Facebook's data leak scandal is how is it?How to manage personal information?

Securities News Tencent social networking giant Facebook recently caught the biggest scandal in the history of data leakage。 The scandal began political analyst firm CambridgeAnalytica use of Facebook to collect information。 But it is expanding rapidly, which makes Facebook the way people started to pay attention to collect data in a broad sense, and how these data are used to influence user behavior, including user not only to buy, but also including changing the user's vote, and the United States candidates for president。
In the confusion, related companies, opposition activists and their users have made various claims。
Following this incident is related to the fact that a。 What happened in short, to collect user data in an attempt to learn more about them and to change their voting behavior。
This is done by working CambridgeAnalytica。
This data analysis company is considered (whether rightly or wrongly) to help Donald – Trump (Donald Trump) and the British retreat Europe camp victory。
A source revealed that the company received a 50 million user profiles by allowing users to test on on Facebook。 And Facebook has given the company permission to access some user data。
Some people claim that these data are used to make those subject to continuous review of political advertising in the election results, and the final election results had an impact of more or less。
Why a major impact on how the data could be exploited, and this event may be very significant。
Such data is usually collected by a number of companies have a purpose, and most likely because you downloaded a suspicious application or do a quiz been collected similar data。
But this time, the data has not only been used in advertising。
Allegedly, it was CambridgeAnalytica companies directly for information transfer Trump's campaign and the British retreat Europe。 The behavior of these two events affect the final result of how much remains a mystery, we never really know。
But the fact is, some people are very disgusted and surprised by this result, use of these data in terms of these people very much。 It also has broader implications, that the vote could be stolen or does not truly represent the real election situation, but it should be responsible to some extent。 This makes Facebook a lot of the people are using the site every day behind the scenes revealed to the public。
Why only now I know the news because, over the weekend, "The Guardian" and "New York Times" reports have reported in detail the data obtained from the company CambridgeAnalytica case。
It reported that the company produced a special software, by doing a fun little quiz on the real lure people into revealing their personal information。
(CambridgeAnalytica company denied the use of it, and said it had deleted the data) The data is then in turn used to understand the users, change their voting behavior。
This kind of thing is not happening it is always the。
Although CambridgeAnalytica disclosure, especially newsworthy and relevant to current events, but this data is collected on a daily basis。
You register on the site many seemingly harmless game or quiz, we are doing the same to collect information that these companies ask for your personal information to Facebook, and then put them away in order to achieve what they want purpose。 Facebook itself is doing the same thing, or do you publish everything on the site is input to a set of data, the data is then used to provide relevant ads for you。 The difference this time is that, a new report shows how these data are being used to directly influence the electoral process。
But even this is nothing new。
It really is "data leakage" it after the initial reports, some people are wondering, this report is very clear that data breaches。
Data is lost, that's for sure, but it usually means a leak or some kind of firewall protection is destroyed, but this is not happening。 In fact, the entire system is fully functioning in accordance with its original way, just like a normal day to day。
This is the first time the title of the debate on Facebook "Guardian" reported。 Use the "leaked" the word may imply to the user, the site's security system has been breached, it will cause great damage to the company itself, and in order to bring concerns。
But this did not actually happen。 Facebook issued a special statement for this statement: "This is a claim that data leakage argument is completely wrong。
Alexander – Cogan (AleksandrKogan) want to obtain information about users, these users choose to register his application, all the people involved have expressed their consent。 In the case of providing people informed of their information system has not been penetration, passwords and sensitive information is not being stolen or hacked。
"But the end result with real data leakage is the same。 People lost control of the important data that they knew nothing about。
However, we still need to realize that nothing is compromised, Facebook's failed not because it's a security protocol, nor is it a way to protect data。
The problem is that it allows anyone to use its site to obtain data, and how they are allowed to do so。 Facebook is very clear, its security system is not compromised。
But this raises the question of how relevant data found。 How should I do the most important recommendations are applicable to the Internet, that everything you do on the internet to remain vigilant and cautious。
Almost all service providers are trying to get your data, which shows its worth。
So ensure that your data will not fall into the hands of those who want to use it is very important。 In some cases, data may be collected to fund the service provider's own development and maintenance, which is the condemnation of Facebook。 And other times, it can really be used to improve services, like Google, of course, it can also use this information to sell advertising。 Exit can be beneficial for both personal data collected from this process, but also a small-scale activism。
This is useful for the individual, because you can avoid having your occupation and use of data。
But it also conveys a message to the company: data acquisition can be dangerous。 You also have to be cautious of anything seen on the Internet, especially those you do not know where it came from content。
Like any data, the data CambridgeAnalytica used by itself does not change anything, but the way it is being used very harmful。 For example, recent news exposure data collected in order to establish a database of voters, and trying to change their voting behavior by showing them political advertising。