Microsoft encounter antitrust why multinational companies have been repeatedly checked storm?

Case I: tangled litigation to enforce the industry popular saying: "In Qualcomm, lawyers more than the engineer。
"In order to collect royalties on global stability, Qualcomm stocked with a huge legion of lawyers。 Chinese mobile phone manufacturers differ slightly from immediately be ridden litigation。 With foreign giants advantages in capital, technology, channels, intellectual property, products and achieved a dominant market position, and then use its dominance in acts of unfair competition。
Microsoft is also well versed in the road, Fang Xingdong, chairman of the Internet lab recently told BEIJING IT Channel interview time, said Microsoft in China to fight piracy in the form of promotional products, especially for a number of business users, will not buy legal copies have been lawsuits The user will be forced to pay。
"Case II: Building looks beautiful ecosystem build a beautiful looking ecosystem is the usual means of multinational corporations。 It is understood that use Qualcomm chips premise was signed with Qualcomm licensing agreement, this agreement stipulates that mobile phone companies related patents to free anti licensed to Qualcomm, but Qualcomm through free anti authorization, all relevant patents integration, just use Qualcomm chips it can effectively avoid patent disputes, which allows mobile phone manufacturers irresistible。
A Microsoft, Windows is a strong market share of any software developer can not be underestimated, the data shows, win series systems account for more than 95% of Chinese market share, according to let software developers continued to develop software systems to win the series keep active。
Case 3: "technology leadership" and "profit destruction" coexistence of multinational investment are willing to spend money on technology。
Qualcomm said in a research and development related to LTE technology has already begun 10 years ago, the total R & D expenditure of more than $ 10 billion。 High investment in exchange for good returns, it is understood that the core technologies are controlled in the hands of foreign technology giants in the short term is difficult to replace them with domestic technology。 Although technically multinationals are polite, but pinch pennies on the uptake of profit。 According to Qualcomm last year, 30% reported a Qualcomm license revenues total revenue, but the licensing business pre-tax profits up 88% to $ 6.6 billion, accounting for nearly 70% of total profits Qualcomm。 As for Microsoft, Brocade Shen Kang, president broke the news that, once the litigation is over, fined the sum of all expenses to re-purchase Microsoft software。