {display: none; }  皮肤在得不到充足睡眠的情况下,会出现营养(水分、养分)的过度流失,在晚餐时多补充一些含维生素C或含有胶原蛋白的食物,利于皮肤恢复弹性And gloss.
  ★ Dinner includes: collagen-implanted foods such as “animal skin”, vitamin C in a large amount of fruit, or oral 1?
2 vitamin C tablets.

  ★ Dinner should be eliminated: spicy food to prevent excessive evaporation of moisture in the skin.

Sensitive skin should eat as little seafood as possible.

Alcoholic beverages have a great impact on the absorption and retention of nutrients in the skin, so try to use less.

  Second, to give plenty of moisture to stay up late, you should pay attention to keep indoor air open and have a certain humidity.

  If you can’t change the quality of the environment you are in (such as bars, restaurants, factory production lines, etc.), you need to pay more attention to care-use a lotion containing a lot of moisture and nutrients, which is easy for skin absorption.

  Third, those who stay up late have stomach protection. People who often stay up late, Chinese medicine is called Yin deficiency Huowang people, such people also often have gastrointestinal problems, which can be improved through diet to achieve the purpose of protecting the stomach.

  Fourth, the precautions during staying up all night, we will feel tired when staying up late, but no matter how tired, it is best not to go to bed in the middle, like a machine, suddenly turned on and off suddenly, very bad for the body, be sureTake a break when things are busy.

  2. If things are not busy when you are sleepy, you can drink some stimulating drinks such as coffee or tea to refresh yourself, but you should pay attention to hot drinks, not too high, so as not to hurt your stomach.

  3. When staying up late, the brain’s oxygen demand will increase, and you should always take deep breaths.

  4. When things are busy, be sure to relax, even if you are not sleeping, sit in a chair to relax.

  Fifth, “late sleep” but not “late wash” In general, the skin rest time is at 10:00 in the evening?
Enter the night maintenance status between 11:00.

In this way, although the skin cannot normally enter sleep in the next stage, it can also receive nutrients and water normally.

  6. “Sedation” in the hustle and bustle is because of lack of sleep. Drinking strong tea or coffee, alcohol, etc. to maintain excitement is the method used by late-sleepers.

In this way, dark circles, bags under the eyes, dull skin and so on are prone to appear.

  Seven, recovery measures after staying up late 1.

Use five to ten minutes before going to bed or after getting up (use a moisturizing mask) to replenish dehydrated skin.


When you wash your face after getting up, use cold and heat to stimulate the blood circulation on the face 3.

When applying care products, massage the face for five minutes; 4.

After getting up in the morning, drink a cup of Chinese wolfberry tea, which has the effect of nourishing qi and improving one’s body.


Do a simple aerobic exercise, exercise your bones and muscles, and boost your spirits.


Breakfast must be full, but not cold food.

Common Chinese patent medicine for onset coronary heart disease

Common Chinese patent medicine for onset coronary heart disease

Coronary heart disease is the abbreviation of coronary atherosclerotic heart disease, which is a common clinical disease and frequently-occurring disease.

Finding early symptoms and taking effective measures in a timely manner is of great significance for maintaining the health of patients. Many of them have good effects in terms of their health.

Guanxin Suhe Pills: mainly Suhexiang oil, sandalwood, borneol, frankincense, greenwood, cinnabar.

This product is aromatic and open, qi and wide chest, pain relief.

Usage: 1 pill each time, 3 times a day.

Compound Danshen Dripping Pills: The main ingredients are Salvia miltiorrhiza, Sanqi, and borneol.

This product promotes blood circulation, aroma, and qi.

Usage: Oral or sublingual, 10 capsules each time, 3 times a day.

Le Pulse: The main ingredients are Salvia miltiorrhiza, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, Radix Paeoniae Alba, safflower, hawthorn and so on.

This product is qi and activating blood, relieving phlegm and stasis, nourishing blood and veins.

Usage: 3-6 grams each time, 3 times a day.

Shu Xin oral liquid: This product replenishes heart and blood, promotes blood circulation and removes blood stasis.

Usage: 1 each time, 3 times a day.

Yufeng Ningxin Tablet: The main ingredient is Pueraria.

It has detoxification and pain relief and enhances blood flow in the brain and coronary arteries.

To use: Take 5 tablets each time, 3 times a day.

Ginkgo biloba leaves (Buluda, Tianbaoning): mainly Ginkgo biloba extract.

