Jia Kang: China's economic "new normal" has entered a new stage | Chinese economy | New Normal | overcome difficulties

  Text / Chinese Economists 50 Forum Jia Kang nineteen big party proposes guidelines to supply-side structural reforms as the main line to build a modern economy, followed by the Central Economic Work Conference clearly pointed out to face the new era, China's economic operation basic features, is a flight to quality has been the rapid growth phase of the development stage。
The next three years, to lay preventing and defusing a significant risk, accurate poverty, pollution prevention three tough fight, winning well-off in 2018 to achieve solid progress in this area, guiding and stabilizing expectations, insisted that the new development concept while maintaining stability。   From 2018 point of view, central spirit of economic work to do, I think there is a possibility worth valued macroeconomic and complete bottom inspection of "stabilizing permanent" of。
In the steady growth, the basis of many years of efforts to promote reform, structural adjustment, benefit people's livelihood, risk prevention, protection of the eco-run macroeconomic situation, after having been double-digit growth in 2011 to bid farewell to all the way down, transferred from 2015 every year more than nine quarters since the second half?Platform-like interval% rate increase, in 2018, if handled well regulated, the platform is expected to continue operating status of the medium term。   After the bottom of the test is no longer a significant downward pressure, should be done to get rid of a concern with the expected continued downward adjustment in the tens of thousands of enterprise level of anxiety and numerous local government level so as to generally favorable market expectations, further guide the production and operation of micro-actors, to achieve the macroeconomic stabilization。 In this way, China's economy into the "middle income" and logically from the growth to "the high-speed growth" phase transition can be completed to confirm that the "L" shaped, the new normal in the "new" has a number of clear after years, we can achieve "a new permanent", is expected in the future on the platform in the high-speed normal range, continue to pursue and achieve high-quality development。
  In 2018, in order to seize this opportunity consolidate "a new permanent" support conditions, it is necessary to unswervingly deepen reform of the supply side in optimizing the structure, with economic means, in the process of survival of the fittest to create a fair competitive environment "three to a meeting of a down"。
Must be based on the rule of law institution building oriented, socially acceptable mode of operation to prevent and resolve risk factor in economic life; to "rational management of supply" customized program to promote accurate poverty around; to "solve the problem, as the root of the problem ideas on "a combination of environmental taxes, the price mechanism reform of energy resources and other initiatives to promote environmental protection and green development。   Reform to tackle tough, is the key to economic development of the power system to achieve the transformation and upgrading, up and down all parties need to "Kenyinggutou" determination, courage and wisdom to make substantive advance。