Common sense weight loss during menstruation do not do five things

Do not do five things during menstruation, menstrual weight loss there are some considerations have to look at weight loss have menstrual cycles!Menstrual around day 14 calorie consumption is usually twice, this period of digestion and absorption is not good, so you can eat high-calorie stuff will not be fat。
The week after the menstrual period is super fast weight loss, diet and exercise during which the special effects better。Menstruation is not normal ovulation pregnant women routine appointments, women, estrogen and progesterone levels will vary widely throughout the menstrual cycle。
For most women with normal menstrual cycles rule, the period from May 1 to ovarian follicle (after about 2 weeks) is the follicular phase, progesterone levels in vivo remains low, but gradually rose to the highest levels of estrogen for ovulation be prepared。
Ovulation day probably in the first 14 days of menstrual cramps。Before ovulation to the next menstrual luteal phase, the body's estrogen and progesterone levels were higher。Common sense weight loss during menstruation do not do five things 1, can not eat fried food fried food is a big taboo menstrual women。
Because progesterone receptor endocrine, female menstrual increased secretion of sebum, oily skin, and telangiectasia, skin becomes sensitive。
At this time, eating fried foods, will increase the burden on the skin, easy Zhangdou。If we do not take effective measures at the beginning of Zhangdou cause acne worsening infection, pimples or pustules phenomenon, which is actually a warning for your skin to make, so stop ignoring the problem skin!。