It has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

Usage: 1 tablet per oral administration, 3 times a day.

Diao Xinxuekang: The main ingredient is total saponins of steroids.

This product promotes blood circulation, relieves pain, expands coronary artery and improves myocardial ischemia.

Usage: 1-2 capsules each time, 3 times a day.

Live Heart Pills: The main ingredients are musk, glutinous rice, ginseng extract, linguistic extract, bezoar, borneol, aconite, safflower, bear bile, pearl.

It has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

Usage: 1-2 pills each time, 1-3 times a day, warm water to send clothes.

Buxinqi oral liquid: the main ingredient is jaundice.

With replenishing heart, qi and pain relief.

Usage: 1 each time, 3 times a day.
Shengmai Capsule: The main ingredients are Codonopsis pilosula, Ophiopogon japonicus, Schisandra.

It has the function of replenishing qi and replenishing yin

To use: Take 3 capsules each time, 3 times a day.

Interpretation of TCM Yin Yin Deficiency Symptom Differences and Tonic Methods

Interpretation of TCM Yin Yin Deficiency Symptom Differences and Tonic Methods

For a long time, people often thought that “men need to replenish yang, women need to nourish yin”, it seems that only men are yang deficiency, and women are yin deficiency.

In fact, this view has a lot of bias.

  Whether a person needs to “nourish yin” or “tonicate yang”, it is necessary to first identify whether his constitution is “yin deficiency” or “yang deficiency”, and then carry out scientific rehabilitation in accordance with corresponding methods.

  Yin deficiency: Yin deficiency refers to the pathological phenomenon caused by seminal blood or body fluid. It is more common in patients who suffer from chronic fatigue or fever to cause internal fluid consumption.

The typical symptoms of yin deficiency are reddish complexion, dry mouth, upset and irritable, insomnia, dreams, dizziness, weak waist and knees, less frequent urination, night sweats, fever in hands and feet, dry eyes and tinnitus.

  The principle of conditioning Chinese medicine believes that yin deficiency should make up for its deficiencies. If the Yin deficiency person eats food that supplements yang indiscriminately, the yang will be overpowered, and the body function will be in a state of excessive excitement. Consumption of body fluids will aggravate dry throat., Hands and feet heart heat and upset insomnia and other symptoms.

Those with yin deficiency should usually eat foods that have the effects of cooling and moisturizing, nourishing yin and nourishing yin, avoid spicy and irritating foods, and eat less fried, fried, fried, explosive and sexually hot food.

  Diet: Lily, coriander, lotus seed, wolfberry, tomato, mung bean, fungus, shiitake mushroom, pear, green tea, orange, banana, honey, chrysanthemum, celery, turtle, duck, milk, shellfish, silver fish and other foods should be eaten regularly; Garlic, ginger, star anise, fennel, pepper, chives, animal offal, dog meat, mutton, wine, coffee, black tea and other foods should not be eaten.

  I have eaten dinner naturally, and have a walk outdoors, such as by the sea, mountains, rivers, lakes and other places.

  Yang Deficiency: The Way of “Buyang” Yang Deficiency refers to the pathological phenomenon of Yang Qi Deficiency.

If pediatric wetting occurs, young people and middle-aged people have nocturia repeatedly, it is likely to be yang deficiency.

Those with yang deficiency will often have diarrhea, especially when they wake up in the morning.

Yang deficiency is afraid of cold, especially in the back and abdomen. In winter, the hands are cold over the elbows and the feet are cold over the knees.

Female yang deficiency can see more vaginal discharge, thin and transparent, leucorrhea increases whenever cold or fatigue.

  Principles of conditioning: People with yang deficiency must strengthen their mental health, be good at regulating their emotions, dispel worries, and beware of the effects of bad emotions such as panic and great sorrow; effectively improve the environment and improve their physical resistance. Avoid the cold in winter and warm in the spring and summerYang, sun exposure; old and frail people should not sleep outside, do not let the electric fan blow directly, do not stay in the shade for too long; those with yang deficiency should eat food with the effect of warming Yang and coldAvoid eating cold food.

  Diet and nutrition glutinous rice, black rice, jujube, barley, sweet potato, yam, coriander, longan, walnut, pepper, leek, garlic, ginger, pepper, cinnamon, litchi, pineapple, peach, apricot, beef and mutton, milk, chicken, seaShrimp and other foods should be eaten often; mung beans, lilies, balsam pears, turtles, pears, coriander, bananas, persimmons, chestnuts, crabs and other foods are not eaten.

