Aside from dull makeup, office workers sharp out

Aside from dull makeup, office workers sharp out

Many young MMs have behaved well since entering the office and becoming white-collar workers. They have to be dignified and simple, not too exaggerated, and even their makeup has turned into light makeup.

Can’t OL put on a fresh, bright makeup?


hzh {display: none; }  面对时尚杂志林林总总的彩妆、各色各样的靓丽妆容,上班族的女士们又怎么甘心化个淡妆出去上班呢?In fact, as long as you add color or brightness to the makeup, the whole makeup will be refreshed.

The following is a demonstration for everyone to create an OL makeup that is not flamboyant and attractive, and everyone will not hinder doing it together!

  First, bright eye makeup tips: Replace the color mascara close to black, which can avoid the rigidity and thickness of the black mascara, and can enhance the brightness of the eyes, making the eyes look mysterious.

  Step 1: First use the black mascara to brush the bottom of the eyelashes a few times to make a base. This will enhance the volume of the eyelashes and make them look denser.

Then start from the middle and brush the dark blue mascara from the roots of the eyelashes with the “Z” upward.

  Tip: Before curling the mascara, tilt the lashes and apply a little pressure with your fingers to make the mascara easier to apply.

And remember to brush both the upper and lower lashes. If the upper lashes are not enough, you can repeat the second and third layers, and the lower lashes need not be too thick.

  Tip: The eye is the key part of the frame of the entire eye, and even affects the shape and size of the eye. Therefore, the makeup of the eye part must not be ignored. The eye part is painted well to make the entire eye makeup look more coherent and natural.,more complete.

  Step2: Put a thin blue eye shadow on the eye pillow area to make the eye makeup more coherent.

  Tip: You can use the eyeliner to outline the contour of the eye, and then use a broom to blur it. This will make it easier to grasp the shape of the eye.

  Effect: Blue mascara can highlight the lines of the eyes, giving people a bright fresh look!

  Product recommendation: Lancome Infinite Mascara Introduction: Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive eyes, instantly, if the real eyelashes are stretched out at the tip of my lashes, my lashes break through the length and charm.

  Editor’s comment: The slenderness and curling effect are excellent, super waterproof, and without using makeup remover, it will not bloom with water, even when swimming.

  Second, coral red natural blush tips: This makeup looks more prominent is the eye makeup, so in this case, the eyebrows and blush are generally tried to be lighter, so that you can compare the glamorous eye makeup betterTo appear.

  Choose a natural orange or coral blush for a youthful look.

Pay attention to the position of the blush: Brush the top of the cheekbones from the ear to the nose.

  Tip: Before applying blush, you may need to take a bit of effort. Apply a matte dark powder on the contours to condense the cheeks that are too wide to make the face look intellectually mature.

  Product recommendation: Mei Ke Fashionable Transparent Rouge Product Description: Fine powder, easy to apply makeup, it is the secret treasure of autumn and winter in the treasure chest of professional makeup artists.

Earth colors are perfect for nude makeup.

  Editor’s comment: This product has a good color and fine powder. It is more suitable for beginners to make-up MM. The color is lighter and lifelike. The after-scan effect is like the sun, super natural.

  Third, the gloss of lip gloss tips: Just like blush, choose a natural color that is closer to the lip color.

But it is not too monotonous, you can choose lip gloss with sequins or a heavier gloss.

  After putting on the lipstick, lightly touch the lip gloss in the center of the lips, and try to smooth it with a lip brush or a lip brush to increase the moisture and luster texture.

  Product recommendation: Anna Sui Magic Galaxy Lip Gloss Lip Gloss Product introduction: The lip gloss contains two kinds of crystal particles. After makeup, the effect is as delicate as spring flowers, and it can keep warm, moisturize and antioxidant.

In the pearly texture with high moisturizing and moisturizing effect, the delicate shimmering crystal particles are hidden to make your lips shine mysteriously!

  Editor’s comment: It has a transparent crystal sensation, excellent moisturizing, non-sticky, moisturizing lip gloss, smooth and bright color, you can easily play with lip gloss, and use it in combination with lipstick.

The appearance is also exquisite and beautiful.