Acupressure weight loss diet does not exercise also can thin

Massage diet, no exercise diet can not lean, the following small series details for you。
Many people have the impression that to lose weight is to rely on sports or diet, in fact, not so complicated, as long as you stick to a daily massage is also possible to lose weight, just see if you can stick with it, it is easy and no trouble, you do not need a Khan and plenty of activities for non-diet movement is not lazy people, Chinese medicine slimming massage is the best choice, as long as you find the right way, not afraid to thin down。 Rotation around the navel rubbing diet hand four fingers together, by using four fingers slightly beat pulp, 10 along the respective rubbing around the periphery of the navel。 Zusanli massage diet Zusanli below the knee on the outside of Wang pointed, massage Zusanli, you can control a variety, play a regulating immunity, enhance disease resistance, spleen and stomach, Bu Zhong Yi Qi, dispelling wind and dampness, and so on through the meridians。
This point is repeated rubbing with pulp 100 times。 Acupressure weight loss without dieting can not exercise lost three points in the abdominal cavity pressure diet: Located in the middle of the chest Wo Hau and navel, kneading this point can improve immunity stomach。 Air sea cave: a cross from the navel down finger position, Press this point able to mental disorder, depression, have a good help。 Guanyuan: navel down three horizontal position of finger。 Press this point can relieve physical symptoms of abdominal cold and other cold。
Massage Sanyinjiao Sanyinjiao diet is within the ankle width direction refers to three horizontal positions。 Often rubbing this point on the liver, spleen, kidney health effects。