Can babies eat honey?

Can babies eat honey?

There may be “botox” in honey, which can cause botox poisoning.

Botox is a rare and serious disease that can spread through botulinum-contaminated food.

  Botox is found in soil and dust.

During the process of bee making honey with pollen, bees may bring pollen and toxins with bacteria back to the beehive, and contaminate the honey with botox.

Therefore, the number of botulinum spores contained in honey is very high.

Studies have shown that very small amounts of botox can poison infants.

  Although the botulism virus itself is not toxic, when it enters the body of the baby, it grows and produces toxins in the rehabilitation, which can lead to poisoning. Infants and older children are different from adults. Infants under the age of 1 have notA good overall micro-ecological barrier is formed to resist the invasion of botulinum spores. When the baby ingests contaminated honey, it may cause poisoning.

  Poisoned babies are mainly at risk of persistent constipation, as well as neurological paralysis, weak crying, and difficulty breathing.

In addition, honey is too sweet will damage the normal appetite of the baby, the baby will not accept boiled water, so it is not recommended for small babies to feed honey.

In addition, honey contains hormone substances, long-term use may promote the precocious puberty.