  At natural sunrise, take a deep breath towards the sun; at noon, can you sleep or raise the sun or sit still for 15?
30 minutes.

Aside from dull makeup, office workers sharp out

Aside from dull makeup, office workers sharp out

Many young MMs have behaved well since entering the office and becoming white-collar workers. They have to be dignified and simple, not too exaggerated, and even their makeup has turned into light makeup.

Can’t OL put on a fresh, bright makeup?


hzh {display: none; }  面对时尚杂志林林总总的彩妆、各色各样的靓丽妆容,上班族的女士们又怎么甘心化个淡妆出去上班呢?In fact, as long as you add color or brightness to the makeup, the whole makeup will be refreshed.

The following is a demonstration for everyone to create an OL makeup that is not flamboyant and attractive, and everyone will not hinder doing it together!

  First, bright eye makeup tips: Replace the color mascara close to black, which can avoid the rigidity and thickness of the black mascara, and can enhance the brightness of the eyes, making the eyes look mysterious.

  Step 1: First use the black mascara to brush the bottom of the eyelashes a few times to make a base. This will enhance the volume of the eyelashes and make them look denser.

Then start from the middle and brush the dark blue mascara from the roots of the eyelashes with the “Z” upward.

  Tip: Before curling the mascara, tilt the lashes and apply a little pressure with your fingers to make the mascara easier to apply.

And remember to brush both the upper and lower lashes. If the upper lashes are not enough, you can repeat the second and third layers, and the lower lashes need not be too thick.

  Tip: The eye is the key part of the frame of the entire eye, and even affects the shape and size of the eye. Therefore, the makeup of the eye part must not be ignored. The eye part is painted well to make the entire eye makeup look more coherent and natural.,more complete.

  Step2: Put a thin blue eye shadow on the eye pillow area to make the eye makeup more coherent.

  Tip: You can use the eyeliner to outline the contour of the eye, and then use a broom to blur it. This will make it easier to grasp the shape of the eye.

  Effect: Blue mascara can highlight the lines of the eyes, giving people a bright fresh look!

  Product recommendation: Lancome Infinite Mascara Introduction: Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive eyes, instantly, if the real eyelashes are stretched out at the tip of my lashes, my lashes break through the length and charm.

  Editor’s comment: The slenderness and curling effect are excellent, super waterproof, and without using makeup remover, it will not bloom with water, even when swimming.

  Second, coral red natural blush tips: This makeup looks more prominent is the eye makeup, so in this case, the eyebrows and blush are generally tried to be lighter, so that you can compare the glamorous eye makeup betterTo appear.

  Choose a natural orange or coral blush for a youthful look.

Pay attention to the position of the blush: Brush the top of the cheekbones from the ear to the nose.

  Tip: Before applying blush, you may need to take a bit of effort. Apply a matte dark powder on the contours to condense the cheeks that are too wide to make the face look intellectually mature.

  Product recommendation: Mei Ke Fashionable Transparent Rouge Product Description: Fine powder, easy to apply makeup, it is the secret treasure of autumn and winter in the treasure chest of professional makeup artists.

Earth colors are perfect for nude makeup.

  Editor’s comment: This product has a good color and fine powder. It is more suitable for beginners to make-up MM. The color is lighter and lifelike. The after-scan effect is like the sun, super natural.

  Third, the gloss of lip gloss tips: Just like blush, choose a natural color that is closer to the lip color.

But it is not too monotonous, you can choose lip gloss with sequins or a heavier gloss.

  After putting on the lipstick, lightly touch the lip gloss in the center of the lips, and try to smooth it with a lip brush or a lip brush to increase the moisture and luster texture.

  Product recommendation: Anna Sui Magic Galaxy Lip Gloss Lip Gloss Product introduction: The lip gloss contains two kinds of crystal particles. After makeup, the effect is as delicate as spring flowers, and it can keep warm, moisturize and antioxidant.

In the pearly texture with high moisturizing and moisturizing effect, the delicate shimmering crystal particles are hidden to make your lips shine mysteriously!

  Editor’s comment: It has a transparent crystal sensation, excellent moisturizing, non-sticky, moisturizing lip gloss, smooth and bright color, you can easily play with lip gloss, and use it in combination with lipstick.

The appearance is also exquisite and beautiful.

Five charms of the workplace to help you succeed

Five charms of the workplace to help you succeed

In a way, many people succeed because they “look like a successful person.”

