Inventory of common Chinese medicine

Inventory of common Chinese medicine

Yaoyin mainly has the characteristics of abundant drug sources, easy to find, and a variety of freshness, which can meet the needs of dialectical treatment and flexible drug use.

The dosage should be prescribed by your doctor to achieve the desired effect.

Commonly used drugs are cited as follows: Ginger: It has the effects of scattered cold, warm and dry, and vomiting.

A variety of Chinese patent medicines for treating cold and exogenous feelings, stomach cold and vomiting, as well as Xiangsha Liujun Pills for strengthening the spleen and stomach, is ginger 3?
5 tablets (9?
15g), decoction and take the soup.

  Lu Gen: It is better to have fresh ones, which have the effects of clearing heat, regenerating, quenching thirst, and vomiting.

People who are experiencing wind fever or acne onset.

With reed root 10?
15 grams, Jiantang sent Yinqiao detoxification tablets, children rejuvenating Dan effective.

  Salt: It can lead medicine into the kidney. Therefore, kidney-reinforcing drugs (mainly drugs for nourishing kidney-yin), such as Dabuyin Pill, Liuwei Dihuang Pill, etc., should be taken with saline.

Generally use two grams of table salt, add 250 ml of water to dissolve.

  Rice soup: can protect the stomach, some bitter cold medicines for treating gastrointestinal disorders, such as dressing pills, should be served with rice soup, Xianglian pills should be served with millet soup.

When using, take the soup when cooking, regardless of lightness and dosage.

  Brown sugar: It has the effect of promoting blood circulation and dispersing cold, and can treat gynecological deficiency and cold, and the proprietary Chinese medicines for blood deficiency can be taken with brown sugar water.

  Loquat juice: It can clear heat and stop bleeding. If you use fresh loquat juice to deliver ten ash powder, the hemostatic effect is better.

Take the fresh ravioli, wash it, chop it, add cold boiling water to smash it a little, wrap it with gauze and squeeze the juice, use half a cup (about 100 ml) each time.

  Light on: It has the effect of dispersing cold in Tongyang and helping sweating.

Treatment of exogenous wind and cold, it is advisable to light white 2?
3 chopped roots, decocting water to take Jingfangbaidu pills and other medicines.

  Rice wine or white wine: Alcoholic heat, functions to pass through the meridians, and diffuse cold.

Traditional Chinese medicines for treating cold and dampness, waist, leg, shoulder and arm pain, blood cold amenorrhea and postpartum diseases, the beginning of bruises and sores, cold diseases, such as Huoluo Pills, canal pills, etc.
The usual amount is rice wine 25?
50ml, reduce the amount of white wine, and adjust the dosage according to gender, physical fitness, and the amount of alcohol.

  In addition, honey that nourishes the lungs and coughs, jujube for the spleen and stomach, bamboo ruts for heat and diuresis, rushes, etc. can also be used as medicines, which can help to exert the curative effect of the medicine.