Yogurt there are ways in winter, drink only dependent on (1)

  Compared milk for human nutrition is not the same。Overall, the biggest role yogurt is to enhance gastrointestinal motility, promoting digestion, constipation way。
If the yogurt drink is wrong, especially in winter, it is simply white drink。
  1, yogurt is best at night to drink Studies show that high levels of calcium。After 0:00, the lowest calcium content of the human body, calcium absorption is best at this time。
Preferably said milk calcium, but containing yogurt contains lactic acid, may act to promote absorption of calcium。
  2, winter heating drinking a lot of people can not eat cold things diarrhea easily, it will also like milk is heated before drinking it, but yogurt can not be heated because it will die after heating of the active ingredient, not only did the nutritional value but the taste did not cool drink。
Therefore, yogurt winter when you can acquire it, it almost room temperature with a drink, so the temperature will not be too much ice。
  3, take medicine when Western medicine can not drink the taste of the majority are bad, some people try to be smart and not take medicine when used with warm water。
What is so bad?Many drugs can Shaisi contains lactic acid bacteria composition, after eating yogurt nutrients no。
And some efficacy as yogurt, will not be fully released, the equivalent of these drugs quite unlikely。  4, get something to eat before drinking mean to say, do not drink fasting。
When the body is hungry, high levels of stomach acid into the yogurt drink, yogurt lactic acid (the active ingredient) will be killed acid, then the yogurt drink is white。
If you eat something after two hours so the yogurt, not so much gastric acid, pH suitable for the role of lactic acid bacteria, so it is best yogurt is about two hours after a meal。