Actresses share 10 tips for changing the skin in early autumn_1

Actresses share 10 tips for changing the skin in the early autumn

It’s time to change seasons again, the sun is still there, but the dryness and sensitivity come one after another.

How to maintain supple skin and how to adapt to the sensitive period of changing seasons, so that you who are happy with yourself will learn from your own handsome male beauty!

  Dai Feifei Cross-Border Artist: “Toner is easier to absorb as a mask” The skin’s “appetite” will deteriorate during the season. I will not force the skin to absorb products with a high concentration of essence. Instead, use a refreshing toner with a compressed paper film to apply the face.Moisturizes without burdening the skin.

The toner used today contains watermelon crystalline powder and barley extract, which works very well.

  Miss Zhang Zilin: “Mixed skin should be treated differently sooner or later” Zhang Zilin recommends: L’Oreal Cleansing All Day Moisturizing Cream For mixed skin, it’s easiest to dry out the oil and the inside, and treat it differently sooner or later.

During the day, pay attention to oil-free moisturizing and moisturizing. I will use a foam-free cleanser with refreshing toner and hydrating essence, and then apply a low-oil moisturizer to my cheeks with a light cream.

At night, it is expected to repair. It will thoroughly cleanse the skin with a foam-type cleanser, then apply moisturizing toner and apply a cream with a slightly higher oil content to the face. The T zone will only use moisturizing essence to allow the pores to breathe smoothly.

  Artist of Zhou Muyin: “Olive oil is anti-drying and cheap” I love to add olive oil to the bath, which can effectively fight against dryness in autumn.

The specific method is to add olive oil to the scrub after using the bath cream, which can help you remove dead skin and prevent the scrub from causing skin sensitivity.

  You can also add olive oil to body milk. Oily ingredients can effectively enhance the body’s ability to lock water.

When shampooing, you can also apply olive oil to the hair ends and massage, then rinse with shampoo, which is very useful for dry hair and static electricity.

  Fiona senior beauty Author: “Sydney Water Lily barley from moisture to prevent sensitive” Fiona Recommended: Guerlain hydration youth can live Toner early autumn dried easily lead to sensitive skin from the inside out to pay only really effective.

I will drink barley lily Sydney syrup all year round.

The specific method is to grab 2 barley, 1 dried lily, then soak the lily, barley for 2 hours, add 1 Sydney, and cook together for about 30 minutes, then add honey, the whitening and moisturizing effect is very good.

  Yang Xueyi: “It’s better to change keratin metabolism during the season” After one summer, the skin’s oil secretion increases, and the metabolism is fast, there will be some accumulation of hypertrophic keratin on the skin; coupled with the external ultraviolet radiation, the skin becomes darksink.

  At this time, only products that require keratin metabolism, such as mild scrubs and toners with keratin cleansing effects, help the skin to clean the keratin and make it easier for the skin to absorb nutrients.

  Favorite singer: “Essential oil has anti-allergic effect” Recommended: Uskincare Soothing Essence Essential Oil is very effective in soothing sensitive skin.

I prefer to buy blended Shumin essential oils.

The timing of using essential oils is also very important. In the bathroom after bathing, apply on wooden boards while the pores are still open.

  It can also be used during meditation and yoga, as this will promote the absorption of essential oils and double the effect.

Remind you if you use essential oils, do not use other skin care products at the same time, so as not to hinder the absorption of essential oils.

  Tan Zhuoyi: “Reduce massage for sensitive skin” When skin is sensitive, you must reduce the use of massage cream. Massage will accelerate the blood flow of the skin, increase the temperature of the skin surface, and increase sensitivity.

Conversely, washing your face with cold water, or even applying an ice pack to your face, is good for alleviating sensitivities.

H2O + training manager: “Mixed skin is best to use a cream mask in the early autumn season.” Mixed skin, it is important to hydrate the cheeks during the season, but the T zone must continue to control oil.

Therefore, it is best not to switch to a creamy or moisturizing product at once, which will increase the burden on the T zone.

  For example, although a facial mask, a non-woven fabric mask can replenish the cheeks, it becomes oily in the T zone, so it is recommended to choose a creamy mask, which has the advantage that it can be used in different regions.

You can use an oil-controlling mask in the T zone, and use a moisturizing effect on the cheeks.

  Sqin Beauty Specialist: “Anti-allergic treatment as a mask” When the skin has been allergic, you can use the anti-allergic drugs that are orally taken on hand, such as asestin or keratin.

You can crush and grind the 2 pieces, make a paste with pure water, and apply it thinly on a wooden board to avoid the eyes and lips.

Applying it for 2-3 days can effectively save allergies.

  You can also find a small clean watering can, re-dissolve the 2 anti-allergic reactions in pure water, and spray it on your face as a spray, especially before bedtime. The effect is also very good.

  Artists of Moonlight: “When sensitive, it ‘s safer to replace the mask with a thicker face cream.”The nutritional content is relatively simple, and it is more pure and safer than face wash.

I will use a thicker face cream to replace the mask, so that the skin will reduce contact with strange ingredients.