Yellow Emperor is how you teach physical health of physical health approach

Yellow Emperor's Canon of Medicine is how physical health, I believe we should all know, is a very good method of health, life is very good for us, together with the small series to see how the Yellow Emperor Huangdi then is how physical health physical health of the introduction of it!Yellow Emperor is how the physical health of the "Yellow Emperor" physical health beauty by the "Yellow Emperor" physical beauty and health articles, "Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen ancient naive theory," said: "Guzhi Ren, who know its laws in the yin and yang , and in a few patients, food and drink festival, living there often do not make any rash labor, it can form both with God, and do his later, is to go a hundred degrees。 "This means that, in ancient times those who know good health, Yin and understand the natural variability of the truth, and based on this summed up a way to reconcile health, which is eating in moderation, there are certain rules and rest, neither too He had worked hard, but also to avoid excessive intercourse, so it can harmonize the body and spirit, vitality, and thus longevity。