How to respond to your boyfriend’s first kiss

How to respond to your boyfriend’s first kiss

The first kiss may be beautiful, or it may be a nightmare. If you do n’t want a bad kiss to destroy the love relationship you and his painstakingly run, please pay attention to the practical tricks of the first kiss I provided.

  Girls must first understand the fact: when the two enter the first kiss phase, they will be a little shy, embarrassed and unnatural. If not, it will not be a first kiss.

However, there are several principles that can make your dream moment come true.


Keep calm: Many people are looking forward to their first kiss. In fact, the more you care about it, the more likely you are to get nervous. “Let it be, keep calm” is definitely the first point that has remained unchanged forever.


Join your lips: press your lips against his, then open your mouth slightly (and of course the teeth!)

) Your tongues will touch each other.

Let your tongue follow his gentle movement and close your eyes . At this time, you can put your hand on his chest or waist, or use your fingers to move between his hair.


Adjust your breathing: When kissing, you are most afraid of getting out of breath, especially when the kiss is deep and the meaning of the kiss is still not exhausted.

Remember, when you are out of breath, close your mouth slowly and kiss his face and let your lips meet.

In this way, you can kiss for several minutes.


Warm response: In order to relax the atmosphere after the first kiss and reduce the short period of time after the kiss, you can smile at him or hold his hands tightly, indicating that the kiss just before is really better.It ‘s not as romantic as you expected, so do n’t worry, for the first time, you will unavoidably miss it. Make good use of some of the above tips to make your kisses leap forward!

  In the end you just have to remember: the perfect first kiss can only be seen in the movie, everyone has their own way of kissing, there is no so-called right or wrong, just feel it with your heart.