Women's health should not be missed to share blood

Women can easily lack of blood, so it is important blood and qi。 Too easy to anemia, resulting sallow。 Beauty of the ladies who do not want to be a yellow face。 So pay attention to diet in my life, it will have maintained a good state, it has been Mimi da。 Here are some of the blood and qi share, life is very common that you can not miss yo!Life, many people only know milk has the effect of aiding sleep, in fact documented in the "pro-life pension book," in: milk the most pleasant, reinforcing the blood, Yixin, long muscles……To suggesting that women often drink milk is conducive to health, particularly of women drink more milk should be long to reach the nourishment of body and mind。 Women's health should not miss the carrot is a carrot to share blood lives very common kind of food, a lot of people only know that it can eat a lot of supplements, in fact, eat carrots but also blood Oh, the cooking time may wish to add a little it does!Grapes are also a nutritious-rich foods, which are rich in vitamins, minerals, especially the content of iron, phosphorus, calcium and nutrients very rich。
In particular weak, but women are more anemia should eat。 Women's health should not be missed to share blood with a high price on the black sesame name in the "Do not record" in that black sesame seeds have blood and Qi, promote liver health and other powerful effect。 Especially for excessive pressure, are advised to eat more。 Longan longan is the blood of the civil therapeutic side of choice, especially for women after surgery but also eat some porridge longan, longan wine blood so as to achieve better results。