Chinese teenager tour the fire agency Face to study painting experience more about China

At the scene, a girl is concentrating as "Yi" face "makeup"。
Chinese youth Yang Yuhao day Zhaoxiao She chose the "God of Wealth" Facebook is being painted, he said, to bring Facebook, the first thought is Peking Opera, which is the first contact with the image of a richer society fire Face。
"Easy to get started, but would like to paint perfect and very difficult to pay attention to the skills and methods."。
"When I see" Journey to the West ", like most brave and resourceful Monkey King", for the first time Chinese youth to Shandong Maggie we are concentrating as "Monkey King" Facebook "Miaomei eye"。
She said that the experience of the sugar in the Shandong people, paintings, pottery and other items in contact with a variety of traditional crafts made her a deeper understanding of China。
Teacher led from Auckland, New Zealand Liu Chang told reporters before the trip, Chinese young people's awareness of Chinese culture remain only on the characters and idioms。
Up to a few days on experience and visits so that they feel the charm of traditional Chinese culture, but also saw changes in China。