Homemade Kimchi nourish stomach and digestion (including practice)

Homemade Kimchi nourish stomach and digestion (including practice)

Li Youjia of Henan Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine said that letting children eat kimchi, many mothers may disagree. Is n’t there nitrite in kimchi?

I used to think so, so I did n’t let my children eat.

But occasionally I learned from a nutrition program on TV that kimchi contains lactic acid bacteria, and the problem of nitrite, as long as you have a good grasp of the “hot weather” of kimchi, you need not worry.

So, I want to make some pickles for my child and let her add some lactic acid bacteria.

  So, how to avoid the problem of nitrite?

We know that the amount of nitrite in kimchi increases only after the third day of soaking, reaches a peak after one week, and then gradually decreases until it disappears.

And many kinds of kimchi we eat often can be eaten for a day or even half a day, which is often called “diving kimchi”, so if you make kimchi at home, you must pay attention, as long as you eat atIf you eat it a month later, there is no need to worry about nitrite.

  At this time, we can give the children a moderate amount of kimchi.

Because kimchi is rich in lactic acid bacteria, we usually like to give our children some yogurt, because yogurt contains lactic acid bacteria. Lactic acid bacteria are very important to maintain the body’s own functional balance. It has a dual regulating effect, which can kill harmful bacteria.It can also moisturize the intestines and laxatives, which is simply called digestion.

When the mother knows that the child’s digestion problem is actually the biggest problem, many of the child’s illnesses are caused by indigestion. Once the digestion is smooth, you can have fewer diseases.

And kimchi has the same effect as yogurt, sour and sweet, what are you waiting for, start to soak it!

  Making kimchi First, I went to buy two pounds of glutinous rice wine. This is the secret taught on TV. Only use glutinous rice wine (filter out the glutinous rice) for kimchi water, without adding a drop of water.

  There are two glass jars of canned fruit at home. I use them for pickles (of course, if you make more than one, it is best to use traditional pickle jars, earthenware jars).

Put the filtered rice wine into two bottles, and add a little brown sugar, 20 peppercorns, and a few slices of ginger (these must be put in kimchi to increase the flavor of kimchi).

I made two flavors, two red peppers in a bottle (adults) and the other one (children).

  I made cabbage for the first time. This is the best place to make kimchi. Tear the cabbage into small pieces by hand and put it in a bottle. Then put some green peppers. Do n’t fill up, leave a little room, and sprinkle the salt on top.On the dish, this has two advantages. One is that the salt will slowly infiltrate, and the other is that the dish is not easy to break.

Also note that if the bottle cap is metal, it is best to cover it with plastic wrap.

Put it in the refrigerator and eat it in a day.

  When I ca n’t wait to put the prepared kimchi in my mouth, I ‘m so satisfied, and I finally understand why sticky rice wine is used. This is definitely not a taste with vinegar soaking. It gives kimchi a kind ofSweet taste, light, if there is any overflow in the mouth, add crispy raw vegetables, remove a plate, mix with sesame oil, it is really delicious.

Especially in summer, the appetite is not good. Picking kimchi is right for the appetite. Both adults and children like it.

  Now I have confidence, and then soaked peanuts, radishes, and cucumbers. I also suddenly wondered, soaked the watermelon rind, cleaned the green coat of the watermelon rind, cut into slices and soaked in. When the family asked,”Well, what is this?

Quite delicious!

“Kimchi need to pay attention to washing hands before making kimchi; the whole process should not be stained with a drop of oil; but also specially prepare a pair of chopsticks to pickle kimchi; try to control the washed dishes to clean water, but a little water does not matter.
It’s better to use special kimchi salt, and the dishes are more refreshing. Unfortunately, I didn’t buy them.

Every time you make a new dish, add some salt to it.