Along the way have you, I also willing to bet

Fate, destiny doomed。Along the way have you, I also willing to bet。Tonight, I'm in plain fleeting, penned played Wyatt tone for our past singing, singing for our tomorrow。Hopefully someday, drawing near, Eros eventually can smile a hundred pro-life, freeze-frame picture of our happiness in this life。    I first saw, you are a poor bum, I was Cinderella。At that time, we have a romance blossoming love, love at first sight no potential overwhelmingly。Friends say, to marry punks do not rely on labor。So, even though my parents strongly opposed。And I still insist entered the marriage hall with you。Because, my obsession, love charm。    Before marriage, you were awesome guy everyone。Thus, he advised me to exchange a handsome can not eat。Afraid of the poor parents want me choose a better condition。And I see is you, kind of capital。Although your family poverty, nor legitimate cause。But you, the sun, smart, generous, gracious, depth, good-hearted, sincere and special to me。Therefore, I believe you, but I will wash for the new leather surface, take the right path from scratch。    After marriage, you really to me even better than I thought。Our wedding lightning, thunder camel had two lovely sons。At that time, I was just a little flattered。Because, let me take you almost two sons, mouth open for food, clothing to hand。Love the warm sun, we though not rich materially, but spiritually very rich。    When pregnant, we still inseparable。When I was a pregnancy, you still have to run around with my motorcycle。And, you also crude and refined, not pan romantic, get with me everywhere saplings by flower seeds。In my mind, all your shortcomings have become personalized advantage。So, I swear to marry you, working hard, I have no regrets。I also believe that if we were ahead, we will get rid of poverty。    Married a few years, my biggest perception is that the bad guys have good people, good people there are bad people。This sentence is not false。Therefore, from marriage to marriage, you are the ties of friendship punks, in my mind, has been the most lovable bad guy good。    Live a long time, no one is perfect, is better than gold。Although, you also have the disadvantage of temper temper。However, poverty, you lovingly tells me in every possible way。Tempered, tells me you offer all kinds of care。Ordinary small fry change a woman such as clothing, and you, but it seems to me like glue knee。We always affectionate as ever。    May never expected that the total jealous God loving people。An accident, let your body and mind a serious setback。You had a very good, and therefore lost his mind and fighting spirit。Disease, from pestering you; gambling, since then, has rooted in your life; cowardice, since then, made a bud in your life。No matter how I stop, no matter how I convinced, still heavy defeat。    As the saying goes, 10 bet nine lost。But you, but come to their senses。In recent years, you not only lose my hard earned money to work and earn。Moreover, I also lost the tender to you。However, with you, no matter how much pain in my heart, but I never thought to give up the word。Because I still believe that, bite the bullet, everything will be over。You will certainly strong enough to perk up a face-lift over a new leaf。Let me once again proud before the world。    We had a very loving couple husband and wife, will never fight for a number of trivial little things。However, the poor and lowly misery。Every time we fight, because in fact you lost the bet。Sometimes, you even lose no money even to buy food。When the hunger, I had to stoop to borrowing money。So, my heart very depressed。But, I can not erupt like a volcano。    For your complaint, which the wind comes。Disappointed in you, so that I almost struggling at the edge of love。When the quarrel, I even put forward a divorce Wu Nai。You listened, angry。However, after bitter experience, we all wake up。When I tearfully lying in your arms, you finally tell me, you know, my mind, you know that in the future the way how to go。I listened, burst into tears!    This wonderful era of peace, populous。In all the way downtown, it will not be the same as the ancient empire, hurried retreat, the road with frozen。We are the hands and feet of people there, I do not want in the way that we will eventually defeat leaves in。Honey, let us join hands and march it were。To overcome the disease, overcome fate, to overcome the fall, to defeat lazy, overcome their own to overcome low self-esteem, overcome a poor and white!    Honey, I actually want Aihenjiandan。That is, along the way have you, are willing to gamble。This life, I do not seek wealth, fame and fortune does not seek merit。I can only wish you perfectly healthy in front of me stood shore。When I get tired, you can rely on a; when I'm sleepy, can hug。When the storm struck, we have each other to tie him down adult fonts, will never fall。    Along the way have you, I also willing to bet。Tonight, carrying an elegant leisure, looking at herself in the mirror, consider every possible way with the heart, stroking over the years contact Wei's face, deep down that kind of boundless narrow it surging up。Honey, you are my brow melancholy intelligibility?You intelligibility a touch of sadness in my text?You intelligibility my sweet Susan Ruoxue?    Along the way have you, I also willing to bet。If you came from the poetry of Pianpianshaonian, I just stay in the southern misty rain paper umbrella girl。Millennium dream, I leisurely out of rivers and lakes, just to be with you this life encounter eyebrows。You one, this life will not let me down, like a harp, my gentle lingering tenderness。    Along the way have you, I also willing to bet。Despite the fleeting wind to ripple the ripples my heart, but I have not given up the hearts of obsession。Etc., in the boundless in the Rye。Read in a long sleepless night。Hope, in the endless prayers in。I hope you, as a sincere, standing in a tree。I hope you, the next spring, green and straight, deeply ingrained thick, leafy。    Along the way have you, I also willing to bet。Until that day we grow old, and I have given you, look for a secluded cottage, courtyard or cloud water Zen one, in the warm sun, the breeze teach literacy; the melancholy of dusk, and Zen says time; in the spring sunshine, flowers and a total of Yin; in the shadow of the moon in harmony with the butterflies dance; in the greenhouse's scholarly, and redfish were drunk。    Along the way have you, I also willing to bet。Honey, do you remember。When I first saw, we went to the temple with the draw。Says the sign, we will be has its roots in a past life, doomed to meet life's friend。We, that is the cowherd, doomed life love at first sight。Butterfly Lovers that we are doomed to life stubbornly persists。    Along the way have you, I also willing to bet。Accompanied by the fragrance of winter grass, while I was writing the side facing the meandering fantasy night in the moonlight。I thought I saw, partly concealed on children, the joy of success hanging in the trees。After Grounding of people who, years have changed the face of youth。But then when ya eyes, but it is smile。    Along the way have you, I also willing to bet; along the way have you, are willing to suffer a little; you have along the way, pain is also willing。I hope they die when I have to stand in the shore you can tidy up my heart formula, let me happy birthday:“Honey, in fact, the negative attitude of life in your destiny, I've been gambling。But I bet not money, but my sustenance of your life。My destiny, love, marriage, career, ideals, beliefs, happiness!I finally won this match!”