What hyperplasia can not eat these foods do not eat

Women have reason for causing such issues, and abnormal secretion of estrogen has a great relationship, if excessive secretion of estrogen, then it will lead to breast abnormalities and induce hyperplasia。 These snack foods excess grease will speed up the body produce estrogen, so breast hyperplasia more serious。
Meat Experts advise women with breast hyperplasia of the daily diet must be light-based, so as to better control the disease, if we can light diet long-term adherence, but also can effectively serve the purpose of prevention and thorough treatment of breast hyperplasia。
In a variety of meat foods generally contain a lot of calories, in addition to large amounts of cholesterol, these substances will stimulate the body to secrete more of the hormone, resulting in the formation of breast hyperplasia。 To know a lot of the time of breast lumps are associated with hormone secretion, and eat these foods is the most effective prevention and treatment methods。
Studies have found that women who regularly eat low-fat diet their chance of breast problems are relatively small, so for meat containing hormones must be taken to control。 In particular, some animal offal, it is best not to eat, because these foods contain large amounts of hormones。
Mammary gland hyperplasia can not eat what I believe many women are hard to resist the temptation of coffee, smooth flavor of coffee is a favorite of many modern women, whether in peacetime or during a break at work, like to give yourself a cup of coffee。 But experts remind women with breast hyperplasia, coffee drinking has to try to control the illness, especially some of the more serious symptoms women should not drink or do not drink directly。 Caffeine contained in coffee will also stimulate the female hormone estrogen in the body, leading to more severe breast hyperplasia。