Red grapefruit is genetically modified it?

Red Red grapefruit, also known as pomelo, red grapefruit, its fruit large thin, flesh seedless flesh, purple red flesh exceptionally beautiful and attractive。
Although there are many of my friends like to eat Red grapefruit, but also ate out what was wrong, but it is still worried about some friends so did not dare to eat genetically modified fruit。
So, red grapefruit is genetically modified it nutritional value and effectiveness of the role Red grapefruit are what it wanted to know the night with a friend on the net go look at it below!Red grapefruit fruit large thin, flesh seedless flesh, purple red flesh exceptionally beautiful and attractive。Red grapefruit nutritional value of 1, pomelo red meat is rich in vitamin A, can promote normal bone growth and development, the baby looks more healthy eating。
2, pomelo red meat contains a certain amount of natural folic acid, can protect the health of pregnant women。3, pomelo red meat contains a lot of dietary fiber as well as vitamin P, it is the beauty of the female body to maintain optimal partner。
4, the use of drugs often hypertension excess sodium from the body, pomelo red meat must contain exactly hypertension natural minerals – potassium, and almost free of sodium, is their best fruit diet。
5, red grapefruit also contains in particular β- carotene and lycopene, both of which are recognized as the world strong antioxidant that helps clear the body of free radicals, play to improve immunity, anti-aging effect。
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