Fun test: some way works best for you

Fun test: some way works best for you

If you are getting tired of life and want to disappear for a while, which way will you choose to completely disappear?


Hiding in the mountains B.

Check in to a restaurant C equipped with high-tech equipment that can secretly grasp all the news.

Fly to the island for vacation D.

Refuge at home and do not meet ● Analysis of answers Choice A: Too complicated questions always make you headache. You want everything to be organized and not to get in trouble.

You can properly handle the daily fixed business that you want to perform, but do not want too many “surprises” in your work.

  Option B: You are a serious person, you must kneel down, always put the responsibility on your body, and never want to entrust your work to others easily.

It is also because of this attitude that they will be entangled in vulgar affairs and make themselves half dead.

  Choice C: The most creative people also need the most stimulating life. Of course, you often need to put yourself in different environments, you can absorb various nutrients, and then give back to work.

So you also don’t like to do things according to the routine, everything is judged by intuition.

  Choice D: Home is the best haven. You put the closest people and things at the forefront of life.

Always follow the traditional way of doing things, loyal to the concept of their own.