This is the so-called “workplace charm”.

Here, we have provided you with 5 highly-targeted practice methods, so start today!

  Action one: The voice of authority hastily and jarringly often makes others nervous.

If you can lower the sound a bit, control the speed slowly and moderately, and guide the person listening to you through some short pauses, you can easily win a good impression of the other person.

  In foreign countries, there are specialized workplace voice coaches. One of the most basic suggestions they think is: “In personality, relax your body and control your feet.

“In other words, if we can keep our body upright when we talk, and become the body’s center of gravity evenly distributed to our feet, our speech can make a deeper impression on others.

  Equally important: Speak often with “magnetic” voices.

Slightly lower voice than usual, it sounds particularly noticeable.

However, pay attention to maintaining the “degree”. After that, it becomes a formal pretense. Many radio and television presenters have this problem.

  This way: You can start training early in the morning to make your voice more magnetic: When preparing breakfast, making coffee, or applying makeup, use your throat to repeatedly make “m” sounds.

This training can also improve the bad habit of trembling when talking on important occasions.

  Action two: Elegant posture We must acknowledge that this 55% reduction depends on our body language.

When you in a business suit squint your eyelids and slowly traverse the entire office, you will definitely leave a bad impression in the mind of your boss that you are not awake, neglecting others or just being sloppy.

However, if you walk into the office with ease and straight forward, then you will not give the impression of the front.

  This does not mean that we have to take an exaggerated catwalk like a model. Just be careful not to hump back and bow.

Because people who can only hold their bodies up and walk, often give people a very unreal feeling.

When considering a promotion list, the boss often deletes the name of such a person first.

  Prevention: Do you notice your shadow on a piece of glass looking out of prevention?

Do you habitually tilt your head to certain sides?

This is a typical feminine movement and a symbol of flattery in the animal world.

Remember to remind yourself and change it.

  Action three: sincere respect for a smart and popular personality object often changes their focus on the other side.

He will keep eye contact with the other party, and he will say slightly less than the other party said (the best percentage is 49%).

  This signifies: “I am not a self-centered person and I will give you enough space because I am a person worthy of harmony.

“A person with this attitude can often give the other person full trust, because he feels that what he caused is important to you.

The truly charismatic person is a respectable listener, and at the same time a very loyal and confidential person.

  Reason: If you feel that you have too little time to listen to each day, you might as well eat with a colleague with a completely different personality and listen to him.

You must be embarrassed by what you have learned from him.

  Action 4: Be wise and bold. In the new environment, how to distinguish whether your behavior is brave or risky, women often find it difficult.

The reason is that women are often more picky about their appearance, and they also prefer to hide themselves, and they also like to keep thinking about what others think of themselves.

Only when you are unwavering in your faith will encouraging sparks emerge.

  Result: Replace all sentences that begin with “other” in the meeting with “I” as the subject of the sentence, thereby representing your point of view.

Try it out. For a certain hour, add the modifiers “I think” and “I thought” before commenting.

  Action 5: Attractive Reporting No matter how good your idea is, to make others aware of it, you must describe it as concisely as possible.

Adding colored markers or comments to the report data will be more dense than boring data.

It also makes it easier for your boss or client to focus on understanding the point of view you have.

Moreover, seeing others are interested in your report, you will naturally find it a pleasant thing to replace it.  Reason: Usually, our work area may be very strange to others, and it will be difficult for them to understand at once.

Therefore, try to explain your new idea to your friends who work in other industries.

After 15 minutes, if he understands what you mean, you succeed.

Love: Need physical proof!

Love: Need physical proof!

Before love came, and before my dream of being a poet was shattered, I firmly believed.

Later, the desire for love was transformed into the practice of love. Practice was the sole criterion for testing the truth. It was discovered that love was full of love, deposited in the heart, and turned around alone.

When love needs to pass, when love needs to be confessed, and when love needs to be accepted, love must not allow love itself to be attached to a certain substance in order to complete its mission.

  Love needs and should be proved in a material way.

Don’t mention the matter, we are so narrowly associated with the body, with precious diamonds, sports cars, villas.

Matter is inherently innocent. If there is a difference, the treatment and use of matter are different.

  A friend of mine broke up with his girlfriend.

They have been in love for nearly four years, eating together, living together, and even my friend ‘s passbook is in the hands of his girlfriend. Everyone thinks that they are about to achieve positive results, and it is difficult to be married.It is expected that love will be harder to aggravate.

