In response to the slanderer, let’s boast about him

In response to the slanderer, let’s boast about him

Lan Jing has been working for less than half a year, and her sales have exceeded many old employees who have worked for many years.

The leaders praised her many times at the company’s internal conferences and called on everyone to learn from her.

Unexpectedly, with the recent cuts, her various gossips began circulating inside the company.

Some people say that she is a relative of the leader, and some people say she depends on her face.

Lan Jing was very angry, and what annoyed her was that she could not find anyone who was the originator of these rumors.

  The famous psychologist Professor He Shuman believes that the reason why some people in the company want to create all kinds of slander and rumors against Lan Jing is that they are jealous, or “red eye disease”;

Since ancient times, China has stated that “wood shows are in the forest, and wind is bound to fail”.

The more you work at the top, the more people will slander you.

  For people who like to slander others, one of the most basic mentalities is: I can’t do it, and you can’t behave better than me.

If someone behaves better than them, they will use all kinds of means to suppress it, and try their best to trample them down.

In fact, the golden mean culture that has prevailed in China for 5000 years contains the content of “sharpening and flattening.”

Under the influence of such abnormal ideas, geniuses are often stifled and innovation is restricted.

  Professor He said that for Lan Jing, although it is an unfortunate thing to encounter others “splashing sewage” on oneself, don’t be nervous or afraid, and don’t do nothing.

She can take some measures based on why others ridicule herself, and the people who slander herself have a certain type of response.

  People who like to be jealous of others are actually extremely unconfident.

When getting along with them, give them more compliments and compliments to make them feel comfortable.

When creating your own results, don’t be complacent, but keep a humble and cautious attitude; when summing up success, you should be more involved in accidental factors and help from others; when appropriate, some opportunities that are easy to create results can be appropriately given to those who are jealousPeople, let them have a sense of accomplishment.

But be aware that tolerance should be limited and not too despicable.

  Suspicious people usually have a broken heart and chest.

When we get along with them, we must first praise and build a relaxed environment. Suspicion seems to be related to poor communication.

Therefore, some vilifications and suspicions should be carried out rationally and sparingly and strive to be justified.

Regarding malicious slander, if communication cannot be used, administrative or judicial channels must be sought.

