Real estate all over the renovation refused to fund loans chaos just need to purchase a chance to?| Provident fund loans

      Every time there was correspondent Wu Shu-Ying Liang each edited Moon "inside the full amount requested, please line up of commercial loans, provident fund loans please move your car out。
"This is not a joke, but the real situation happening。 In the background of strong market demand, the loan fund has suffered a "dislike"。   As an important part of housing security system, provident fund loans is an important channel for buyers just need to source the funds to buy a house。
December 26, 2017, four ministries jointly issued a document provides housing fund management center to regulate the lending process, approval time compression, from the date of receipt of the application within 10 working days to complete the loan approval。 In parallel with this, the recent, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Lanzhou and other places have introduced new regulations, strictly control "does not accept the real estate fund loans" phenomenon。
  More than accept the "Daily Economic News" reporter interviewed developers, experts believe that the application for the renovation fund, in line with "Return residence housing property", "room to live not fried," the regulation of direction。 More than the industry also mentioned above, under the regulation does not relax tone, raised the possibility that the overall amount of the fund were not high, but based on the protection of property fund, will continue in support of the first suite and reasonable improvement of housing demand Play an important role。
  Guarantee reasonable housing needs of China's fund already has a certain scale deposit, and has played an important role in ensuring reasonable housing needs of residents。 According to the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development recently released "2017 National Housing Fund in mid-November operation" shows that as of mid-2017 at the end of 11, the country's total housing provident fund deposit trillion yuan, total extraction trillion yuan, deposit balances Wan billion; total payment of individual housing provident fund loans trillion yuan, individual housing loans trillion yuan loan rate (individual housing loans / deposit balance) is%。
  "Advantage is reflected in the loan fund interest rates than commercial loans benchmark interest rate a lot。 This just need buyers, buyers can reduce stress。 "The employees a financial institution。
Shenzhen, for example, Shenzhen Housing Fund Management Center data show that the current provident fund interest rate more than 5 years%, while commercial loans over five years, compared%。
  Under the continued implementation of differential regulation, establish a sound mechanism for long-term housing policy, improve the efficiency of fund use is particularly important, "real estate fund may not refuse," is seen as an important benchmark。
"Daily News" reporter learned from the sales, real estate agents and people at more than bankers, currently in Guangzhou, Zhuhai and Shenzhen and other cities, real estate fund has been completely rejected less frequently, but not the approval rate has accelerated less, "absolutely been approved within a month。
"Guangzhou, a state-owned bank employees noted。
  Senior Fellow Shenzhen Real Estate Research Center, Li Yujia to the "Daily Economic News" reporter analysis, from the point of view of housing property people's livelihood, fund support reasonable housing needs of residents, which is consistent with the context of the current regulatory policies。
Including fund accelerated approval, may not refuse to fund and other provisions, in fact, the property market is also an important part of the difference regulation。
  Some provinces and cities have also been perfect on provident fund extraction rules, such as Guangzhou recently issued the "Notice on workers to pay income limit commercial residential land price withdrawal of the fund," pointed out, give full play to the reasonable housing fund housing for the depositor support the role of demand, housing provident fund deposit who pay property or limit the right to change the nature of the commercial residential housing price for the commodity housing land revenue, and deposit their spouses within two years after the payment or repayment period can apply for withdrawal personal housing accumulation fund in the account can be extracted once every six months later, to the extraction of land revenue amounted to price the amount actually paid。
  Loan amount of provident fund loans despite difficult overall increase support reasonable housing needs of residents to some extent, but the face of high prices, most buyers still have to resort to other loans, such as commercial housing loans。   The central bank recently released "2017 China the fourth quarter monetary policy report" shows that the end of 2017, individual housing loans amounted to one trillion yuan; and in the thirteenth National People's Congress press conference held on March 9, China Deputy governor of the people's Bank Mr. Pan pointed out that 2017 individual housing loans increased by 4 trillion yuan。 The size of the loan fund is still small compared with。   Buyers from more than a second-tier cities in an interview with the "Daily Economic News" reporter interview, also said pure provident fund loans is usually lower than the amount of mortgage loans, so when they bought the first suite, take a "loan portfolio" (ie provident fund loans plus commercial housing loans) way。 "My provident fund loans amount was 25 million, but the total mortgage housing fund is 80 million, the remaining 550,000 yuan can only do business loan。
"A Zhuhai buyers pointed out。   However, the developers for the acceptance of the loan portfolio is not very high。
More than real estate sales, banking to the "Daily Economic News" reporter pointed out that "loan portfolio" more complicated operating procedures for this part of the client developers usually reduce the discount。
"Provident fund loans is too slow, some developers early is to assist clients with commercial loans, provident fund loans made late sub。
This can quickly achieve capital returns。
"An agency official said。   For loan amount of provident fund, according to their part of the city has been proposed to be adjusted to increase support reasonable housing needs of specific groups。 Such as Nanjing in January 2018 promulgated the "Opinions on Further Strengthening the Work of talent home" on that, high-level personnel in the purchase of owner-occupied housing loan limit can be raised to up to four times the limit, according to the current maximum per person loans 300,000 yuan to calculate high-level personnel fund loans to buy a house a maximum loan 1.2 million yuan。   But need to be reminded that a number of experts and scholars in an interview with the "Daily Economic News" reporter pointed out, provident fund loans raised specific cases only part of the city, the possibility of the overall increase is not high。
  Liu Cheng Chinese Academy of Urban Development and Investment director analysts believe that large-scale increase provident fund loans which can reduce the interest burden on home buyers, but the city is not conducive to control the hot housing prices。 From the goal of establishing long-term mechanism in terms of real estate, diversified supply mode is more suitable for hot cities to meet the housing needs of different groups。