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Teen liver blood deficiency What teenagers need to eat is a caring group of people, because they are the flowers of the motherland, the motherland in the future depends on them, then what is the liver blood deficiency teenagers eat and night to see the net hepatic blood shortage teenagers eat What's introduce it!Liver blood deficiency teenagers what to eat (1) Health and ginger practice: When Angelica 15 grams, half a catty mutton, chopped, with the release of the casserole, add water, simmer over low heat and cook until the rotten meat, add ginger 15 grams, a little salt until the meat Shulan, with the amount of sub-ton soup, but also eat meat。
Regular consumption, blood tonic, strong body for illness ,, qi, malnutrition, anemia, abdominal Leng Tong, etc.。
(2) black fungus soup Method: 15 dates, black fungus 5 grams, after the bubble wash with warm water, into the bowl, add water and crystal sugar, the bowl set steamer and steam for one hour。
Once or fractional consumption。Fungus eat dates, soup, treatment of anemia, arteriosclerosis, retinal hemorrhage and thrombocytopenia。(3) chicken juice porridge adolescent blood shortage practice what to eat: hen, after cuts clean, turn on the water thick fried chicken juice to raw chicken juice several times with 2 two porridge。Nourish the five internal organs, blood tonic function。
Suitable for elderly, infirm after the illness, blood deficiency everything debilitating illness。
(4) the practice of chicken liver soup: chicken liver (liver Wuji better) one, washed, fascia, sliced。As when cooked fries into the boiling water, without blood color, tone hot salt, seasoning food little Dayton。
Bugan eyesight function, nutritional treatment of impaired vision, night blindness, such as retinitis Center。According to "cure shaped to form" principle, the liver of animals such as liver, goat liver, beef liver, rabbit liver, duck liver, etc., has the role of eyesight Liver。