Nine killers cannibalize your kidney function

Nine “killers” cannibalize your kidney function

To prevent premature aging, modern people should strengthen physical exercise and nourish in time to improve the symptoms of kidney deficiency and aging.
If it is not an extremely weak group, the kidney-reinforcing should be mainly peaceful, and it should be different according to time, person and place. Choose different kidney-reinforcing methods according to different seasons, physiques and climates. It is best to carry out under the guidance of a doctor.
  Western medicine believes that the kidney is an important organ that secretes urine and excretes waste and poison, and can play a role in regulating the electrolyte concentration of the body and maintaining the acid-base balance.
Impaired or gradual decline in renal function will reduce renal excretion and regulation.
When renal function is severely damaged, uremia can occur and endanger life.
  Renal function gradually declines with age, but some bad habits or behaviors in life often become important reasons for impaired renal function.
  In order to protect the kidneys, everyone must be alert to the following “renal injury” factors.
  I. Abuse of Chinese herbal medicines that hurt kidneys In recent years, it has been clinically discovered that taking certain Chinese herbal medicines (including proprietary Chinese medicines) can cause kidney function damage.
Chinese herbal medicines that will “harm the kidneys” are: Tripterygium wilfordii, Guan Mutong, morning glory, cocklebur, poppy husk, grass, black, gentleman, green wood incense, and anti-self.
Among them, the kidney damage caused by tripterygium wilfordii is the biggest, followed by Guan Mutong, which causes kidney injury and contains the nephrotoxic substance aristolochic acid.
  2. Abuse of analgesic western medicine Long-term or large doses of some anti-inflammatory analgesics, such as Qutong tablets, indomethacin, paracetamol, aspirin, etc., may easily cause kidney damage.
Kidney damage can be manifested as: fatigue, dry mouth, loss of appetite, frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, and even hematuria and sterile pyuria, accompanied by joint pain and other symptoms.
Some directly cause nephrotic syndromes such as acute nephritis or glomerular necrosis, and severe cases can lead to renal failure and death.
  Third, often urinate and urinate Some people urinate for a long time because of busy work.
Urine in the bladder is prone to multiply bacteria for too long, and the bacteria will retrograde to the kidneys through the ureter, causing urinary tract infections and pyelonephritis.
Once this kind of infection recurs, it can cause chronic infection and is not easy to cure.
Patients may not only experience symptoms such as backache, frequent urination, etc., but may also develop into acute uremia.
  Fourth, drinking too little water: If you do not drink water for a long time, urine output will decrease, and the concentration of waste and toxins in the urine will increase.
Clinically common kidney stones and hydronephrosis are closely related to not drinking water for a long time.
Drinking enough water can dilute the urine and protect the kidneys, which is conducive to the full discharge of waste and toxins.
  Fifth, overeating: modern people have more opportunities to eat together, often eat too much “delicious”, the food will eventually produce waste-uric acid and urea nitrogen.
Most of these wastes are excreted through the kidneys, and an excessive diet will undoubtedly increase the burden on the kidneys.
  6. Excessive drinking of beverages Excessive intake of soft drinks and sports drinks can indirectly damage the kidneys.
The pH in the human body is 7.
2. These drinks are generally highly acidic, and the pH of the body changes significantly after drinking.
The kidney is the main organ that regulates the pH of the human body. Long-term excessive intake of soft drinks and sports drinks will bring a burden on the kidney and increase the probability of kidney damage.
  7. Eating too soft bread Bread and pastries have a food additive potassium bromate, which can give the gluten strength and elasticity necessary for baked foods. The taste is soft, but excessive consumption will damage the central nervous system, blood and kidneys.
  Food additive potassium bromate, the International Agency for Research on Cancer has listed it as a carcinogen.
  八、饮食太咸  饮食偏咸,尤其是某些零食盐分含量过高,例如吃炸薯片、方便面等会让人不知不觉吸收过量的盐分,导致血压升高,肾脏血液不能维持正常流量,Inducing kidney disease.
  9. Drinking strong tea after drinking Some people think that drinking strong tea after drinking can hang up. In fact, this is not only ineffective, but also hurts the kidneys.
Theophylline in tea can quickly affect the kidneys and exert a diuretic effect. At this time, alcohol is excreted from the kidneys before it has time to decompose, causing the kidneys to be stimulated by a large amount of ethanol, thereby damaging renal function.
  Tips: The kidney is an important organ that secretes urine, excretes waste and poisons, and can play a role in regulating the electrolyte concentration of the body and maintaining the acid-base balance.
Impaired or gradual decline in renal function will reduce renal excretion and regulation.
  When renal function is severely damaged, uremia can occur and endanger life.
Although renal function gradually declines with age, some lifestyle habits or behaviors often become important causes of impaired renal function.
In order to protect the kidneys, everyone must be alert to the following “renal injury” factors.

Actresses share 10 tips for changing the skin in early autumn_1

Actresses share 10 tips for changing the skin in the early autumn

It’s time to change seasons again, the sun is still there, but the dryness and sensitivity come one after another.

How to maintain supple skin and how to adapt to the sensitive period of changing seasons, so that you who are happy with yourself will learn from your own handsome male beauty!

  Dai Feifei Cross-Border Artist: “Toner is easier to absorb as a mask” The skin’s “appetite” will deteriorate during the season. I will not force the skin to absorb products with a high concentration of essence. Instead, use a refreshing toner with a compressed paper film to apply the face.Moisturizes without burdening the skin.

The toner used today contains watermelon crystalline powder and barley extract, which works very well.

  Miss Zhang Zilin: “Mixed skin should be treated differently sooner or later” Zhang Zilin recommends: L’Oreal Cleansing All Day Moisturizing Cream For mixed skin, it’s easiest to dry out the oil and the inside, and treat it differently sooner or later.

During the day, pay attention to oil-free moisturizing and moisturizing. I will use a foam-free cleanser with refreshing toner and hydrating essence, and then apply a low-oil moisturizer to my cheeks with a light cream.

At night, it is expected to repair. It will thoroughly cleanse the skin with a foam-type cleanser, then apply moisturizing toner and apply a cream with a slightly higher oil content to the face. The T zone will only use moisturizing essence to allow the pores to breathe smoothly.

