2015 NBA Draft Lakers list picks Russell Xiaowei Shao Chi Kobe _1

2015 NBA Draft, Lakers list picks Russell Xiaowei Shao Chi aid Kobe
On June 26th, Beijing time, the NBA Draft was inaugurated. The Timberwolves picked Downs with the No. 1 pick as scheduled, and the Lakers did not use the No. 2 pick to another inside player Okafor, but chose to have a small Weiwei.Known as the combo guard De Angelo Russell, he may become Kobe Bryant’s backcourt partner for the new season.Lakers choose Russell de Angelo-Russell (D’Angelo Russell) birthday: February 23, 1996 University: California State position: point guard / quite guard height: 1 meter 96 weight: 87 kg template:James Harden/Manu Ginobili De Angelo Russell was already hot in high school. After entering the NCAA, he was considered to be one of the best freshmen. He was selected to the top ten.The best and highest level in the division, and elected the best rookie, he also once reached the top 32 of the NCAA tournament in Ohio, and eventually lost to the University of Arizona.  Russell is not an amazing type of sports talent. Compared with other lottery shows, he has more excellent skills and a sense of competition, and he is more mature.Russell has the standard figure to play as a defender, reaching a height of 1.96 meters. His shooting ability and basketball IQ are his advantages.He can partner with almost any type of guard or wing, and his team will have more tactical possibilities.  Russell is only 19 years old, but he is already an excellent attacker, can contribute 22 points every 40 minutes, and the true shooting rate has reached 58%.Compared with the score before entering college, he has made great progress in shooting. This season’s three-point shooting rate has reached 41%, and his dribble jumper efficiency is also very good, the shooting rate has reached 44%.  Russell is very good at using pick-and-roll, and his ability to change speed is also excellent. His ability to read defense is outstanding among his peers.He is also an unselfish player. He does not stick to the ball no matter when he is switching offense or positional offense. The transfer of the ball is calm and quick, and will not affect the integrity of the team’s offense.  Russell’s rebounding ability is also very good in the back, can grab 6 every 40 minutes.With five rebounds, his performance on the defensive end is a bit lazy, and the traverse speed is not fast. Sometimes it is very contradictory in this respect, but his prediction and defensive skills are relatively solid, and there is potential for further improvement.  Russell lacks absolute explosiveness. The initial starting speed is average. When entering the NBA, he needs to adapt to more powerful defenders. When facing a team with a win rate of more than 50% this season, his two-point shooting is only 43.%, three points are 33%. In other games, the hit rate is 55% and 47% respectively, which also proves that under high-intensity defense, his efficiency will be greatly limited.  Russell is expected to be selected in the top five overall picks, but his rise to the top of the list is still somewhat unexpected.If entering a weak team, he may not be able to improve the team’s offense by himself. He needs the support of suitable teammates to play his full selflessness. Perhaps the Lakers have chosen this point.Russell also urgently needs to improve the stability of shooting after the confrontation, and the ability to end the basket.(Maomao)