The Guhola Law was not approved by the Korean Parliament and was once supported by 100,000 Korean netizens

The “Guhola Law” was not approved by the Korean Parliament and was once supported by 100,000 Korean netizens
桑拿夜网讯 据韩媒报道,5月19日韩国国会法制司法委员会举行了法案审查会议,由已故韩星具荷拉哥哥提出的《具荷拉法》未获得通过,虽然国会表示会进一步研究, But this still means that the legislative proposal was abandoned.On March 18, Gu Hora’s brother, Ju Haoren, published the Jujula Law petition on the Qingwatai petition website, which was supported by 100,000 people within 17 days and was transferred to the Judicial Standing Committee.The main content of the “Guhola Law” is that the immediate elders or the immediate juniors do not have the right to inherit property when the obligation to raise or maintain is clearly lifted.On November 24, 2019, Korean artist Gu Hora died at home at the age of 28.The issue of distribution of heritage has also become the focus of media attention.In accordance with the order of inheritance, the immediate family members will each receive 50% of Johol ‘s inheritance. However, Guhola ‘s father transfers his part of the inheritance rights to his brother, so the inheritance is changed to 50% for each mother and brother.But Gu Hora’s brother disputed this.>>> Due to the dispute over the inheritance of the inheritance, Brother Gu Huola sued her biological mother Ju Huola’s father who revealed to the media, “Ju Huola’s biological mother abandoned the brothers and sisters when they were young and ran away from home.”Therefore, he does not think that Guerra’s biological mother is eligible to inherit this legacy.Gu Hora’s brother revealed that when his mother ran away from home, Gu Hora was only 9 years old, and he and his grandmother had been taking care of Ju Hora.Since then, she has been fighting the abandoned trauma all her life.Sauna Night Net Editor Wu Dongni Proofreading Liu Jun