  Artist of Zhou Muyin: “Olive oil is anti-drying and cheap” I love to add olive oil to the bath, which can effectively fight against dryness in autumn.

The specific method is to add olive oil to the scrub after using the bath cream, which can help you remove dead skin and prevent the scrub from causing skin sensitivity.

  You can also add olive oil to body milk. Oily ingredients can effectively enhance the body’s ability to lock water.

When shampooing, you can also apply olive oil to the hair ends and massage, then rinse with shampoo, which is very useful for dry hair and static electricity.

  Fiona senior beauty Author: “Sydney Water Lily barley from moisture to prevent sensitive” Fiona Recommended: Guerlain hydration youth can live Toner early autumn dried easily lead to sensitive skin from the inside out to pay only really effective.

I will drink barley lily Sydney syrup all year round.

The specific method is to grab 2 barley, 1 dried lily, then soak the lily, barley for 2 hours, add 1 Sydney, and cook together for about 30 minutes, then add honey, the whitening and moisturizing effect is very good.

  Yang Xueyi: “It’s better to change keratin metabolism during the season” After one summer, the skin’s oil secretion increases, and the metabolism is fast, there will be some accumulation of hypertrophic keratin on the skin; coupled with the external ultraviolet radiation, the skin becomes darksink.

  At this time, only products that require keratin metabolism, such as mild scrubs and toners with keratin cleansing effects, help the skin to clean the keratin and make it easier for the skin to absorb nutrients.

  Favorite singer: “Essential oil has anti-allergic effect” Recommended: Uskincare Soothing Essence Essential Oil is very effective in soothing sensitive skin.

I prefer to buy blended Shumin essential oils.

The timing of using essential oils is also very important. In the bathroom after bathing, apply on wooden boards while the pores are still open.

  It can also be used during meditation and yoga, as this will promote the absorption of essential oils and double the effect.

Remind you if you use essential oils, do not use other skin care products at the same time, so as not to hinder the absorption of essential oils.

  Tan Zhuoyi: “Reduce massage for sensitive skin” When skin is sensitive, you must reduce the use of massage cream. Massage will accelerate the blood flow of the skin, increase the temperature of the skin surface, and increase sensitivity.

Conversely, washing your face with cold water, or even applying an ice pack to your face, is good for alleviating sensitivities.

H2O + training manager: “Mixed skin is best to use a cream mask in the early autumn season.” Mixed skin, it is important to hydrate the cheeks during the season, but the T zone must continue to control oil.

Therefore, it is best not to switch to a creamy or moisturizing product at once, which will increase the burden on the T zone.

  For example, although a facial mask, a non-woven fabric mask can replenish the cheeks, it becomes oily in the T zone, so it is recommended to choose a creamy mask, which has the advantage that it can be used in different regions.

You can use an oil-controlling mask in the T zone, and use a moisturizing effect on the cheeks.

  Sqin Beauty Specialist: “Anti-allergic treatment as a mask” When the skin has been allergic, you can use the anti-allergic drugs that are orally taken on hand, such as asestin or keratin.

You can crush and grind the 2 pieces, make a paste with pure water, and apply it thinly on a wooden board to avoid the eyes and lips.

Applying it for 2-3 days can effectively save allergies.

  You can also find a small clean watering can, re-dissolve the 2 anti-allergic reactions in pure water, and spray it on your face as a spray, especially before bedtime. The effect is also very good.

  Artists of Moonlight: “When sensitive, it ‘s safer to replace the mask with a thicker face cream.”The nutritional content is relatively simple, and it is more pure and safer than face wash.

I will use a thicker face cream to replace the mask, so that the skin will reduce contact with strange ingredients.

Easy home yoga

Easy home yoga

Single lotus practice lotus sitting is the basic sitting posture in yoga. You can do this while watching TV. It can help move multiple ligaments in the body and keep the meridians open.


Maintain a normal sitting position with legs straight.

Succumb to the left leg, place the instep of the left foot on the groin of the right thigh, put your hands on the upper left, and gently do the upper and lower elastic exercise several times to make it finally touch the ground.


After slowly restoring the left leg, massage your hands and step on your feet.


Change your right leg and gently press your right leg in accordance with your left leg action.


The above action is repeated three to five times; pay attention not to overstretch the leg each time.

