Amazon to compete with the track: Ali again in Southeast Asia's largest electronic business platform inject $ 2 billion

Ali announced that it would Southeast Asia's largest electronic business platform Lazada re-inject $ 2 billion for electricity providers to accelerate business development in the region。
At this point, Ali invested a total of $ 4 billion to Lazada。
2016, Ali $ 1 billion holding Lazada, 2017 years ago, who used $ 1 billion again, which will enhance the proportion of shares to 83%。 Ali said in a statement stressed that the investment Ali expressed confidence in the future performance and growth prospects Lazada the Southeast Asian market, "the Southeast Asian market is an important part of Alibaba's global growth strategy in。
"According to the report in 2016, Google co Temasek release, the Internet economy of scale in Southeast Asia will reach in 2025 to $ 200 billion, of which, the retail electricity providers will grow from 2015's $ 5.5 billion (about 36.9 billion yuan) rose to $ 88 billion ( about 589.6 billion yuan), the annual compound growth rate of 32 percent, electricity providers enhance penetration from% to%。
Lazada target mainly Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam User。
2016 when Ali shares, Lazada has become one of Southeast Asia's largest online shopping site。
Not long ago, the technology giant Amazon launched in Singapore PrimeNow immediate delivery service, Ali twice additional investment, more telling Ali to step up the development of the Southeast Asian market, the intention in the new construction market, "Southeast Asia Ali Baba 'ambitions。