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Farewell Little Red Face Six Ways to Deal with Sensitive Muscles

Dry and cold winter days have invaded our lives accompanied by sharp cooling, cold winds, excessive air conditioning, and many people cannot quickly adapt to this sudden season.

All this also makes our skin more and more sensitive. As soon as we go out, the skin will become tight. After a cold wind, our face will become red, dry, and sensitive people have headaches, but do n’t worry, the editor teaches you 6 tips today.Prevent winter sensitive muscles, let’s take a look together!

  Firstly, choose a slightly acidic facial cleansing skin. In winter, the skin is very sensitive due to dryness and lack of water. Therefore, when choosing care products, you should choose skin care products that do not contain fragrance, alcohol, and preservatives.

For cleansers, do not choose too strong and irritating alkaline products. Because too strong alkaline will hurt the skin, a mild and slightly acidic facial cleanser is better.

Use your hands instead of a face brush or sponge when washing your face to avoid oversensitivity caused by friction.

  The second method is to use a non-alcoholic toner. Toners generally have astringent pores and make the skin taut. Therefore, most of them contain alcohol, which will cause redness on sensitive skin after use.

Therefore, sensitive skin should choose a mild, soothing and non-alcoholic, perfumed toner. When applying, use the index finger, middle finger and ring finger to flick lightly. Do not beat hard to cause irritation.

  The third measure to avoid the use of oil control formulas At present, although oil control products are popular, but people with sensitive skin lack oily nourishment, and the winter sun is not too thick. There is no need to use shine control ingredients in day cream, as long as it has the activity to lock skin moistureParticle skimming is fine.

At the same time, it is more targeted to replace the special anti-allergy series of major brands.

  The fourth trick is to use a tear-type mask at present. According to the effectiveness of the mask can be roughly divided into clean, moisturizing, whitening three types, there are tear-type, rinse, cotton type and so on.

For sensitive skin with weak defense ability, cotton type masks with moisturizing and whitening effects can be safely used; to reduce the use of masks with deep cleansing functions, if used, you can only choose the rinse type; tear-off masks should be avoided.

  Fifth trick to reduce exfoliation. Exfoliation is a one step skin care procedure for sensitive skin.

Due to the thin skin and the susceptibility to foreign objects, excessive massage and coarse scrub particles can cause sensitive skin damage.

Therefore, if you really need it, you can use a milder exfoliating cream, and once a week, it is enough.

  The sixth trick is to add more vitamin C. Vitamin C deficiency can easily make the skin rough and dry, causing sensitive symptoms such as dermatitis and peeling. Eating more fruits and vegetables of vitamin C can enhance the body’s resistance, restore skin elasticity, and help prevent allergic reactions.
  Recommended for sensitive skin in winter: Avene Living Spring Water Spray 158 yuan / 300ml Avene’s most proud living spring water contains a variety of trace elements and mineral ingredients. The 270-year-old pure natural Avene living spring water is soothing, anti-irritant and anti-free radical, Sensitive skin can also be used, under the air conditioning and cabin environment to replenish the skin at any time, after the sun can also soothe and repair the sunburned skin, definitely prepare a bottle.

  Recommended for sensitive skin in winter: Bekas mineral nutrition eye nourishing solution 480 yuan / 30ml specially designed to care for the fragile skin around the eyes, light and quickly absorbed by the skin, and triple active anti-oxidant effect to add moisture to the skin that is easy to dry;Strengthens the skin of the eye to fight against environmental aggressions and reduce dry lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness.

Suitable for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers.

  Recommended for sensitive skin in winter: Yiquanmin special protective cream 205 yuan / 40ml contains copper, zinc mineral ingredients, has a gentle healing effect, can effectively improve skin itching, burning and stinging.

It is specially designed for atopic and sensitive skin and allergic outbreaks. It cares for the skin accompanied by redness, swelling, heat, itching, and pimples, and appropriately corrects allergic symptoms to prevent the expansion of the sensitive range.

It can be used in conjunction with hospital medications, and it can be applied topically to itchy and swollen areas of the retina.

  Recommended for sensitive skin in winter: Bedma Hydra Moisturizing Night Cream RMB 438 / 40ml is suitable for dry and sensitive skin; Patented Aquageniuma Moisturizing Factor instantly moisturizes dehydrated skin and enhances moisturizing ability; deeply locks water to keep skin moisturizing; widthRefreshing and natural, soft and comfortable.

  Recommended for sensitive skin in winter: Bai Kangduo Chamomile Repairing Soft Emulsion 128 yuan / 30ml containing chamomile extract and chamomile essential oil is excellent for dry and sensitive skin.

  Recommended for sensitive skin in winter: Kiehl’s Gentle Eye Makeup Remover 180 yuan This unique and gentle eye make-up remover has been tested by an ophthalmologist and has the same pH as natural tears.Tingling.
Particularly suitable for sensitive contact lenses.

Completely removes eye makeup, and has a moisturizing and oxidizing effect while exerting mild cleansing effects.