  I naturally have to exercise the obligation to comfort each other, and both the exerciser and the recipient who avoid it are well aware. At this moment, such comfort is just a display that looks good but has no effect at all.

  He said it was a peaceful breakup, no noise, no trouble, people moved away, nothing was taken away except his own things, and the passbook was also returned to him. He handed them over, not necessarily thrown at him as imagined.Body.
Well, to be more straightforward, a lot of my age-loving friends have been dumped by others.

  The stealing is that the surface of the watch is very civilized and decent, which is essentially one of the most troublesome ways to break up, because the abandoned party usually can’t figure out why this is, so it has a complex fantasy.

As a friend of this person, don’t think that you just need to pretend to be sitting in a similar dejected manner, and sit opposite him and put a bunch of unsound advices that I do n’t know how many people have said many times.Looking at the helpless and begging eyes, no matter who he was, he could only raise his chest and cover his inner anxiety, expressing his pledge: I went to persuade her and changed my mind.

I went to persuade the girl and she had no responsibilities.

  ”I know he loves me,” the girl did not hold in imagination, was not sad in imagination, everything was normal, as if there was no such thing, or she did realize that she was relaxed for the first time in four years,I love him, but I never felt his love for me.

“I’m at a loss.

  ”He never sent me flowers.

“” Back from a business trip, he never brought me a dress.

“” He never gave me a hint of surprise.

“I rushed to justify my friend.

Yeah, he is an incomprehensible person, he won’t come, he won’t please girls.

However, he is 100% to you. Did n’t he give you every penny he earned, what to spend, clothes, you ca n’t buy it by yourself . she did n’t even smile until I finished talking.: “In the beginning, you gave your wife a sum of money and told her to go back and buy two rings. We’ll get married.

Will she agree?

“I’m speechless.

“I need love, and I need his proof of love to show me.

“That’s so fake,” I said with a clear lack of confidence.

“He loves me so much, how can it be fake?

“This is the real story I want to tell you.

In this story, my lobbying knows that it is pale and weak, so it doesn’t work at all.

Later, less than half a year after the two broke up, the girl had a boyfriend again, earning less than my friends, but would express his admiration very much. The girl sold his Jetta car for his birthday.She bought a large diamond ring, proposed it, and became.

Since I have been in touch with this girl, I have known her new boyfriend. My boyfriend confessed to me. In fact, his parents promised to send him on and off the new car when he got married. The old Jetta will be sold sooner or later.Makes sense.

  ”She was so moved, to be honest, I was quite touched.

“And my friend, thirty-seven this year, the name of the oldest diamond king is getting louder and louder, but he is always lonely, and from time to time he also said something to me: I’m not the kind of person with an empty head.

  In the face of love, how much you can give varies from person to person, and how much you want to get varies from person to person.

I just want to say that if you cannot learn to express love in a concrete and material way, just walk and see, failure is waiting for you not far away.

Bamboo fire chestnuts

Bamboo fire chestnuts

The author has also talked about the dishes of chestnuts in the soup. The recommended “bamboo fire chestnuts” is a dish I recently eaten in a flavor restaurant. It is simple to make and does not need to be cookedThe powder is thick and thick, and has a typical homely taste.

Chestnuts are rich in starch content, 25 grams of starch per 100 grams, and each time there are vitamins, calcium, phosphorus and other inorganic salts, which are good for qi and spleen, and delay the aging effect.

But do not eat chestnuts with beef, because some trace elements in beef will affect the nutrient absorption of chestnuts.

  Ingredients: 150 grams of roasted meat, 150 grams of bamboo (after hydration), 150 grams of chestnuts, 15 grams of ginger slices, 15 grams of shallots, tangerine peel itself, salt, sugar, oyster sauce, pepper, chicken soup, peanut oil each amount.

  Method: Cut 1 cm thick parts of roasted meat, use ginger and spring onion to sauté; use bamboo sticks and cut into sections; remove chestnuts, peel and peel, stir-fry, add appropriate amount of chicken soup and oyster sauce and cook for 20 minutes, then add roasted meat and sticksBamboo, tangerine peel, boil and harvest the juice to serve.

Excessive use of essential oils is not cosmetic and disfiguring_1

Excessive use of essential oils is not cosmetic and disfiguring

Essential oils are inconsistent with ordinary cosmetics and are even as toxic as drugs. Therefore, although the effect is magical, the operation must be very careful.

At present, there are too many pure essential oils on the market. Too many beauticians use impure essential oils as an excuse and use them excessively for a long time. Anyway, “just three or five drops won’t do any good.”

