Shanxi adultery confession mayors corruption: the fear of detention center Fear Prison

SOUTHERN survey。 According to Wen Wei Po reported, "At that time the issue of self-confessed later, each speaking a pen, shocking himself。 It is how his own party oath oath, forget。
Why would I?I feel that I simply can not find out。。….I also suspect that a lot of people like me, although now on the outside did not "come in", but he kind of mind torture, I can imagine to……"This is the Gaoping City, Shanxi Province sacked mayor Yang Xiaobo tearful confession。
Last April, the incumbent mayor of Shanxi Province Gaoping SOUTHERN only three years, on suspicion of serious violation of law, the recipient organization survey。
Local cadres to reporters about, "Yang Xiaobo had a clean government cadres of the General Assembly on sincere and serious to remind you," do clean government, do not do Hunguan; do honest official, not a corrupt official; official to do from start to finish, not half-way the sacked officials "today's perspective, the officials can not be said of every word motto only listen to others。 "The reason SOUTHERN sacked sparked heated debate, informed sources told reporters Description: SOUTHERN served as mayor two years ago Cao Bang, that is, from June 2011 to August 2013, when the party secretary has been with Rengao Ping Xie Kemin partner。
Subsequently, Xie Kemin was transferred to the Department of Supervision deputy director of Shanxi Province, in March last year surveyed。 April SOUTHERN also being investigated。
According to local media reports, Xie Kemin, SOUTHERN potential relationship frequently conflict with the fire, work。 Therefore, the Lok Ma Yang Xiaobo, analysis, or someone related with Xie Kemin, after Xie Kemin investigation uncovered a problem SOUTHERN。
But there are also media reports said Yang Xiaobo husband Shanxi Coal is a subsidiary company of the person in charge, the company would have to the building for the main business, in power after Yang Xiaobo Cao Bang, Cao Bang to get involved in the coal business。 It should be related to similar sacked corrupt behavior。 · Focus civil servants:。