  Cat fractures behind the chair can increase spinal elasticity, nourish the nervous system, improve blood circulation, improve digestion and help eliminate excess.


Hold the back of the chair with both hands, legs close together and straight.


Inhale, raise your head, and contract your hip muscles so that they collapse properly before and after.

Breathe naturally and hold for a few seconds.


Exhale, drop your head, arch your hips, and tighten your abdominal muscles.

Breathe naturally and hold for a few seconds.

Repeat five or six times.

Green vegetables

Green vegetables

Various vitamins contained in vegetables have been found to be related to cancer prevention. For example, the replacement of vitamin C in green vegetables can inhibit the synthesis of carcinogen nitrosamine. Carotene is a precursor of vitamin A, and vitamin A is to maintain the normal differentiation of epithelial cells., An important ingredient to prevent malignancy.

The large family of vitamin E and vitamin B also play an important role in maintaining the body’s immune function and enzyme metabolism.


Cruciferous plants: most types of vegetables are eaten by their stems and leaves, such as Chinese cabbage, pakchoi, cabbage, cauliflower, and rape.

Varieties of vegetables contain cyanuramide derivatives, which can induce the activity of various enzymes, reduce the anti-cancer effect, and contain trace elements molybdenum and zinc.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the sexual taste is more cool, and the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying is obvious.


Rhizome vegetables: such as carrots, radishes, bamboo shoots, sweet potatoes, etc. Some also belong to cruciferous plants, but they are eaten in underground rhizomes and contain more carotene to prevent cancer.

Containing many fibers, Chinese medicine claims that it is good for broadening the bowel and reducing the effect of regulating qi.


Seaweed plants: such as kelp, laver, konbu and other foods.

It can extract polysaccharides, improve immune function to prevent cancer, and high iodine content to maintain normal thyroid function.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the sexual taste is mostly salty cold, which has the functions of softening and firming, and eliminating gluttony.


Edible fungi: such as shiitake mushrooms, straw mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, etc., and black fungus, tremella, etc., combined with polysaccharides and ribonucleic acid to promote cellular immunity and interferon production.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that polysexuality, sweetness, invigorating qi and resolving phlegm, often have both righting and eliminating evil.

Maintenance recipes for treating stomach problems

Maintenance recipes for treating stomach problems

As the saying goes, “the stomach must be ruled by three points and raised by seven points”, so the maintenance recipes for stomach problems are very important and there are many. Today I will introduce some maintenance recipes that are easy to do in comfort.Helped.

  1. Starting from daily life, at least three meals a day should be quantified regularly, it is best to set a schedule for yourself, and then strictly observe it.

At the same time, the instant sleep time has an effect, because some people who sleep late and get up late eat together for breakfast and lunch. This habit must be changed. It is not that supper can be replaced at night because the biological clock can move back and forth.But always within a certain range, it is impossible to make much difference.

  2. In general, people with poor digestive function in the stomach will be full if they eat a little, and they will bloat if they eat a little more. Especially if they eat more at night, they will fall asleep because of stomach stagnation.

Hard, fibrous things don’t digest well.

In fact, it is recommended to eat less and more meals. If it is not time for dinner, you can add some food, but it should not be too much. You must remember that this is not a regular meal. You should eat it as normal.

  The food is mainly soft and loose. Some of the more suitable and refreshing things should not be eaten because these things are the most difficult to digest.

It is best to drink soup before meals. Drinking after meals will also increase digestion difficulties.

It is best not to eat for two or three hours before falling asleep, otherwise it will easily affect falling asleep. If you feel empty stomach, you can drink more water.

  3, people with stomach problems should quit smoking, alcohol, coffee, strong tea, carbonated drinks (soda), hot and sour irritating foods, these are the most upset stomach.

The spleen of the stomach is hot and dry, so cold drinks and ice cream must also be abstained. The food should be hot, which is a test for anyone, especially in the hot summer season.

  There are two types of beverages that should be drunk, one is milk and the other is hot water.

Milk can form a protective film for the stomach. It is best to drink a glass of milk after getting up every morning.

Drink plenty of water, especially hot water, because in most cases people mistake water for hunger.

  4. Although soy milk is good, it is cold and cannot replace milk.

  5, steamed bread can nourish the stomach, may wish to try as a staple food.

