Rhinitis may be caused by mites?How mites

  Died of infection worldwide every year up to 800 000。
This data was I shocked!You may feel very weird。 Little bugs great harm, but really the pathological explanation about it, you will understand!  The impact of the child, it can be said is the most serious example there is a pathological name everyone is familiar with: hypersensitivity。
Now the city's pollution is getting worse every day a large number of vehicle emissions, the chance of flying dust, allergic rhinitis occurs also greatly increased, rhinitis can cause inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, and thus blocked nose, shortness of breath。 So that in itself is a child developmental stages, especially before the age of 6 children during brain development, breathing is not smooth will lead to lack of oxygen to breathe, lack of oxygen can lead to lack of oxygen, lack of oxygen to the brain, oxygen to the brain shortage will affect brain development。
So everyday, we sometimes feel that their kids are always belated reaction Yeah, or like a hard nut saying goes, how that is to turn, but turn。
  How often ventilation mites like moisture, temperature, and there has scrim dust environment, 20?25 ℃, relative humidity 65%?80%, very suitable for the development and reproduction of dust mites。 So, dry, ventilated ground is the best weapon to destroy them。
In order to completely prevent family of mites damage, always be sure to open windows and doors, insist ventilation, light transmission, especially even more to pay attention to indoor ventilation when using air conditioning, ventilation。   Ground drying laundry outside in addition to not heaven, is everywhere to go, especially like to settle down on the scrim。 It must always hot water to the laundry cleaning dust, about every two weeks, about 50 deg.] C can be used once bedding。
But also try to simplify the bedroom arrangements to facilitate removal, indoor best not carpeted, do not display at home tapestries and other things easy to accumulate dust。   "Wet work" way to clean hidden in the bed, sofa and its excrement tidying up the room as possible flying into the air and be inhaled bronchial apt to cause significant allergic symptoms。 When cleaning, be sure to pay attention to use a wet cloth or rag special mites, to develop a "wet work" habits, be sure to avoid stirring up dust, mites help reduce air dispersed chance。   Do not store too much food is also favored food: biscuits, milk powder and other food is arrogant mites breeding sites; and high-sugar, slice sugar, maltose syrup and other sugary sweets mites amount of food is a favorite, if not careful let them into the body, it will become sick risks。
So, home storage of food should not be too much, and time is not too long, sugar, sugar syrup and molasses syrup and other ingredients in the pharmaceutical Where To tighten the cap after taking。   Away from pets and fertilizers to raise some plants and flowers at home is a good way of life, but not the best gardening fertilizer, manure because there are many mites and fungi, can also fertilizers on the roots of plants, not only to plants the more nutrients, but also reduce the growth rate。 In addition, pets sometimes become mites living environment, if you have pets at home, you must remember always to pet a bath, disinfection。