  ■ The key is the amount of aroma magic VS aroma poison in advance. Aromatic essential oil is also called “aroma magic” because it has magical effects, but it must adhere to operating rules. If you do not understand the toxicity of essential oils, they will become “aromaticpoison”.

  Because essential oils are toxic, in the promotion of the effectiveness of essential oils, beauty salons should operate within their own capabilities. Those who do not understand how to operate correctly should absolutely prohibit the testing of guests.

First of all, it is best to be formulated and massaged by a professionally trained beautician.

In addition, when using aromatic essential oils, individual formulas are used. Experienced aroma therapists will mix and match some essential oils from person to person. It is irresponsible to use the same formula uniformly.

Due to physical differences, individual people will have toxic reactions, so the same formula should not be more than 6 times a course of treatment.

  The use of essential oils must also be strictly controlled.

When used in facial care, the amount of unilateral essential oil must not exceed 1% of the base oil. When used in body care, it cannot exceed 3% for women, 5% for men, and 2% for children.It is also necessary to strictly control the individual’s weight, age, height, and signs.

For domestic use, no more than 8 drops of essential oil in a bathtub and no more than 3 drops in a basin of water.

If there is no standard and standardized operation and safe matching according to different ingredients and effects, it will inevitably cause damage to the skin and body during the use of essential oils.

  And even according to the instructions “drop 1 to 3 drops”, a unilateral essential oil may become a “troublemaker”.

For example, rose essential oil can soften the skin and generally does not cause allergies, but in the spring, because the skin is in the susceptible period, red spots may also appear on the skin with rose essential oil.

And lemon, grapefruit, bergamot and other citrus essential oils, although having a whitening effect, are used in summer. Some of the essential oils will produce a “phototoxic reaction” after contact with the sun, and the body will be toxic by biotransformation and make the skin allergic.

  For some essential oils, two different effects may occur in different amounts.

When you take a hot bath, 5 drops of lavender oil can be used as a sleeping bedtime, but if you accidentally drop more than 15 drops, it becomes a stimulant, so you don’t even want to fall asleep all night.

Geranium essential oil is used when you are irritable and has a calming and calming effect, but if you use it more, it will “fuel your fire”.

There is also peppermint essential oil. Putting peppermint essential oil in the summer bath can accelerate perspiration and cool the skin, but in winter, it can shrink the pores on the skin surface and warm up.

  Generally speaking, uncommon essential oils such as elan essential oil should be used with caution. Due to the strong and weak toxicity of essential oils, the same type of vegetable oil is also important. For example, sage is more common than sage, and thyme is safer than sweet thyme.The calming and anti-inflammatory effect of orange essential oil, although the blue German orange is more effective, but improper use will also over-suppress the nervous system, but Roman orange is safer.

For sensitive skin and pruritus, grapefruit and elan essential oil should be used with caution.

  ■ Expert opinion Excessive use of liver damage essential oil is an essence extracted from natural plants, but natural does not mean non-toxic.

The concentration of essential oils is very high, and excessive use will cause the skin surface to fail to metabolize, form burns, and darken the skin.

In addition, essential oils can quickly penetrate into the body through the skin and enter the blood circulation.

According to foreign human experiments, venous blood was detected after the essential oil was massaged for 20 minutes, and it was found to contain essential oil.

  Among the lavender unilateral essential oils, linalool acetate and linalool account for 88%. Alcohols, like alcohol, cause insulin damage caused by excessive use, resulting in decreased liver function, paralysis of the sympathetic nerves by excessive suppression, and performance as a person’s motionlessness and blood pressureAnd other symptoms.

In addition, as a unilateral essential oil, it cannot be directly applied to the skin, and must be replaced by a base oil composed of various vegetable oils after cold pressing, otherwise it will burn the skin.

  In order to prevent the excessive use of essential oils, the essential oil products of the distance must be stated on the bottle packaging that the amount used should not exceed 3 to 5 drops. If the essential oil is a unilateral pure essential oil, the bottle mouth will be designed as a dripper, not wideMouth, so 1 drop is difficult to be regarded as 50 drops.

Only with safe and suitable packaging and instructions is the genuine oil.

  Essential oil beauty must be in order. Essential oil beauty belongs to the life beauty part and does not belong to the central branch.

According to international consensus, aromatherapy is between preventive medicine and rehabilitation medicine. In the United States, aromatherapy is the same as acupuncture and hypnosis and is called “alternative therapy”.