  6. Other vegetables and fruits are indispensable for the human body, so they should be sufficient.

But it is best to cook it softer before eating, so that the stomach will feel better.

Vegetables and peels have more fiber and can be eaten in moderation, but not too much and not easy to digest, so fruits can be eaten relatively.

  7, people with stomach problems should not exercise after meals, it is best to rest and wait for the stomach food to digest almost before starting work, or walking slowly, it is better for digestion, in short, it is not appropriate to work after a meal.

  8. In non-acute situations, taking medicine is not recommended, because there are alternatives to taking medicine for a long time, and stomach disease is a chronic disease, and it is impossible to cure in a short time.

If necessary, it is advisable to go to Chinese medicine. The prescription of Chinese medicine is especially effective for raising the stomach.

  9. Papaya is suitable for the spleen nature of the stomach and can be regarded as a nourishing food, but for people with gastric acid free radicals, do not use too much.

In addition, we must remember that the stomach is dry and cold, and other cold foods such as mung bean paste should not be eaten except ice.

  Tips: Stomach disease is a chronic disease and cannot be cured in a short time.

The cure for illness is to rely on “nurture”. If you are in a hurry, you can only get it from the improvement of living habits.

We all need a good stomach, and these changes in habits are necessary.

Beware of common diseases in children 3 to 7 years old

Beware of common diseases in children 3 to 7 years old

Symptoms of nasal septum deviation: Nasal septum deviation refers to the deviation of the nasal septum from the midline to vertical or two curved or local interactions that cause nasal dysfunction or symptoms.

The main symptoms are: alternating or persistent nasal congestion, headache, nosebleeds, and pus.

  Response measures: 1. Those with the above symptoms affecting daily life and found that the deviated nasal septum should consider hospital surgery.

  2. Must be distinguished from nasal septal hypertrophy and chronic rhinitis.

  3. Surgery includes nasal septum submucosal resection or nasal septum angioplasty.

  Cause: Common causes include-trauma, abnormal development, tumor foreign body compression in the nasal cavity, etc.

  Prevention: Children should always pay attention to exercise safety to prevent nose damage due to falls, collisions, and fights.

  Vulnerable age: after 3 years old.

  Nasal bone fracture symptoms: Nasal bone fractures are mostly caused by external nasal trauma.

The most common symptoms are nosebleeds and local pain.

  Countermeasures: 1. First, determine if there is a fracture, and you can do X-ray examination.

And eliminate brain surgery, especially cerebrospinal fluid nasal leakage.

  2. For those who have no displacement of nasal bone fracture, no other treatment is needed to give hemostasis to the nasal cavity.

  3. Nasal deformities should be performed before the swelling occurs or after the swelling has subsided.

(It is performed within one week after the injury. If it is more than two weeks, it is difficult to reset due to epiphyseal formation.

As the residual deformity is not corrected in a timely manner, angioplasty correction is required.

) 4. The replacement of closed nasal bone fractures can be performed in the clinic: open nasal bone fractures usually require hospitalization.

  5. Give antibiotics appropriately to prevent infection.

  Cause: Mostly caused by external nasal trauma.

  Prevention: After the child enters the kindergarten, do not rush and run indoors, and do not fight with other children.

  Vulnerable age: after 3 years old.
  Symptoms of “Children’s Disease”: Children who ride a baby carriage for a long time will develop abnormally: two stretches and stretches, two lower legs spread out, the two knees cannot move together when they are close together, they look like “X”;When the elbows are bent and the elbows are closed (upright posture), the knee joints cannot be moved together and become an “O” shape, which is also called a “loop leg”.

  Response: Parents should often check their children’s legs, and if any abnormalities are found, they should be corrected in time.

For mild “X” shaped legs, children can sit cross-knees, about 20 minutes each time, three times a day. In severe cases, they should go to the hospital to correct.

  Causes: 1.

The design of some strollers is unreasonable, does not meet the children’s physiological characteristics and physiological security requirements, the distance between the two pedals is excessive, and the distance between the saddle and the pedals is too long or too short.


Some children have short young legs and barely reach the pedals, while older children step on their feet again and have to bend their legs while cycling.

