Pink eye precautions teach you to prevent pink eye

What precautions have pink eye is more common eye, I believe many people have been suffering from pink eye, but it also has a certain contagious, and therefore tricky disease。 So in the end how to prevent pink eye to bring it following small pink eye prevention measures for everyone, teach you to prevent pink eye!Pink eye prevention measures are as follows 1, pink eye is very common, very common infectious pink eye, infectious, often in groups the incidence, onset of severe symptoms, but do not panic, easy to cure, not easy to stay sequelae。 Conditions should be to have eye specialist hospital for examination and treatment need to identify not to abuse drugs and other pink eye。 Usually pay attention to eye health, substandard with a towel, basin, sick pay attention to isolation。 2, to light the goods appropriate diet diet light suitable, as appropriate to drink。 After red eye diseases have active treatment, general requirements should be prompt, thorough, stick。 Once found, immediate treatment, do not interrupt, symptoms disappeared completely after 1 week to continue treatment to prevent relapse。
1 pink eye can not eat anything, avoid alcohol disease is wind-heat cult poison or gastrointestinal product heat and violations of the liver, caused by upside the head。
Alcohol (including spirits, wine, fruit wine, rice wine, beer, etc.) can help evil gas heat, if fanning the flames; while drinking can damage and liver, so liver empty, wind-heat cult poison more invasive, so this prolonged course of the disease。 2, the precautions eat spicy pink eye product of scallion, onion, leek, smartweed tarragon, mustard and other spicy products, but when evil wind and heat can help Onyang, and loss of lung and stomach yin, the lung and stomach heat when aggravated, the wind-heat evil and lung and stomach knot difficult to heat stroke, to the detriment of the disease early rehabilitation。
3, avoid Xingshan fat objects pink eye patients should avoid fish, eel, rubber fish, mandarin fish, eels, blackfish, bream, crab, shrimp and the like Xingshan fat objects, otherwise lead to wind-heat evil flourished, heat toxin increasingly Sheng, to the treatment, rehabilitation unnecessary trouble。 4, eat ginger ocular inflammation advised not to eat ginger。 Ocular inflammation should eat cool the heat of the goods, Xinsan not eat warm food, warm ginger and spicy take channeling row scattered, not only help hot, and hurt Yin Ye, eye inflammation consumption, will be worse。
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