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"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night sports network reported June 19: Belgian victory over Panama in front, this invisible also increased the pressure on England。Before the game, this total worth 9.3.3 billion euros of the game has drawn attention, especially Kane's worth, it has reached 1.500 million euros, which is 3 times the full opponents。England's performance in recent years, competition is not satisfactory, the fans dubbed the "three Legion meow"。But since Southgate coach, this England team, although there is no real superstars, but the overall strength is very balanced, especially in the case of the Premier League gradually increase the level of local players in England's strength is also greatly improved, and the very young of。Although Southgate says modestly England just 8 strong level, but his three-defender system to create very strong, and Tottenham for the team to follow the example of the high compression of ideas Rinpoche Tarantino also played a certain effect。The campaign against Tunisia, had missed because of injury in the warm-up match Harry – Kane returned, once again played an integral role。 [Sides starting Tunisia starting]: Hasan 22- (15'1- present – Mustafa), 12 Ali – Ma Lule, 4- Merial, 2 Sion – present – Yusuf, 11- Bron, 9-Badri, 13 Sasi, 17 Sixi years, 8 Faheleiding – this – Youssef, 10 years Hartz (85'19- Khalifa), 23 Sri Lanka Politi (73'14- present – Amor) not Subs: 16- Masiludi, Burnett ruya the 3-, 5- Osma – haddadi, Beidu Wei 6-, 7- race Seif – Edin – Harvey, 15 Khalil, Adelphi 18 Tesla, 20 Shala Li, Na Gesi England starting 21: 1- Pickford, 6- Maguire, 5- Stones, 2 Kyle – Walker, 18 Ashley – Young, 8 Henderson, 12 Terry Pierce, 20 Ali (80'21- Loftus – Cheek), 7 Lingard (93'4- Dell), 10-Stirling (68'19- Rush Crawford), 9-Harry – not Kane Subs: 13-Bate Lan, 23-Pop, 3- Dan Nepal – Ross, 11 Waldi, 14 Welbeck, 15 – Gary Cahill, 16 – Phil Jones, 17 Deer Fu, 22 Alexander – Arnold (Figure 1: The two sides starting and formation) [Tunisia team: insist on closing down anti-+ Strategy, but big risks defense] (Figure 2: sudden Sri Lanka team formation) as shown above, Tunisia formed the 5-4-1 formation in defense, they are more afraid of England, especially left offensive winger, so Ben – Youssef must remain parallel retracement stations and defense, so you can make the right Houwei Bu Long out of the top rib protection。Tunisia although the overall strength is not strong, there is no first card players, but wins in overall good。In particular defensive turn, turn defensive attack rate is very fast, consistent with the actual formation can change the game。(Figure 3: high closing down Tunisia) Tunisia is not entirely conservative shrink to half-court defense, they are very focused campaign launched closing down at a high level, especially the focus on "encirclement and suppression" England midfielder Henderson's single and not let he easily out of the ball。Secondly, the Tunisian team in the Fanqiang success quickly organized attack, although individual capacity is not strong, but based on the good foot skills, he was able to give some of England's defense of oppression。(FIG. 4: closing down Tunisia, Lingard passing errors) fragments as shown above, it is closing down forced to rely Tunisia passing errors Lingard。In fact, the Tunisian swimming team as a whole is very strong, formation and contraction freely have some athletic ability midfielder and England in the midfield launched a very fierce battle。But it is struggling in the midfield dogfight, Tunisia actual cause of offensive efficiency is not high。The campaign they finished six shots, but only 2 Shots suffice。(Figure 5: Walker fouled, the referee whistled for a penalty), of course, England also has his own defensive mistakes。For example, the Tunisian team scored to tie the game from the foul Walker "send" penalty, in fact, Tunisia is simply a winger, but Walker did not initially card good body position, resulting in him under the other does not dominate stopped take off。Sassy kick under great pressure did not disappoint, overnight penetrated Pickford's fingers off。But after Tunisia failed to score continue to expand because of excessive consumption of midfield against their great strength, has no more energy to organize attacks。And at the end of the end seems to have only one person in the fighting in Abkhazia, he did not get enough of midfield support。Secondly, the Tunisian team in positioning the ball defense is a big problem, so Harry – Kane succeeded the second time。[England: Lingard revitalize the attack, Kane serves as a fulcrum] (Figure 6: Lingard and his teammates pass circuit diagram) as shown above, Lingard campaign acted as a similar attacking midfielder。His scope of activities is very large, not only confined to the middle, there are two wings in his shadow。Lingard outstanding performance this season at Manchester United, on the one hand is his running ability, covering a large area, can improve the team's overall athletic ability。On the other hand Lingard shooting accuracy is also high, especially after he hit the door plug wonderful score。In England, Lingard also play such a role。It is relying on his series and Henderson scheduling, England can really open space on the field to the impact of the Tunisian defense。(Figure 7: Lingard shot) such as positioning the ball in the attack, then a good show in front of Lingard's shooting ability and sense of smell。First, he accurately determine the placement of the ball, followed by a short pull shot retracement of space, but unfortunately did not hit the ball the site。(Figure 8: Lingard – Kane impact defense weak side) (Figure 9: Lingard shot sliding doors) As noted earlier, Tunisia emphasis on high closing down, but there must have any errors, it also to some extent, so that England can exploit the space behind them making a fuss。Offensive fragment shown in the above chart, Lingard – Kane can find the weak side defensive forward runs between the two central defender Tunisia, and ultimately by Lingard completed high kick shot, but he lacks campaign into ball movement, the ball almost rolled into the net。(Figure 10: Kane goals) Although warfare in England has obvious advantages, and can play a certain depth, can play the two wings of speed to drive the overall premise of formation。But England's goal is to rely on positioning the ball the way – the game the first 11 minutes, England a corner, nodding Stones grab the first ball from the center, but the goalkeeper resolved Hassan, but he did not rescue and clean Harry – Kane kindly consider the gift, to help the team opened the scoring。(Figure 11: Kane lore) England's second goal also came from a corner ball attack, this is another defender Maguire Qiangdian ferry to ambush after the post position of Kane, who calmly shakes attack door completed lore。Of course, the fulcrum of the role of Kane in the box is also very obvious。He can pull to the side coordinate the team's offense, to do the ball to Sterling。For Southgate, the tactical value is greater than the Val di Kane and Welbeck。Last words: England seems difficult to win a victory, but throughout the race actually occupies a distinct advantage。The other teams in this group are also three Belgian team defender formation, when the two teams played against a very interesting。In addition, Tunisia had been optimistic as?Spoiler role groups, but now it seems to lack the kind of hard power。Anyway, this is just the first round group stage, although Belgium and England qualifying the situation is very uncertain, but we can not relax our vigilance。