Young children’s bones are in the period of growth and development, and their plasticity is very strong. The strength of their muscles is weak. The above two conditions can easily affect the normal development of their lower limb bones, resulting in morphological abnormalities.

In addition, if the stroller seat is high and the center of gravity is unstable, it is not easy for the child to master the balance when riding, and he often falls and is injured when turning or at a high speed.

For those children wearing crotch pants, prolonged exposure can easily cause local skin damage.

  Prevention: First, to improve the design of the stroller, the spacing between the pedals and the spacing between the pedals of the seat should conform to the physiological characteristics of the child. The seat should preferably be designed to be adjustable and adjust as needed.

The second is to master the age of children’s cycling, too small or too large should not ride a stroller.

It should not be too long for each ride.

  Vulnerable age: 4?
7-year old.

Experts: Dietary Suggestions About Hypertension

Experts: Dietary Suggestions About Hypertension

Dietary recommendations for patients with hypertension.

Hypertension patients should plan to eat less frequently, avoiding being full, not obese, and not overeating. Hypertension patients are often obese and must eat low-calorie foods. It should be controlled daily8.

At about 36 MJ, the staple food is 150-250 grams per day, and animal protein and vegetable protein each account for 50%.

Hypertensive patients without kidney disease or gout disease can eat more soybeans, peanuts, black fungus or white fungus and fruits.

In order to keep blood pressure relatively stable, patients with hypertension should try to avoid irritating foods such as spicy condiments.

Black tea contains caffeine toxicity, so it is best for patients with hypertension to avoid drinking black tea water.

Residual acid in tea is easily precipitated by combining with the drug, so avoid swallowing with tea when taking the drug to avoid affecting the hypotensive effect.

The low salt recommended in the diet of hypertension patients should be strictly controlled at 2-5 grams per person per day, that is, about a small spoon.

The amount of salt should also be marinated with sodium in cooking soy sauce, 3 ml of soy sauce is equivalent to 1 g of salt.

Salty (pickled) vegetables, fermented bean curd, bacon (egg), pickled products, clams, shrimps, preserved eggs, as well as vegetables such as artemisia, grass head, water spinach and other vegetables are high in sodium and should be eaten as little as possible.

When edema is obvious in patients with hypertension, salt should be strictly controlled.

However, long-term low or lack of salt can lead to loss of appetite and general weakness, so it cannot be salt-free.

  The dietary recommendations for patients with hypertension suggest that potassium-supplemented foods that enter the body can counteract the pressure-boosting and vascular injury effects caused by sodium, and can often “show up” in recipes.

Types of food include beans, winter mushrooms, black dates, almonds, walnuts, peanuts, potatoes, bamboo shoots, lean meat, fish, poultry, root vegetables such as amaranth, rape, shallots, spinach, pakchoi and tomatoes, and fruits such as bananas, Dates, peaches, oranges, etc.

Eating potassium-containing food can even protect myocardial cells, and it can also alleviate the adverse consequences caused by too much sodium.

However, when hypertension is complicated by renal insufficiency, it is not advisable to eat foods containing more potassium, otherwise potassium accumulation in the body will be caused by oliguria, resulting in cardiac rhythm disorders and cardiac arrest.

Dietary recommendations for hypertension patients Fish is indeed the first choice for patients with hypertension, because epidemiological surveys found that eating fish once a week has a significantly lower mortality rate from hypertension than non-eating fish.

Dietary Recommendations for Hypertensive Patients Fruits and Vegetables Every day the human body needs B vitamins and vitamin C, which can be satisfied by eating more fresh vegetables and fruits.

Some people advocate that eating 1-2 apples a day is good for health, and fruits are supplemented with calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, etc.

Dietary advice for hypertensive patients Calcium supplementation Some people have hypertension patients take 1 gram of calcium a day and found that blood pressure drops after 8 weeks.

Therefore, you should eat more trace calcium foods, such as soybeans, sunflower seeds, walnuts, milk, peanuts, fish and shrimp, red dates, fresh snow hoe, garlic seedlings, seaweed and so on.

Research on iron supplementation for dietary recommendations for hypertensive patients found that plasma iron in elderly patients with hypertension is lower than normal, so eating more peas, fungus and other foods that replace iron can not only lower blood pressure, but also prevent elderly anemia.

