Taiwan media: Ma Ying-jeou If the respondent does not exclude Taipei Mayor Christine Chow fight for fair play

Taiwan media: Ma Ying-jeou, if prosecuted, Christine Chow does not exclude the Taipei mayoral election fight for fair play。
(Source: Taiwan "in the electronic newspaper") of the Kuomintang "legislators" not Jiangwan An announcement after the election for Taipei mayor, anxiety into the party, Chinese New Year Christine Chow urged into the grassroots voices heard, been speculation that the possibility is low。 However, on the eve of the KMT Taipei mayoral primaries, came Christine Chow election is not impossible, but can affect her intention is, "Ma Ying-jeou factor"。
  Pro Horse Lovers revealed that Ma Ying-jeou stepped down after lawsuits, now faces three in the trading case may be prosecuted。 It was urged into this week, if the horse has been charged, is willing to fight for fair election, won an unexpected week "does not exclude" response。
  KMT Taipei, Mr Chen Zhong Wen believes that if Christine Chow as mayor candidates, the conditions absolutely no doubt, and the people close to her life, no airs, observed she usually participate in activities with the children, the elderly interactive performance, she can be seen really simple and close to the people, a good image almost zero negative feedback, with star qualities will choose。
  Chen Zhong Wen said that so far there is still grassroots voters in the hope that Christine Chow out the challenges in Taipei, she contenders at this stage than a stand, more so that people like qualities, if she absolutely can drive to run the election, played hen with chicks effect。   However, Taipei, Mr Wang Hongwei believes that "cool Sao" election topic is very strong, but the possibility of close to 0。
Originally there will be all kinds of imagination before the primaries, the focus is to determine the party candidates as soon as possible, in order to fully prepare for。
(China Taiwan Network GAO)。