Twelve dietary taboos to eat like this, be careful to hurt


Twelve dietary taboos to eat like this, be careful to hurt

First, come up to drink carbonated drinks, cola, carbonated water and other carbonated drinks are carbonated water plus sugar and pigment, not only zero nutrition, the price is very low.

Drinking carbonated drinks when you come up, there will be people who fight, swollen, and also have a loss of appetite.

And the instant energy of a can of cola is equal to a bowl of rice. If you drink more, maybe you haven’t started eating anything yet, this spot has exceeded the standard.

If you really want to drink sweet drinks, freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juice is better.

Second, fasting fish and seafood fish and seafood are rich in protein, and if eaten on an empty stomach, these proteins will be converted into a waste of conversion.

Not only can not make up the body, but it will increase the burden on the body.

In addition, eating seafood and fish on an empty stomach will increase the body’s absorption of sputum, which may lead to gout.

Third, eat the cream cake cream cake looks beautiful, in fact, is the flower clothes with the pigment and plant cream.

On the cost of less than one dollar, on nutrition, it is not only high in oil and high in sugar, but trans fatty acids in vegetable butter are more harmful to humans than lard.

If you want to eat cakes and are not afraid of fat, cheese cakes are more nutritious and more expensive, you can eat a small piece of relief.

Fourth, in addition to alkaloids in tea boiled egg tea, there are also acidic substances. These compounds combine with iron in eggs, which have a stimulating effect on the stomach and are not conducive to digestion and absorption.

Five, scrambled eggs put MSG, the egg itself contains a lot of glutamic acid similar to MSG, so when scrambled eggs put MSG, but it can not increase the umami, but will destroy and cover up the natural flavor of eggs.

Sixth, red and white radish mixed with white radish, vitamin C content is extremely high, but the carrot contains a decomposition enzyme called ascorbic acid, which will destroy the vitamin C in white radish.

Once the red and white radish is combined, the vitamin C in the white radish will be lost.

In this way, carrots replace the role of destroyers when cooked with vegetables containing vitamin C.

There are also courgettes, pumpkins, etc., which also contain decomposing enzymes like carrots.

Seven, radish fruit with the same into the scientist scientists found that after the radish and other cruciferous vegetables into the human body, metabolism will soon produce an anti-thyroid substance —- sulfur.

How much this substance produces is proportional to the amount absorbed.

At this time, if you add fruits containing a lot of plant pigments such as oranges, pears, apples, grapes, etc., the flavonoids in these fruits are converted into bacteria and converted into hydroxyethyltoluene and ferulic acid, which can strengthen the sulfur.Inhibits the action of the thyroid gland, thereby inducing or causing goiter.

Eight, seafood and fruit with fish, shrimp, algae, rich in protein and calcium and other nutrients, if eaten with fruits containing carboxylic acid, many times will reduce the nutritional value of protein, and easy to make seafoodThe combination of calcium and sulphuric acid forms a new, non-digestible substance that can irritate the stomach and cause discomfort, causing stomach pain, vomiting, and nausea.

Fruits containing gluconic acid include persimmons, grapes, pomegranates, hawthorn, and green fruits.

Therefore, these fruits should not be eaten at the same time as seafood dishes, and should be separated by two hours.

Nine, milk and oranges with the same food just after drinking milk to eat oranges, the protein in the milk will first meet with the fruit acid and vitamin c in the orange and solidify into a block, affecting digestion and absorption, and will cause people to bloating, abdominal pain,Symptoms such as diarrhea.

Ten, wine and carrots with food recently, American food experts warned people: wine and carrots with food is very dangerous.

Experts pointed out that because the rich beta carotene in carrots enters the human body together with alcohol, it will produce toxins in the liver, causing liver disease.

Especially after some carrot juice, don’t go drinking right away.

11. Liquor and soda drink together because of liquor, soda will quickly evaporate alcohol in the whole body and produce a lot of carbon dioxide. It has serious harm to organs such as stomach, intestine, liver and kidney, and also damages cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
Twelve, when drinking meat, some people eat meat, seafood and other high-protein foods, and soon drink tea, thinking that it can help digestion.

As everyone knows, a large number of amino acids in tea combined with protein will produce astringent amino acid protein, which will slow down the peristalsis and prolong the time of stool retention.

It is easy to form constipation and increase the possibility of toxic and carcinogenic substances being absorbed by the body.