European wine production logistics shut down, small importers may be under too much pressure

European wine production logistics “shut down”, small importers may be under too much pressure
As the new pneumonia epidemic spread to Europe, the production and supply of imported wine has also received attention.According to insiders, the sauna and Yewang revealed that the current European wine production and logistics are basically in a state of suspension, and many products cannot be exported smoothly to China.Large importers are mostly cleaning up the Spring Festival inventory, and channel sales have not been affected temporarily; small importers will face the risk of channel cuts and customer loss if the original inventory is not large, and the entire imported wine industry will accelerate the reshuffle.Data on the risk of “shutdown” in European production areas show that there are 3 of the world’s seven wine coast production areas in Europe, including Dordo, France, Tuscany, Italy, Catalonia, Spain, major brands and wineriesThere are Anthony family, San Guito, Dorothy, Fresnett and so on.According to the latest data released by the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Foodstuffs, Animals and Animals, France, Italy, and Spain rank second, fourth, and fifth in the current source of imported wine (in terms of imports) in 2019, accounting for the marketFor 40.89%, more than 35 in Australia, the largest source country.54%.With the spread of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic in Europe, it is expected that imports of wine will continue to suffer.On March 16, France announced that it had entered a “hygiene war” state. Since 12:00 on March 17, it was prohibited to purchase food, non-essential travel outside work and medical treatment, and non-people’s livelihood companies were also required to conduct remote offices.Florence Cathiard, co-founder of the famous Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte in Bordeaux, France, told the media, “In fact, we can foresee the consequences of France’s strict closure of the city. The production, sales, and logistics supply of all French wine companies may face the risk of most shutdowns.”In fact, the mainstream wine trading activities in the main European producing regions have been affected by the epidemic.According to the usual practice, the Bordeaux wine week in France is held in the first week of April every year, but affected by the epidemic, this year’s event may be postponed to autumn at the latest.On March 3, Veronafiere Exhibition Company of Italy also announced that it would postpone the three meetings originally planned to be held in late April to mid-June.At the same time, the German ProWein exhibition originally scheduled to be held on March 15-17 also announced an extension.Image source / Castelle official website screenshot Freight growth and logistics are blocked. Weida wine founder Xue Dezhi told the sauna. Yewang. Currently, European wine production is basically stopped and logistics is stagnant. “One is no one, the other is no ship, weWon’t come out.”The survey of the shipping booking network shows that, due to the overseas epidemic,” the operation of the global supply chain has entered an unprecedented chaos. “Due to flight schedules, many airlines temporarily adjusted their prices. “In the past, the air freight rate increased by 5 cents per kilogram in the off-season, which was very distressing. Now it is common to increase by 10 yuan a day.Ge Zhengbo, general manager of Ningbo Yunhai Ark Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., also said in an interview with the media that the cheapest container from the French port to the Ningbo port in March still had less than US $ 500, and the quotation in April increased by more than US $ 1,000.The price of the cabinet reached 1500 dollars.Some young people revealed to the sauna and Yewang that the cost of air transportation from Europe to China has increased from the previous one.6 Euros, 1.7 euros rose to 3.Around 5 Euros.There has been no change in European dry cargo shipping prices recently, but there will be a reduction in the number of containers and delays in shipping schedules.The decrease in the number of containers is due to the fact that China ‘s exports have been affected by the epidemic and the number of overseas containers is not large. “It is expected that the impact of this factor will be greater in April.”The price of European freezer transportation has increased even more, and it is predicted that the price may double than usual.Small wine merchants may be accelerated to eliminate Xue Dezhi believes that the European epidemic is a reshuffling process for the imported wine industry. “If the small merchants have insufficient inventory, they will not be able to support this displacement. The most direct impact is that the channel is broken and customers run.It ‘s good for big businessmen.In 2011, Weida Wines won the exclusive agency right of Laviting in China from the Castrol Group, the largest wine producer in Europe.After growing up Laviting, Weida Wine started to focus on fine wines and high-end wines. In 2019, it won the exclusive agency of the Italian Fabrizio “Versace” wine in China.At present, the European wine brands operated by Weida Wines also include “circulation” in France and “Solomon” in Spain. It can be said that the main product brands are all from Europe.According to Xue Dezhi, Weida Wine’s inventory is sufficient to support the Mid-Autumn Festival.Although the European wine supply has been temporarily suppressed by the epidemic, the stocks of the Spring Festival are still in stock, so the sales of the company ‘s distributors have not been affected. “We just used this opportunity to clear the channel inventory to make the wine sell better and more smoothly.a little.”With regard to future changes in European wine quotations, Xue Dezhi said that the company has not yet received any price adjustment notices.However, in August each year, European wine will enter the picking season, which will cause certain pressure on the local wine storage, plus the epidemic will affect the global economy and purchasing power. Therefore, European brands, or Australian brands, may be replaced at low prices.Will improve.Wei Zhidan, general manager of Castile Importer and Liuzhou Jinzun Trading Co., Ltd., also believes that the selling and price reductions may exist. In the past, some people bet on the imported wine boom. Many small importers have done speculative business.Competition is becoming fiercer and prices are gradually becoming more transparent. Imported wine is far less profitable than imagined and has entered the era of meager profits.After the epidemic, many small importers may completely throw away the goods and fail to do well. Sauna, Yenet Guo Tie editor Peng Yali proofreading Li Shihui