alert!Hot style "diet magic pill" harmful Chia!Proper diet (1)

  In the eyes of many people, it is a "magic pill"。Because it in the water or in a humid environment becomes expanded after human consumption have。
Many people call it weight loss meal replacement。
But since March of this year, Harbin 5 times in a row intercepted by post or carried chia seeds。
Chia know why it would be intercepted?Chia originating in southern Mexico and Guatemala North America, fertility is a strong mint plants seeds。In the humid environment multiply quickly, but a devastating blow to the local biological, ecological imbalance caused by natural。
Quarantine departments to remind consumers not only chia seeds, where the seeds have vitality, belong to our country prohibited, mailed animal and plant products, consumers buy the best care to avoid unnecessary losses。
  The proper way to correct Method 1: Daily ensure basic nutritional diet is a method of utilizing a lot of people will choose, but not blindly diet, every day to ensure essential nutrients, milk, eggs, fish, legumes and soy products, vegetables, the right amount of fruit can be ingested。  Correct Method 2: drink plenty of water, do not drink drink drink can boost your metabolism and accelerate the discharge of body waste, easy accumulation of harmful toxins, and allows normal gastrointestinal motility, constipation is not easy, a day to drink the amount of 2000cc to 3000CC most appropriate drink will destroy your plans oh!  The correct way 3: rule of law during eating food is important, not just dieting, to properly plan their diet, it is best to give yourself to develop a weight-loss diet, always remind myself。  Correct Method 4: Do not break like fruits and vegetables (vegetable recipe), as are a variety of nutritional fruits are a good source of every fruit can have 50-100 calories, fruit snacks or sweets is your best choice。
  The correct way 5: vegetables every day is best to eat five or more servings of vegetables a day。
Vegetables rich in fiber, vitamins, trace elements and water, in addition they are also low in calories, a vegetable contains 35-50 calories, eating a variety of vegetables a day, each different vegetables can provide for you nutrients。  6 the right way: simple and light diet should be the most appropriate control from the food, the staple food control carbohydrate intake, in particular, to eat less fat and sweets, control appetite, eat snacks, do not drink, eat more vegetables, fruits, food should be light so that the energy consumption is lower than the supply。  7 right way: if auxiliary plastic fiber meal with a variety of natural herbs carefully extracted beneficial ingredients, such as tea, fruit Lo, psyllium, etc., rapid consumption of body fat, so as to achieve rapid downsizing。  The correct way 8: flashed every inch of the small muscles is not enough just to lose fat, slim tight muscles in order to create the sexy curves。  The correct way 9: some of the most simple basic operation time is actually dead body exercises to practice the most body fat dead, such as lying flat on the bed, his hands touch the live ears, elbows and toes as four fulcrum, lift the body to close tight buttocks, tighten the worst it can get dead thighs, hips, shoulders,, arms, abdomen, etc., in every corner of the fat in burning。  The correct way 10: sit-ups do first after getting to know the vast majority of people it's sit-ups may just stay in the waist increased strength, in fact, it can be effective in promoting visceral abdominal movement, to help you discharge head in the morning one days accumulation of toxins in the body。  11 the right way: use every month, "a few days" on the eve of ovulation to "good friends" visit the first two or three days, the secretion of estrogen will be the peak of this period of time will speed up the body's metabolism of about 10%. this time is the best time for your body sculpting, do some stretching or jogging can help small muscle groups of the body most effectively burn calories。
  12 the right way: ready beverage bottle is the best fitness dumbbells stretched muscle is in the hands of props beverage bottles, each hand holding a bottle of 600 ml bottles filled with a beverage, the full open to both sides to arms held flat, resume the starting position after 10 seconds, repeated 10 times in a row 3 sets, you can help tighten the worship of meat on his arm, train rounded compact shoulder line。
  13 the right way: increase the proportion of muscle training exercise to ensure that each have 20 minutes of anaerobic exercise, as squatting, light weight lifting, do a partial general sense of soreness can not feel too tired。
In addition to the benefits of exquisite sense of power curve, but also the body after exercise burn more calories the next day, it is key to shaping the constitution does not rebound。  The correct way 14: daily abdominal exercises included rapid and effective daily exercise routine, detailed steps to guide you to exercise comfortably in their own home by a personal trainer detailed presentation can help you exercise all the muscles, just a few minutes a day to。
  15 the right way: a balanced body sculpting ubiquitous ways to improve the metabolism of fat burning is not the only sport one of eating clever, moving too reasonable, "do not eat fat," life is far away from you。
  16 the right way: fatty fish is best steamed fish in a diet meal contained enough to promote metabolism burn more than 400 calories, it appears that fish will become a lazy method。
  17 the right way: with a three acid base to ensure that each meal can follow the three principles of a base with acid, alkaline three vegetables, fruits, legumes plus an acidic meat or grain staple food, they to balance the acid-base, do not let the body produces too much fat。  18 the right way: three meals a day to be sure to eat three meals a day with a reasonable, but also to be a reasonable match, it is recommended eat some light food, such as cabbage, melon, celery, etc.。  19 the right way: food Xiangshou the most important thing is to remember to enjoy your food。When you eat, slow you down, we have to enjoy every bite, chew each bite slowly。
Do not eat too fast, sit down and enjoy your food slowly。  The correct way 20: The Body in the shower bath, might Dodo neck, waist shally, Dian tiptoe。
If the surplus time, then do not worry – wash slowly, slowly bubble, so full of blood flow to the body surface, promote metabolism, consume 100 kcal the same time, enjoy the fun of taking a bath!  21 the right way: scrubbing the tub before and after bathing may wish to personally scrubbing the tub, bent over, brush back and forth with the mind, you can reduce waist fat ah, but also extending the arms, very good bar!  22 the right way: When reading or watching the computer this time the blood does not flow, it is easy to feel tired shoulder and neck。
After a while it is better to do something simple action, such as a shrug, before and after the rotation of the shoulder。Feet under the table, may also wish to move a bit together, rotating ankles, legs shaking, thinner ankles, leg line change America。  The correct way 23: visiting the store shopping remember not to push the car to its own carrying her shopping basket。
Hing Wah Street West high toes while looking for something, while bending over to pick up the merchandise, then the thing to help his mother carry her home, she must be sensible praise you!Your body fat while also quietly reduced!  24 the right way: Do not rush to sit down after the goal when taking the bus, inevitably would sit for hours, whether it is school or office。That being the case, why then rushing to sit on the bus?The legs firmly standing on the ground, shaking and brakes to cope with the car, it can consume a lot of leg fat。  25 the right way: by using the hand on the bus by bus ring stand by operation of the handle rings, sometimes clenched, sometimes relax repeatedly done, can make thinner the wrist, the vertical force holding hands and slowly turning around the neck ring section, so that the neck can be more beautiful。