  Because the danger coefficient of essential oil beauty is much higher than that of ordinary cosmetics, there are many taboos, and the aroma therapist Xiang Yanli overlaps. He should “make rules” for essential oil beauty, and qualify the aroma beautician or the beauty salon that provides essential oil services.

With reference to the qualification examination of foreign aromatherapy therapists, it is the same as the doctor’s qualification. It requires annual rotation training and reapproves the professional standards of members every year.

  At present, relevant departments have taken the lead in conducting vocational qualification training for aroma beauticians in China, and cooperated with aromatherapy training institutions in the United Kingdom to provide scientific guidance on massage techniques of essential oils and specific operating procedures. It is expected that aromatherapy and beauty of Shanghai residents will be guaranteed soon.

Inventory of common Chinese medicine

Inventory of common Chinese medicine

Yaoyin mainly has the characteristics of abundant drug sources, easy to find, and a variety of freshness, which can meet the needs of dialectical treatment and flexible drug use.

The dosage should be prescribed by your doctor to achieve the desired effect.

Commonly used drugs are cited as follows: Ginger: It has the effects of scattered cold, warm and dry, and vomiting.

A variety of Chinese patent medicines for treating cold and exogenous feelings, stomach cold and vomiting, as well as Xiangsha Liujun Pills for strengthening the spleen and stomach, is ginger 3?
5 tablets (9?
15g), decoction and take the soup.

  Lu Gen: It is better to have fresh ones, which have the effects of clearing heat, regenerating, quenching thirst, and vomiting.

People who are experiencing wind fever or acne onset.

With reed root 10?
15 grams, Jiantang sent Yinqiao detoxification tablets, children rejuvenating Dan effective.

  Salt: It can lead medicine into the kidney. Therefore, kidney-reinforcing drugs (mainly drugs for nourishing kidney-yin), such as Dabuyin Pill, Liuwei Dihuang Pill, etc., should be taken with saline.

Generally use two grams of table salt, add 250 ml of water to dissolve.

  Rice soup: can protect the stomach, some bitter cold medicines for treating gastrointestinal disorders, such as dressing pills, should be served with rice soup, Xianglian pills should be served with millet soup.

When using, take the soup when cooking, regardless of lightness and dosage.

  Brown sugar: It has the effect of promoting blood circulation and dispersing cold, and can treat gynecological deficiency and cold, and the proprietary Chinese medicines for blood deficiency can be taken with brown sugar water.

  Loquat juice: It can clear heat and stop bleeding. If you use fresh loquat juice to deliver ten ash powder, the hemostatic effect is better.

Take the fresh ravioli, wash it, chop it, add cold boiling water to smash it a little, wrap it with gauze and squeeze the juice, use half a cup (about 100 ml) each time.

  Light on: It has the effect of dispersing cold in Tongyang and helping sweating.

Treatment of exogenous wind and cold, it is advisable to light white 2?
3 chopped roots, decocting water to take Jingfangbaidu pills and other medicines.

  Rice wine or white wine: Alcoholic heat, functions to pass through the meridians, and diffuse cold.

Traditional Chinese medicines for treating cold and dampness, waist, leg, shoulder and arm pain, blood cold amenorrhea and postpartum diseases, the beginning of bruises and sores, cold diseases, such as Huoluo Pills, canal pills, etc.
The usual amount is rice wine 25?
50ml, reduce the amount of white wine, and adjust the dosage according to gender, physical fitness, and the amount of alcohol.

  In addition, honey that nourishes the lungs and coughs, jujube for the spleen and stomach, bamboo ruts for heat and diuresis, rushes, etc. can also be used as medicines, which can help to exert the curative effect of the medicine.

Noisier and more loving?

Use these tricks when mixing your mouth

Noisier and more loving?
Use these tricks when mixing your mouth

One of the things to do: Eliminate each other’s thoughts and express your thoughts clearly.

For example, the other person said, “I think you are really selfish.”

Don’t rush to fight back: “What about you?

How are you going there again?

“You should calm down and ask the other person,” Why do you think so, what did I do to make you feel like this? ”

“That’s what the other person is thinking.

  If the evidence provided by the other party is unreasonable, you should also explain why you think it is unreasonable.

Clearly expressing each other’s thoughts, the quarrel between the two people may have focus, otherwise, it is easy to flow into blind and chaotic, and it will not produce any results.

  The second thing to do: clarify each other’s needs.