Dietary advice for patients with hypertension Drink natural mineral water containing lithium, strontium, zinc, selenium, iodine and other essential trace elements in the human body. The boiled water will precipitate due to the calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, etc. that are beneficial to the human body.Reduced, so for standard absorption should be drunk.

Tea contains tea polyphenols, and the content of green tea is higher than that of black tea. It can prevent the oxidation of vitamin C and help the utilization of vitamin C in the body instead of eliminating harmful chromium ions.

It also contains trace elements such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and fluorine.

Therefore, use 4-6 grams of tea (equivalent to 2-3 cups of teabags) daily for long-term use, which is good for the human body.

Dinners for patients with hypertension should be light and light, and excessive greasy foods can cause strokes.

Edible oil should use vegetable oil containing vitamin E and linoleic acid; do not eat sweets.

Eat more high-fiber foods such as bamboo shoots, greens, Chinese cabbage, winter melon, tomatoes, eggplant, bean sprouts, jellyfish, kelp, onions, etc., and a small amount of fish, shrimp, poultry, skimmed milk powder, egg white, etc.

Meditation-Self Attempt of Yoga

Meditation: Self-Trying Yoga

When you start meditating, it means that you are ready to experience the silence and deep mysteries that come from your heart.

  Close your eyes to gain insight into the nature of things, just as your eyes have never been closed. This is a whole new world. We have to master the self to explore the world, explore the world of the self, and meditation is the self-wake.

  Close your eyes and feel that far away in the body that transcends thought, materiality, and behavior.

Close your eyes to feel the meditation carefully. This is a journey of life. We sail slowly, we will experience from “relative knowledge of things” to “absolute experience of matter”. We will also find that there is no mood in meditation.Shape and color.

  Closing your eyes, only sound pervades your ears, closes your senses, shrinks your desires, and you slowly move forward to explore the inner world. This is another place that transcends our bodies.

Consciousness flickers, don’t worry, don’t be confused, let it come slowly, follow it slowly, self is the witness of the soul, it is unmoved.

Transcend your body, surpass it, keep keeping your eyes closed, deeper and deeper, discarded names, shapes, and colored thoughts, slowly throw these imaginations away and surpass your body.

  There is no fear in that place, you become higher and higher, higher and higher, beyond the interstellar.

In this distant place, beyond my body, in this sacred universe, guarding myself, leap.

  Continuing on this way, it seems like a cardiovascular car, driving farther and farther, farther and farther, beyond the body, beyond the senses, and beyond the mind.

Lose your fear, except for “the Great Brahma of self”, nothing can reach you, and you will not touch it.

  Closed eyes, as you get deeper and deeper into this place, you will see the mysterious light and mist, blue and blue, lotus color, red, green, yellow, purple.

You can see countless bright silver rays passing through the darkness and following its direction, it helps you move forward, deeper and deeper.

Beyond the body, beyond consciousness, beyond the senses, beyond pain and joy.

Chess rushing car, continue to drive, the farther and farther, the faster and faster.

Colors are coming towards you, they float over your eyes, touch your skin, touch your heart, close your eyes to observe them, you try, you are still moving.

  Relax your cheeks, raise your jaw, take a deep breath, always keep your alert, let yourself experience the activity of meditation, it is like a naughty child.

When you see the color swaying in the dark, you know it is getting closer and closer to you.

You see all the colors turn into colored smoke.

These colored smoke have just begun to rise, begin to swirl, and begin to transform.

At the same time you rise continuously with each breath.

  Breathe evenly and slowly. Don’t let your mind control your breathing.

With the thoughts floating on our bodies, you seem to be going through a journey, a journey of self.

Continue to transcend your body, transcend thought, transcend material .

6 fitness exercises to build your body

6 fitness exercises to build your body

Skating can make your leg muscles stronger and more elastic.

Bicycles can exercise your leg joints and thigh muscles.

Jogging and walking are good for weight loss.

Golf is a sport that benefits both physiology and golf.

Horse riding can exercise your whole body muscles.

Volleyball makes your collaboration more powerful!

  Sports plan one: roller skating rinks of various sizes, the real ice rink has also opened a lot of homes, have you been there?

In summer, you can go roller skating, and in winter, it is a good time for skating. Skating is very helpful for the training of coordination ability.

