The advantages and disadvantages of these push-ups to distinguish between good and bad

What are the advantages and disadvantages of push-ups is a very popular exercise, by the male friend's favorite。
So, push-ups are the advantages and disadvantages of what is it with the following small series will go and see the advantages and disadvantages of it pushups。 1 benefit of push-ups, push-ups more handsome long-term exercise can effectively correct your body, the more broad shoulders ,, abs, biceps and other more developed, its own charm but also skyrocketed。 If you want to own more masculine in the eyes of the ladies, then practice push-ups is a good choice。 2, more power if their strength is small, Bottled Water, gas cylinders and other everyday objects move was difficult, you may wish to practice your push-ups, adhere to a few months later, pick up these things are alone, let your life more smooth, no longer be despised wife。 3, energetic push-ups is a good, keep practicing can help improve physical fitness, enhance immunity, while also improve your mental outlook, make you more vitality, the people will become more confident。 Push-ups are the pros and cons 4, anti-aging With age, the body's muscles will shrink gradually disappear, and then push-ups exercise can improve your muscle groups, muscle fibers more developed, the speed of aging on the body。
5, to improve the response reaction force exercise push-ups can help you enhance the coordination of the body, the skeletal muscles more flexible, but also effectively improve the central nervous system, improve responsiveness, when danger comes, in time to make。