Ask the other person, “What do you want me to do?

What will I do to be satisfied?

“Or tell the other person clearly what you want?

What will he do to be satisfied?

  Many people quarreled for a long time, and as a result, the two sides had no idea what the other side wanted.

In this case, it is important to apply a scientific definition.

For example, when the other person says, “You don’t care about my feelings every time.”

You can ask her: “What do I do, do you think I care about your feelings?

“If he said,” I hope you can always accompany me.

“Then you can ask her:” Do you think it takes a few days a week to accompany you, you will feel that I am with you without ignoring your feelings? ”

“Don’t think it’s stupid to clarify these issues. Many people’s entanglement in quarrels is on this issue.

Imagine if the other person said, “I want you to be with me when you have time,” and you say, “I really can’t be with you every day.

If you are with you three days a week, can you accept it?

“Look, isn’t that really starting to communicate?

When you say this, the other party may realize that their request is unreasonable and will be willing to make a more reasonable and feasible request.

This way of consensus is much better than anger and yelling at each other, right?

  In addition to the above two important principles, you should avoid the following things when quarreling: First, do n’t talk about things that are unlikely to change: For example, you may think that the other person ‘s height is not high enough, and they are not goodOr make enough money.

If you are the one being talked about, I suggest that you calmly respond: “I know I do.

But this is me, that’s how I am.

This problem will not help us at the beginning.

So, shall we talk about some parts that I can change?

“If you are the person you are talking about, then I suggest that you think about it. The other person may be like this. If you can accept it, accept him. If you cannot accept it, consider leaving him.

Barely asking the other party to make changes that are impossible to achieve, it is just increasing each other’s frustration.

If his problem needs to be dealt with mentally (such as: impulsiveness, drinking alcohol, pessimism, avoiding the crowd), then you should assist him in seeking professional advice.

  Second, do not turn over the old account, but argue over future issues: in the process of quarreling, do not keep digging past old accounts for calculation.

This is just arousing the emotions of both sides, and it does not help the matter at all.
I suggest that you often say something like: “Okay, what if we encounter a problem similar to today?
“You can tell how you will deal with similar issues in the future, see if the other party can accept it, and how he wants you to change.

You can also ask to see how the other party will handle the problem, see if you can accept it, and state your expectations.

It ‘s often said, “What should we do if we encounter the same thing in the future?

“This sentence can help you shift the focus of change from venting emotions to solving problems.

  Third, don’t interrupt the other party: If you frequently interrupt the other party, it is easy to arouse the other party’s anger, and it is difficult to communicate effectively.

You should calmly listen to what the other person is saying, and then make clear what is inside.

If the other person’s content is very complicated, you can ask him to talk about one core issue at a time.

  Then after he has finished speaking, you can repeat his thoughts and ask him if your understanding is correct.

Usually the opponent in anger will calm down because you accurately understand his feelings.

Therefore, it is very important to let the other party have a chance to talk about their ideas smoothly.

  But what if the other person keeps interrupting you while you are speaking?

Then you can tell him directly: “You have been interrupting me now, so I can’t tell what I think.

“When you have reminded two or three times that the other party will still interrupt you, then you can say,” I think you have been interrupting me, so we can’t communicate.

  Don’t interrupt me if you want to talk again.

If you can’t do that, then we’ll talk about it tomorrow.

“Keep your position, and you will not continue to communicate until the other party can stop you.

  Fourth, don’t quarrel when you are excited: When two people are emotional, they yell at each other more and more. If you think of something that can hurt each other, speak out.

At this time there is no so-called communication, the quarrel between the two people is just to vent their anger.

Therefore, smart people should avoid opening these emotional times, keep their lips closed and not quarrel, and wait until calm down.

  You are advised not to quarrel under the following circumstances: (1) while driving, (2) after 12:00 in the morning, (3) after drinking, (4) when you are uncomfortable or tired, in these cases, your physiology is easyThe state of excitement is as flammable as gasoline.

Once quarreled, it can easily turn into yelling at each other without focus.

Such a quarrel is only harmful and not good.

If the other person keeps arguing with you, you can tell him, “Now your emotions are too exciting, and we can’t talk about them with any results.

I will definitely find time to talk to you about this tomorrow.

“We must insist on this.

  There is no quarrel in the close relationship between people.

A constructive quarrel will allow each other to understand each other, and the two will become closer.

Therefore, as long as the method of quarrel is correct, the relationship with each other is of great benefit.