  For the crowd: There is no age limit, but it is recommended that you learn as soon as possible, if you do not currently have it.

  Sports equipment: sportswear (if you are new, don’t wear skirts), skates.

  Exercise effect: It helps to exercise the coordination ability of the body. Physically, it can make your leg muscles stronger and more elastic.

At the same time, skating is a large amount of exercise, it will increase your lung capacity.

  Aunt burn value: 420 calories / hour.

  Sports evaluation: such a rehabilitation exercise, take action quickly!

  Exercise Option 2: Bicycle This is an exercise we are not familiar with. It effectively integrates fitness with our daily lives. With it, it will not take up our extra time.

  Suitable for the crowd: anyone, unless you are an ordinary person or an athlete, and regardless of your age.

  Sports equipment: baseball bike, if you are not an athlete, such as ordinary bicycles.

  Sports costs: You don’t need any extra costs other than normal bicycle maintenance.

  Exercise effect: This is the most easily absorbed exercise method, it can exercise your leg joints and thigh muscles, and it is also effective for the exercise of the foot and joint joints.

It also helps your blood circulation system.

  Aunt burn value: 240 calories / hour.

  Sports evaluation: The sports that are most conducive to adherence are the closest to nature and the most economical.

  Exercise plan three: Jogging / walking. No sport is more popular than jogging and walking. It doesn’t require much investment, but it can have great benefits. Americans even created a new word called “WOGGING”.Combining the words jogging and walking, which means to combine jogging and walking to reflect the inseparability of sports.

  For the crowd: suitable for all people, if you love sports or love to lose weight, it is best to choose running; if you do not have time, it is recommended that you put your morning exercise on the way to work, it is best to walk without taking a car.

  Sports equipment: sportswear and running shoes.

  Sports cost: None; if you are not very picky, the asphalt road can be your sports ground.

  Exercise effect: It has great benefits to the heart and blood circulation system. Maintaining a certain amount of exercise every day (more than 30 minutes) will be beneficial to weight loss. The best way is to run and combine.

  Aunt burn value: jogging: 420 calories / hour; walking: 240 calories / hour.

  Sports evaluation: low investment, high yield, but expensive.

  Sports plan four: Golf Golf has always been regarded as a gentleman’s sport. In fact, it is also suitable for women. The beautiful court environment and moderate amount of exercise allow you to exercise.

  For the crowd: Anyone from 8 to 80 years old can, but it is easier to ignore patience and flexible people, but it can also make you into a patient and flexible person.

  Sports equipment: clothing suitable for sports, golf shoes and gloves, a bat.

  Sports effect: This exercise is closely combined with walking. In an 18-hole course, you can walk 6-8 kilometers; the swing action helps your body to compress; as much as possible, beautifulThe stadium pays more attention to your comfort.

  Adult burning value: about 270 calories / hour, a round of time is about 3 hours, so you can burn 810 calories conversion.

  Sports evaluation: Sports that benefit both physiology and health, but the intake is relatively large.

  Sport plan five: Horseback riding seems a little far away from us. In the impression, how smart can be the horse, but no matter what, horseback riding is a fashion and a trend.

  Suitable for the crowd: women under 40 years of age, because this exercise is dangerous.

  Sports equipment: riding gear (can also be general sportswear), horses (preferably bundled with spiritual, accessible horses), hats.  Sports effect: can exercise your agility and coordination, and can make your whole body muscles exercise, especially the leg muscles.

  Aunt burn value: 240 calories / hour.

Sports evaluation: Close to the natural way of exercise, make your physiology happy.

  Sports plan six: Volleyball When our women’s volleyball team won five consecutive championships, we were not big, but it made many of us hooked on this sport. Volleyball makes our minds more flexible.The charm of art is that it requires collective effort.

  Suitable for the crowd: people under 35 years old, after all, its exercise intensity is very large.

  Sports equipment: sportswear, sneakers.

  Exercise effect: In fact, the longer you are, it is recommended that you join this exercise as early as possible. The exercise effect on the arm muscles and abdominal muscles is particularly obvious, and it is also very helpful for improving your sensitivity.

  Aunt combustion value: 180 calories / hour.

  Sports evaluation: make your collaboration more powerful!